That’s right I have been learning how to fish! I’ve been learning so much in scouts it has been so much fun and my daddy loves it too because he is so excited that we can go fishing together! Since we live at the Light House we literally have water all around us and there are so many places to go fishing! I wake up really early so we can catch the fish in the morning when they are fresh!

the catch of the day

I caught my first fish that was big enough to keep so daddy and me brought it home and we are going to eat it for dinner I’m so excited! Sophia got all freaked out about the catch of the day she thinks it’s ugly but it’s the cutest fishy other than my Tetra Blicblock!

cooking lesson

While we were out fishing Mommy was giving Sophia cooking lesson and they baked up some delicious breads!

fish fry.jpg

Sophia even cooked up the fish we caught while mom cleaned up. Maybe next time I will get the cooking lesson.


I’m just so happy I got another badge for scouting! I have met some cool friends at scouts as well.

Fish for dinner.jpg

Dinner was really good mommy and Sophia did a really good job with all the cooking and daddy and me did a really good job with the fishing! It’s been a great long weekend with the family but I am ready to go back to school! I miss everybody!

Maybe next time we have a fish fry family dinner you can come back again?


Stay Tuned For Chapter 3