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Neighbourhood Rotations

Hello and welcome!

  • I am not playing this rotation currently I have started Introducing my newest safe and should be updating this part of the site at some point. Until than follow Just for Fun or the JFF series. March 5th, 2021

In my rotation save I am playing most EA Maxis premade townies with some I have created and some of the randomly generated sims. I go in an order of lot placement so the order in which a household is played largely depends on where they live. So if a household moves it may affect their spot in the rotation. I play a household for one sim week starting on Sunday. I used to play until Sunday Morning but with the expansion “Get Famous” I am changing that to be Sunday night or maybe even Monday morning because of the Accelades. I don’t want nominees missing out on that little feature. Along the way I take screen shots and build a story to share that I will post on Saturdays! I have some loose guidelines like a home improvement, outfit or appearance change, or a group event or outing has to happen. Aging is only on active households. A season last 28 days. Lifespan is currently set to long though I will keep it there. I miss the custom aging from previous Sim games.

See below the current households in my rotational save! They were in order of the rotation on the date this posted. I will try to remember to update this when/if anyone moves. Or at the end of a rotation. Note this list is “Active Households” only so if you were looking to see more of a sim that has not been featured feel free to let me know.

Thanks for visiting!

Willow Creek

  1. McMullen – Anaya, Darion, Ruby Rick Rita and Rhonda McMullen.
  2. Besties – Jade Rosa, Eva Cappricciosa, and Jayla Cappricciosa. (Previously Partihaus)
  3. Muniz – Serenity Muniz, Oscar Zamora, and Pooch.
  4. Jilted – Travis Scott, Summer, Amilyah, Nash, Scruff. (Previously Scott and Holiday)
  5. Chauhan – Ruban Chauhan, Carmen Chauhan, Bruno Chauhan, Ariana Carrillo-Chauhan, Alyssa Chauhan.
  6. Pancakes – Eliza, Bob, Robert, Elizabeth, Betty Pancakes and Buddy.
  7. Good – Luke, Meaghan, Rylee, Chealsea Good, Lucky, Kelly and Buster.
  8. Hawthorn – Stephanie, Erik, Cory and Claire.
  9. Garrison-Felicia, Enzo, Boston, Celeste, Makenna Martino, Sweety Pie & Shashka
  10. Goth – Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, Alexander, Ghost and Phantom.
  11. Spencer Lewis Kim – Dennis Kim, Vivian Lewis, Alica Spencer-Kim, Eric Lewis, Olivia Kim-Lewis, Alton Lewis, Sumi, and Hazley.

Oasis Springs

  1. Caliente – Katrina, Nina and Dina Caliente.
  2. Landgrab – Nancy, Geoffrey, Malculm Landgrabb.
  3. Roomies-Shirley Gherda, Gavin Richards, J Huntington III, Mitchell Kalani, Zoe Patel


  1. Munch – Mila, Gunther, Wolfgang, and Lucas Munch.
  2. Free spirits – Ulrike Faust, Maaiko Haas, and Piccolo.
  3. Fryes – Moira, Dominic, Siobhan, and Morgan Fryes.
  4. Bjergsons – Clara, Bjorn, Sophia and Elsa Bjergson.
  5. Bros – Sergio Romeo and Joaquin Le Chen.
  6. Villareal – Jacques, Hugo, Luna, and Max Villareal.
  7. Partihaus – Marcus Flex, Elisha Ghoumari, and Paola Rocca
  8. Behr – Candy and Yuki Behr.

San Myshuno

  1. Bheeda – Jesminder, Arun, Orlando Bheeda, and Sheru.
  2. Rasoya – Geeta and Raj Rasoya.
  3. Benali – Carrie Dunham, Salim Benali, and Alessandra Rodriquez.
  4. Jang – Baako, Anaya, Billie, Ayo and Jumo Jang.
  5. Karaoke Legends – Miko Ojo, Akira Kibo, and Darling Walsh.
  6. Pizzazz – Penny Pizzazz.
  7. Lothario (Hasn’t been actively played yet but has appears in many stories such as but not limited to Caliente, Vatore, Karaoke Legends, and Pizzazz.) 
  8. Feng – Victor, Lily, Shu Yang, and Chaun Feng.
  9. Lobo – Diego Lobo.

Forgotten Hollow

  1. Straud – Vladislaus Straud and Nikolas Hough.
  2. Vatore – Caleb Lilith, and Drusillia Vatore.

Brindleton Bay

  1. Hecking – Brent, Brant, Rosie and and Mochi Hecking
  2. Delgato – Justin, Supriya, Pierce, Eva, Blue and Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr
  3. Lynx – Catarina Lynx, Mayor Whiskers, Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Jr, Cleo, Josie, and Leo.


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