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So I am a bit of a micro manager when playing Sims. I like to pop into all the households and see what’s going on with everybody. I don’t have many rules that I play by or that I stick to strictly more like guidelines. I have yet to do a challenge or anything just casual play for me. You will see me play with original townies, randomly generated sims from “other households”, and maybe even some I’ve made myself but I still just hit random until I like something. I haven’t made “myself” yet. To be honest I’ve never really made my sim self and sim self families I just imagine me and my spouse not hitting it off and feeling devastated by it.


I do have some guidelines that I follow though as I rotate through sim households and the many worlds. I have the settings to only allow aging on active household so everyone can age at the same pace if I rotate through the families properly. I do have it set to long life and I am thinking I might just change that to normal if I get bored of this first generation we’ll see. I play a family for one Sim week than move to the next. I typically focus on one character and write the story through their perspective, though I will pop in and control the other sims if I don’t think they are doing a good enough job of it on their own, or if I see a potential story shift oppertunity. During the week some sort of home improvement needs to be done whether that be building an add on, landscaping, purchasing new items or a sim makeover. I also want them to have at least one social gathering. I know I have got carried away focusing on skills and climbing the career ladder I have forgotten to socialize or spend the money and they look like they are living in poverty with money in the bank so these guides were put in place. Also during that week I must take a minimum of 3 pictures for story telling. This is kind of the way I always played sims and in Sims 2 they had the story telling feature built in and I loved that! I played sims 3 for awhile but it was so glitchy and I would forget my story line if I stopped playing for awhile and came back. I am new to Sims 4 and this is my first playthrough. So far I am loving it but I am still missing the story telling feature so the blog was born.

I realize that some of you may find your favourite stories and others you may not like as much, I know I do, at least so far as some of them are just more enjoyable to play. You may just see your characters guest star in other stories as they are all connected under the same save. I haven’t got a posting schedule yet so basically whenever I have time I will share. I have tried to set this page up in a way that if you come to my page you can easily find the stories you want to see it’s still kind of a work in progress but I think this set up will suffice at least until I find a better way to sort that out.


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