Hey fam,

My Name is Joaquin Le Chien. I live at Dock Den in Windenburg with my college buddy Sergio Romero.

07-01-18_1-02-55 PM.jpg

When I am not working as a Double Diamond Agent I make sick beats!

07-01-18_1-20-19 PM

Sergio on the other hand is either playing dress up with his crew Paragons or Programming viruses or whatever it is he does on the computer all night!

07-01-18_1-06-01 PM

Oh her, yeah that’s Candy, she’s so sweet she spins my world! She’s a part of my crew Spin Masters. That’s how we met, and I’d enjoy meeting her on the regular!

07-01-18_1-28-42 PM

Sergio is still trying to grow some and work up the courage to confess his attraction to Siobhan. He only talks about that chick all the time. I mean she is part of his crew and they meet up on the regular! Dude has had plenty opportunity to chat this chick up, what’s up with that huh bruh?

07-01-18_1-29-05 PM

Dude must have no swagger! Anyway I am just freshening up going to meet up with Spin Masters at only the most happening place, the Discotheque Pan Europa! Hopefully my sweet Candy well be there!

07-01-18_1-36-37 PM

Dayum this party is lit! Candy is looking good tonight!

07-01-18_1-37-49 PM

Hey girl you a straight fire tonight!

07-01-18_1-38-35 PM

That’s it I got a sweet tooth I’m going for it!

07-01-18_1-39-45 PM

Just Walking the Dog don’t mind me!

07-01-18_1-43-31 PM

This rounds on me party peeps!

07-01-18_1-50-35 PM

Whoa, I feel spun this morning! I think I heard Sergio banging around out in the kitchen..

07-01-18_1-51-20 PM

“Hey Bruh, you must’ve come in late last night! How you feeling you look like plum!”

“Yeah, I was out with Spin Masters again. I only macked the hottest girl in the club!”

“Ah man that’s so cool bruh!”

“What did you get up too?”

07-01-18_1-47-39 PM

“Nothin’ much man, just jammed out and made it sweat.”


“Hey Bruh, Don’t forget today it’s Rebate day so we should buy some stuff!”

“Oh Plum yes! Just let me finish this nasty fruit salad you made you we’ll do that!”

07-01-18_12-55-51 PM.jpg

After Shopping Sergio had some business on the computer to get done before work.

07-01-18_2-12-27 PM

So obvi I went Spinnin’

Rebate day was a success!

07-01-18_2-30-15 PM

Next morning Candy called me up. I guess all that rebate flow is burning up her pockets ’cause she wanted to go to JF&S Clothiers.

07-01-18_2-20-28 PM

But as it turns out we were more interested in clothes off then putting them on. Things got real before we even went inside the store! Before you know it dates over!

07-01-18_2-32-23 PM.jpg

So we ended up back at my place to play some Candy Smash!

07-01-18_1-49-43 PM

Meanwhile poor Sergio still thirsty was actually playing video games, he says it’s for his job though so I can respect that.

07-01-18_2-35-24 PM.jpg

Some point in the night Candy snuck out for the ol’ smash and dash move, man she’s good! I feel so energized today so alive! I’m gonna beast it up right here!

07-01-18_2-36-28 PM

“Hey Bruh! So I saw your girl this morning. I think she thought my room was the bathroom walked right in all dazed! Good work!”

“Hah so it must have been you to scare her off this morning!”

“Yo plum off. If you must know bruh Siobhan’s coming over to see me today!”

“Oh yea? It’s about time all your peacocking around got you somewhere with the hen.”

“You’re a plum bruh.”

“Takes one to know one am I right. Alright I’ll make myself scarce for ya, I got your back bruh.”

07-01-18_2-41-32 PM.jpg

I really didn’t want to go out today but bro code and all. I know Sergio has been thirsty for a long time and if he can impress this girl it will make living with him a lot less tense. So I just hid out in my room. It’s got sound proofing walls and all in there so she’ll never know I was home, just in case they want to get dirty!

07-01-18_2-43-26 PM

But I couldn’t resist and had a little peak. Looks pretty PG to me, that sucker ain’t got no game! Twirling the hair that’s classic shut up and kiss me now you fool! What are you doing? Taking about weather? Ugh I’m going to back to bed.

07-01-18_6-39-13 PM

Get your lotto tickets baby it’s time to play!

07-01-18_6-42-24 PM.jpg

Other than lotto this was one of the most uneventful days we had this week We went to work came home dogged and went to bed. Found out the next morning Mr Whiskers won! Ladies are going to be banging down his door!

07-01-18_6-44-48 PM.jpg

“Ugh I got the flu man! Gross! Hey Sergio bring me back some medicine on your way home from work please. That is if I don’t die here on the couch first.”

“Dude you have to make it tomorrow is Harvestfest and I invited the girls over you better be ready by tomorrow. Also I dug up the decorations I started but you need to get this place clean and decorated by tomorrow.”

“Ugh just put me out of my misery it’ll be easier.”

“Lighten up see you tonight.”

“With Medicine?”

“Yeah with medicine.”

07-01-18_6-50-02 PM.jpg

Guess I better put this junk out before his highness gets his panties all bunched up.

07-01-18_7-03-28 PM.jpg

Pack rat seriously do we need this much stuff I guess it does look pretty cool in here but I am hungry I guess I’ll make this boring salad! Oh man does that plum think he can actually cook a grand meal for everybody tomorrow! Oh man this could go badly.

07-01-18_6-48-01 PM

“Thanks man I feel so much better!”

“Thanks for decorating I’ll finish the rest tomorrow now get some rest it’s going to be a big day!

07-01-18_7-12-56 PM

“Hey wake up Sergio the girls are on their way!”

07-01-18_7-18-11 PM

“Oh hey little dude when did you show up?”

07-01-18_7-18-42 PM

Uh they’re multiplying!

07-01-18_7-22-39 PM

“I know man they’re in here too!”

“Just keep them happy I don’t like the way that one is looking at me.”

“Hey that’s the door go let the ladies in will ya it’s freezing outside!”

07-01-18_7-22-14 PM

“I am thankful for Candy you are a real treat.”

07-01-18_7-23-52 PM

“Are you guys just going to stand around here all day or what?”

07-01-18_7-24-40 PM

“Come and get it!”

07-01-18_7-25-02 PM

“Oh fam I can’t believe you cooked this spread! Everything is deliciousness man thank you!”

“Eat up there’s plenty more!”

07-01-18_7-27-50 PM

I think it goes without saying Harvestfest was a success!

07-01-18_7-56-52 PM

The next day we did our own things for the most part.

07-01-18_6-36-12 PM

Sergio took done the decorations and got rid of those dreadful gnomes. We have enough seeds to plant a garden or something like that!

07-01-18_8-21-05 PM

Later we took the ladies out to nightclub in Willow Creek called The Blue Velvet.

07-01-18_8-22-13 PM.jpg

Candy and me danced the night away it was glorious! Sergio looks pretty casual with Siobhan. Well this relationship ever heat up for him? I guess time well tell.

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