I’m Elsa Bjergsen! Welcome to my home The Light House on Windenburg Island! Shh right now it’s story time! My Super Mom likes to read to us lots and it must be perfect silence when she reads with perfect attention. My Mommies name is Clara and My daddy there is Bjorn. That’s my sister Sophia too, she is going to try to follow along. Book smarts are not really her thing she struggles with it. Sophia is more proficient in music!

06-13-18_10-36-37 AM

I love my mommy she is so good! She thinks I am going through a clingy phase though and maybe she’s right I just feel safer when she is around. So, today is also New skill day! Mommy has been sure to remind us all to get to work bettering ourselves. She wants the best and I’m going to show her I’m a good girl and do my very best!

06-30-18_5-13-32 PM

I decided to work on my creative skills I am going to make some fall decorations!

06-13-18_10-31-20 AM

Sophia is going to practice Piano. Soon she will be writing songs of her own!

06-30-18_5-43-58 PM

Mommy told Daddy he was getting soft so he went up to our home gym to hit the treadmill.

06-30-18_5-12-00 PM

Mommy thought it would be nice if she knew more about baking and I think that would be fun! Maybe she will let me bake with her so I can eat all the cookies!

06-30-18_5-18-58 PM

I just want to be mommy’s perfect angel so I thought joining scouts would impress her! It’s going to be lots of hard work and learning but I am ready for the challenge and the adventure! Learning all this new stuff is going to be so much fun!

06-30-18_5-45-02 PM

After my daddy was done his workout I challenged him to a chess game! As usual he accepted the challenge. I like playing with him because he is actually really good he even beats me sometimes but not most of the time. Most of the time I win. I just love this game that’s all!

06-30-18_5-22-27 PM

Today my parents also let me get a pet Tetra fish! The word Tetra reminds me of blicblock so that’s his name! Isn’t he cute! Maybe if I take real good care of him I will be allowed to get a puppy or a kitty or something like that I don’t know yet we will have to see. Skill day was a success!

06-30-18_5-32-24 PM.jpg

The next morning over Breakfast Scramble Mommy told us she got promoted to Dishwasher. So she will be working nights a lot and because she has to wash dishes at her promotion all night we need to help out and wash dishes at home. So that means I am promoted to dishwasher too! Yeah promotions! I like promotions, that’s my new favourite word! Promote, promotions, promoted words are fun! Sophia is not as excited for promotions as I am maybe she’s not even listening? Earth to Sophia? She probably has the music stuck in her head again. Sometimes it gets stuck in there and it can’t get out. Time to go to school now!

06-30-18_6-34-36 PM.jpg

While we were at school Mommy invited her friends over from her group she’s in called The Good Timers! All they do is cook food, eat food and talk about food. Just food, food, food all day long more food. Some of them look like they have had enough food. Mommy is in another group called powerhouse and they work out all the time so just in case when she has too much food than she calls Powerhouse.

06-30-18_6-36-26 PM

Yeah scouts is so awesome fun cool! Today I got the scholarly aptitude badge and was promoted to griffon scout! I am also in range of inheriting the responsibility trait! I am one amazing sim!

06-30-18_7-01-38 PM

Every time I look at this place there’s more decorations! Daddy loves to decorate maybe he is going decoration crazy! He pulls them out and then mommy puts them away and make sure they are centered just perfectly! First thing I do when I come home is my homework. If I get it done right away I don’t have to worry and I can do whatever I want.

06-30-18_5-41-22 PM

Not Sophia, she spends too much time in her closet or on the phone. Maybe If I put books in her closet she might accidentally read it? Mommy’s not going to be happy when she finds out that she got a C report grade and I got a B! She will tell us that school teaches important things!

06-30-18_7-12-59 PM

Oh wow so I actually got a school project the Solar System Project! That one is my favourite so far! I asked someone I know Liberty because she is a real life Astronaut or almost one or something and she has been on space missions and is building a rocket ship she is so cool! Anyway she told me lots of interesting facts about solar systems and even invited me to a group she made called Earth and the Universe and something about 42? I don’t know she is just so smart, maybe one day I will be as smart as her!

06-30-18_7-14-56 PM

Sophia did dish washing today She is going to get in trouble though because she didn’t even do her homework yet and it’s already past bedtime!

06-30-18_7-38-16 PM.jpg

Well At least she started it this morning. If she could only get off her SimChat for a moment to get working on it. I would try to help her but we haven’t learnt electricity yet so I don’t even know what to do.

06-30-18_7-22-54 PM

The next day when we were at school mommy must have thought she had too much food because she invited Power house over to do working out. Daddy was at work all day too so it was just Powerhouse all day.

06-30-18_7-27-03 PM

Today when we came home from school Sophia got a B and I got my first A! Sophia was a little stunned but then again mommy said she might have boys stuck in her head. Maybe her head needs a trap door to let all the music and boys out once in a while.

06-30-18_7-34-02 PM

She did bring a boy home from school too. Mommy says he is not her type because he has book worms. That’s pretty gross I hope none of my books ever get worms. Unless the worms made you smarter, than I would eat them and call powerhouse so I don’t get soft like daddy.

06-30-18_7-43-15 PM

Yeah I finished my solar system! This is going to make mom so proud!

06-30-18_7-42-00 PM

I went to go tell her but she has too busy helping Sophia. She just barely started her project on Electricity. Clara just wants us to do well and maybe Sophia is just letting her do all the work.

06-30-18_7-58-28 PM

Daddy woke up first thing in the morning and started decorating again for Spooky day! I almost forgot spooky day is tomorrow and we are all going to dress up!

06-30-18_8-02-26 PM

Mommy also baked treats and snacks because we are going to have a huge party! With candy, pumpkins and costumes! I wanted to help but it was time for school!

06-30-18_8-08-14 PM.jpg

When we got home from school I was having mixed emotions I was excited because they told me I was one of the top students at Landgraab Elementary but they also told me there was no school tomorrow because of Spooky day. They didn’t even give me electricity project.

06-30-18_7-45-35 PM.jpg

With Mommy’s help Sophia finally finished her project!

06-30-18_6-11-49 PM

I decided to make emotion potions in the meantime. Mommy says later we are going to stay up late and watch scary movies and that we can both invite over a couple of friends!

06-30-18_8-21-59 PM

Sophia Invited over Luna and Ruby. I invited over Max and Olivia and Olivia brought a friend with her. Her name is um, her name is, Ariana. We watched a couple scary movies and ate Gumbo soup too. Mommy also made carmel corn for us.

06-30-18_8-27-18 PM

I made another Emotion potion and that was it! I completed an aspiration of Whiz Kid and earned the trait mentally gifted! Isn’t that amazing! I chose next Rambunctious Scamp because lets see how many I can get! Also I collected the Young Scientist Badge! What a great day! Daddy got promoted to Quality Assurance so he makes sure everything is good to go and he says that I am really good!

06-30-18_8-46-53 PM.jpg

Sophia wants to impress that boy with the book worms so she is trying to get a better grade. Mommy is happy to help and she is really excited that her daughter is finally thinking of her education.

06-30-18_8-50-49 PM.jpg

Spooky day came early monsters are under my bed! Eek I am too scared to go to sleep mommy help!

06-30-18_8-52-36 PM

Mmm smells good enough to sleep in my room! Thanks mommy!

06-30-18_9-05-32 PM

Family costume dance party yea yea yea! Happy Spooky day everyone!

06-30-18_9-06-47 PM

Daddy spent all morning decorating doesn’t it look so good!? It’s going to scare away all the trick or treats!

06-30-18_9-12-44 PM.jpg

I liked carving the pumpkins especially the part when you got to pull out its guts! So gooey and gross cool!

06-30-18_9-14-54 PM

Sophia made a classic and I made a kitty!

06-30-18_9-24-45 PM.jpg

We had a huge party and everyone was invited! There were so many yummy treats and we danced and had friendly conversations with our friends! I am beginning to really like Spooky day! This is the most fun!

06-30-18_9-36-23 PM

It was a huge mess to clean up though after all those people were over here. Mommy had to do so many dishes after everyone left. I did lots of dishes too when everyone was here Sims are messy! Spooky day was a success despite not having any trick or treats. Maybe because we live on an island or maybe the kids just joined the party instead? I don’t know. Maybe next year we will have a Spooky Day Trick or Treat?

06-30-18_9-52-26 PM

As usual There’s Sophia cramming in homework before school. She wouldn’t have been able to get it all done if mommy wasn’t there to help her though she is lucky!

06-30-18_8-26-40 PM.jpg

I donated all the emotion potions I have been making to charity and got my Give Back Badge Now I am a Unicorn Scout!

06-30-18_10-00-23 PM

Mommy took down the rest of Spooky day decorations but left the fall ones out. She also made Vegetable Chili before she went to work because she knew she wasn’t going to be home when we got home and she wanted us to have an excellent meal.

06-30-18_10-25-02 PM.jpg

Sophia got an A letter grade! She loved the attention it got her and wants to do better so she started doing her homework with me after school. I always just breeze through mine so it takes me no time to get finished!

06-30-18_10-36-58 PM

The next day, as usual Daddy is the first to wake up and he started his routine with his workout and morning news.

06-30-18_10-39-17 PM

I was next to wake up and I went upstairs to practice typing.

06-30-18_10-31-56 PM

Sophia has been in the bathroom and her closet all morning.

06-30-18_10-51-38 PM.jpg

By the time mommy woke up Sophia had invited her group The Paragons over and they spent the day trying on outfits and drinking coffee.

06-30-18_10-57-12 PM.jpg

I also called my group to gather The League of Adventurer’s we had a very important space mission to do.

06-30-18_10-57-27 PM.jpg

That was interrupted by another important mission, scouts!

06-30-18_11-11-28 PM

Sophia and me spent the rest of the evening cleaning up after our friends making sure it would be neat and tidy for when mother comes home.

06-30-18_11-06-48 PM

Doing all that cleaning I managed to collect another Badge for Civic Responsibility! Wow am I good or what! Well I better get to bed now. Goodnight!

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