I said are you ready to party!?

Time to get it started!


Some of the hottest people are going to out tonight it’s a great gig for me in oh so many ways! Any Sim who’s any sim will be out tonight so get your fine self here, and let’s get spun!

let's get this party started

Dayum! my girl is hot tonight! I’m telling you fam nothing is better than when I get to mix beats here. It’s fun and I got a great view of everything that’s going on. It’s the perfect cover! I’ve been a little distracted by this sim right here but it’s oh so worth it!

dance dancce.jpg

Some new faces out there some I’ve seen before.

centre of attention!

I haven’t been totally slacking on I have a big task I’m working on. I passed off the Dj booth to my good pal and talented musician DJ Fyres!

VIP party

Yeah She loved my VIP party! Fill you in a little bit here. I’ve been working with Discotheque Pan Europa to get this VIP lounge set up. It’s almost ready for its grand opening! The spot is perfect and allows me to see both dance floors from either booth!

I'll take the grand tour please

After showing my sweet Candy around she showed me around…

round and round.jpg

..and around and around and Spun!

finest moment.jpg

Okay not my finest moment! What can I say it’s not a party until you pass out in the tub!

hey bruh.jpg

“Hey Bruh! you look like trash!”

“Ugh I feel kinda messed up too, you know? I didn’t get a good sleep.”

“How could you, you were snuggling porcelain. Freaked me out finding you passed out in the tub oh man bruh that is rough!

“Ha yeah well it was a good party. Missed you there. What happened I thought you were coming out?

“Yeah, sorry bruh. Well actually it’s crazy Siohban came over looking like she escaped a death match with grim!”

What happenned!

“It was one hell of a storm blowing through and she blew in here like a hot mess!” explained Sergio.

“Whoa dude that’s wild! Was the little bird alright? What happened?” I asked.


“She’s a’ight! I guess she was on her way to some business trip and her transportation broke down in the storm. She washed up and I got her where she needed to be.”

“Ah yeah my man! Got some hero points or what?”

“Heh. Yeah! We got a lot of one on one time.”

oh yeah

“That’s what I’m talk about bruh!”

that's what i'm talking about.jpg

“Picked out some new clothes just her and me this time not the whole Paragons group! Usually Siobhan doesn’t shop without her whole crew so it was a very intimate experience for us.”


“Sounds… so hot.” I said sarcastically.

“Heh yeah.”

“That’s it, you took her to some busy thing in the city and bought clothes together?”

“Oh that’s not all my friend.”

get to know

“We really got to know each other more at the park. I could see she was diggin’ on me so I invited her back to our place!”

“Yeah buddy!”

“I kissed her bruh and she kissed me back it’s official we are linked up!”

first kiss

“Good boy!” I exclaimed.

“In fact she’s still here. We were going to hit up some love fest. Hey you and Candy should come along it’ll be a blast!”

“Love fest eh I like the sounds of that! I’ll give her a call here and let you know what’s up.”

“Sounds good bruh.”


So later that night we hit up the festival of love! That place is literally screamin woohoo! I will absolutely be back next time!


I highly recommend taking a long smooth drink from the fountain of love!

many many.jpg

Then repeating that!

In the mood.jpg

We closed it down right!


Good times were had by all. Let’s just say it was a happy ending to an incredible party!

Spin ya later!

Stay Tuned for Chapter 3