My name is Yuki Behr. I recently moved to Waterlock Redoubt in Windenburg with my sister Candy Behr. We inherited this home from our late grandma Behr. This came as a surprise as we had no idea we had any living family!? We never met Grandma Behr but we find little things around the home that helps us get to know a little bit about us and our family history.

07-05-18_8-48-51 PM.jpg

It’s kind of a small home but it’s just enough for the two of us. It’s much better than where we were living but we have left that all behind now to start out new here. To help out with bills and stuff I got a job as a babysitter on weekends. I’m still in high school and good grades are very important to me. Candy is an Open Mic Seeker. Right now she is getting her jam on she is going to pack up the turntables for this week so we can have the tree out for winterfest! I’ve left my homework until the last minute this weekend and I better get it done before tomorrow.

07-05-18_8-46-26 PM

The next morning I rushed off to school almost late. It’s my first day at this new school so I am a little nervous. Hopefully I can make friends. Candy was eating breakfast when I left and had plans to explore Grandma Behr’s attic to see if she had any decorations and things for Winterfest.

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“Hey Yuki! How was your first day at school?”

“Yeah it was okay? I met a couple of girls I think I can be friends with. Did you find anything cool?”

07-05-18_8-54-58 PM.jpg

“Yeah actually right after you left I started rummaging around and I found this old guitar! Maybe that means music runs in our family isn’t that cool Grandma Behr might have been a musician too!?”

“Sweet score! Not really what we were looking for though.”

07-05-18_9-00-46 PM.jpg

“I also found an old coffee maker! Just in time too because right after I found it I cleaned it up brewed a pot and the doorbell rang. It was the welcoming committee!”

“Mmm coffee. Anyone interesting?”

07-05-18_9-04-31 PM

“Just some sims I have never seen around before A gentleman named Ken Jung and a lady named Danika Meshram. I guess they are also new to the neighbourhood. I think that they might even make a cute couple. I mean I have no idea what their interests are or their traits, but wouldn’t that be sweet?”

“I guess.”

“Well, and as you can see I did find a tree. I have to go to work soon Yuki do you mind decorating that tree? We should get this place all festive so we can throw a Winterfest party maybe invite your new friends and a couple of my friends I have met around town. I can introduce you to my new boyfriend Joaquin

“..you know Winterfest parties have a grand meal too right? Who’s going to cook that, you?”

07-05-18_9-11-11 PM

“I know my cooking skills aren’t that good but I also found some old cook books of Grandma Behr’s so, I will study everyday until Winterfest. Anyway I’m off now can you please work on those decorations?”

07-05-18_9-12-56 PM.jpg

“Yea yea yea.”

I love my sister I think she is such an inspiration and talented but cooking is not one of those talents. Lets I am not sure she is actually going to be able to pull off a grand meal but I have to appreciate her enthusiasm.

07-05-18_9-16-00 PM

Well, now that my homework is done I guess I better do these decorations. Pft these boxes all this stuff is so dusty I wonder when the last time Grandma Behr ever dragged these out? Kind of a sad thought, an old woman living here all alone with no one at winterfest, deciding for yet another year she didn’t need to bother with all this junk. It’s too bad we never had the chance to have a Winterfest with her.

07-05-18_9-17-31 PM

That’s enough decorations for one night. I do have a school project as well I should start working on that’s way more important than this. First I am famished!

07-05-18_9-33-34 PM

Oh my, I’m not feeling so good. Maybe it was digging around in all those old dusty bins but my skin is crawling! Feels likes there’s tiny invisible bugs all over me gross! I guess I won’t start my project tonight after all. Maybe there’s some medicine around.

07-05-18_9-38-18 PM

This should work hopefully it’s not expired or something. Thanks Grams!

07-05-18_9-38-09 PM

Blech That stuff is gross but it worked I feel so much good and I’ll feel even better once I brush that awful taste out of my mouth. Maybe I can wake up early and work on my project before school.

07-05-18_9-41-10 PM

So, I thought sleeping in was a better idea than waking up this morning and I didn’t start my project. I barely have time to finish this cereal before I have to go. Must have been that medicine but I am happy to say I don’t feel sick anymore!

07-05-18_9-57-53 PM

“Oh hey Yuki! You’re home just in time for dinner I am making mac and cheese!”

“You know how?”

“Good one Yuki!”

“Have you been Studying?”

07-05-18_9-49-24 PM

“Well first I did some more decorations It’s surprising how much stuff Grandma was able to stuff into the storage spaces.”


07-05-18_9-51-48 PM

“Then I read the cookbooks I found for awhile. Grandma’s penmanship was a little hard to follow but I think I got the basics down for the Grand meal tomorrow.”

“Let’s hope so.”

07-05-18_9-55-37 PM

“I then decided to watch the cooking channel you know for inspiration.”

“Well hopefully that’s enough.”

07-05-18_10-00-43 PM

“Well, how’s your mac and cheese?

“Candy you know I love you right?”

“That bad?”

“Keep studying sis you’ll get it.”

“Anyway? How was school?”

“I joined a few new groups but haven’t been to a gathering yet. I am hoping to meet some people with the same interests as me. I have made a couple of friends already and I still haven’t started my project.”

“Well there’s no school tomorrow so you should have lots of time. Do you want to help me with the tree?”

“Alright let’s do this!”

07-05-18_10-09-51 PM

“Oh Yuki it looks beautiful! This is going to the best Winterfest we ever had.”

“Doesn’t take much for that.”

“Oh hush! Go do your homework or something you brat!”

“Yes mom.”

“You’re encourageable!”

“You should be studying that cook book more.” Yuki shouted down as she climbed the stairs to her room some of the floor boards creaking as walked.

Okay I do have to admit throwing the bulbs on the tree was pretty fun! Though I really do gotta get this project.

07-05-18_10-17-01 PM

The sooner I get this done the sooner I can game out guilt free from neglecting responsibilities.

07-05-18_10-22-00 PM.jpg

Well that didn’t take long! Blicblock here I come!

07-05-18_10-31-34 PM


“Hey Yuki What do you think of the decorations!”

“It’s not right.”


“It’s missing something.”

“You think?”

“Absolutely! Do you want to build a snow pal!?”

“Do I!”

07-05-18_10-34-17 PM

“Smile for simstagram!”

07-05-18_10-34-59 PM

“There you were right Yuki now this place really does have that Winterfest spirit.”

“What do you think Grandma Behr would say?”

“I don’t know Yuki.. She would probably be so proud of his for growing up to such wonderful women and she would tell us to get back inside before we catch cold! Come on now it’s freezing out here We’ll brew some coffee to warm us up!”

07-05-18_10-36-32 PM.jpg

“Uh candy… is the tree supposed to be on fire?”

“Oh my watcher no! Quick get the fire extinguisher! It’s in the kitchen!”

07-05-18_10-37-21 PM

“I got it Candy stand back!”

07-05-18_10-37-35 PM

“Well Candy that was a major waste.”

“Please don’t post that to your simstagram how embarrassing!”

“I’m sorry it’s got to be done.”

“Oh now what Winterfest is a disaster!”

“No it’s not you clean this up I’ll go and see if I can get something shipped out right away from Amasim.”

“You think it will get here in time?”

“I’m sure I can hack my way into getting us something don’t worry about.”

07-06-18_9-58-30 AM

Well this is going to be tougher than I thought. Seriously finding a tree for Winterfest the day off. Amasin has nothing listed in our price range that will get here in time. I should have practiced programming skills more this week. Wait there something is a tree from a mall Father Winter display! It’s perfect I’ll just switch the drop off to our house and it should be here any minute.

*Ding dong*

There it is!

07-05-18_10-38-31 PM

“Wow Yuki I can’t believe you did it? How did you do it?”

“Ah it was nothing now you just do your part and not burn us down with that Grand meal your about to cook.”

“I have been studying for days I think I got this.”

“I hope so. Uh I think your friends are here.”

07-05-18_10-41-04 PM

“Hey it’s Serenity and Jade thanks for coming! Have you met my younger sister Yuki?”

“Hi I’m Yuki!”

“Nice to meet you Serenity waved.”

“Hi Yuki I’m Jade.”

“Well I better go get dinner started make yourselves at home!”

07-05-18_10-44-57 PM

“Your friends seem nice Candy.”

“Yeah Serenity is like one of my best friends. I also want you to meet my boyfriend but he must be running late.”

07-05-18_10-46-26 PM

“My friends aren’t coming until later. A few I invited can’t make it they have family plans and stuff. That and I didn’t want to expose them to your cooking just in case it turns out horribly wrong.”

“Thanks for the confidence boost Yuki. As long as there are no more fires today I will be happy with it.”

07-05-18_10-47-13 PM

“Wow you did it. It’s not even burnt.”

“I know.”

“The question is now is it cooked through?”

“It’s cooked!”

“Is it yummy?”

“I guess we will just have to find out. I’m calling it it’s dinner time!”

“You’re brave!”

“Oh hush up and eat your dinner.”

07-05-18_10-47-31 PM

“Dinners ready! Come and get it!”

07-05-18_10-49-42 PM

“How’s everything tasting girls?”

“It tastes normal!” Jade shrugged.

“You did a great job Candy it looks awesome in here and where did you get your tree?” Serenity asked.

“Yeah lets not talk about that one.”

07-05-18_10-57-18 PM.jpg

“Oh there you are awesome!”

“Why hello there sweet thing. Sorry I’m late!

“Mistletoe you know what to do.”

“Why don’t you show me… around… to your room.”

“Gladly. This way I have a present for you.”

07-05-18_10-59-37 PM

“I wouldn’t go in there if I was you. Your sister is macking on some dude.”

07-05-18_11-00-37 PM

I sat around for hours getting to know new friends Luna Villareal and Ruby McMullen. They are nice girls but we have way different interests. Seems like there’s not a lot of gamer geeks out there or at least not that I have met yet. Anyway we get along great!

07-05-18_11-05-12 PM

Winterfest was a success! With that it was the best Winterfest Candy and me ever had. I do know that it can only get better. I am so thankful for all that we do have and for Grandma Behr. Happy Winterfest everyone!

07-05-18_11-40-17 PM

“Oh holy night Candy it’s cold in here!”

“I know I’m freezing!”

“Maybe we need to think about some upgrades for this old place and might I suggest first heating and cooling unit?”

“I am thinking that’s a great idea right now but, simoleans.”

“Why are bills so expensive!”

“I couldn’t tell ya.”

“Hm, What did you do today Candy?”

07-05-18_11-14-39 PM

“Not too much really. Cleaned up mostly. Someone clogged the toilet yesterday so that was how my day started….

07-06-18_9-55-15 AM.jpg

… I did make excellent scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast I am happy my cooking has got so much better this week.”

07-05-18_11-17-15 PM

“I also improved my guitar playing so hopefully next time I go to work I will get a promotion.”

“That great!”

“How about you how was school?”

“Well you are looking at a B student now!”

“Oh that’s great good work Yuki!”

“Thanks. I’m tired I’m going to bed now. See you tomorrow if I don’t freeze to death.”

“Goodnight Yuki. Oh and don’t forget tomorrow is Night out on the town holiday.

07-05-18_11-48-40 PM

For Night on the town Sim appreciation day Candy invited her two favourite sims out for coffee. She got to meet so many people and completed an Aspiration!

07-06-18_12-01-14 AM

While I invited my friends out to do karaoke and embarrass ourselves but it was so much fun and I became much closer friends with Celeste. Night on the town was a success!

07-05-18_11-56-50 PM

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