This week started out absolutely amazing! I had some of my best friends over Sophia and Celeste.

Making a splash!

We hung out pool side and enjoyed the sun! Sophia left early and Celeste stayed over for BBQ I can’t help but think she stuck around to flirt with my brother Hugo. Those two sure are getting pretty cozy together.


I’d be annoyed but I’ve really never seen Hugo this way and Celeste is a really good friend so I’m happy for them!


A perfect day ended all too quick. I got a call from a client to go babysit. I should have seen this coming I think there’s some kind of festival going on.

werk werk werk

While I was gone things got pretty cozy with Celeste and Hugo.

first kiss.jpg

Yeah that was the good part of the week from there, things took a turn for the worst. We all got really sick with the flu.

Turn for the worst.jpg

Sickness swept through the Windenburg Estate.

Strange behaviour

Papa’s episodes are getting worse!

Tragedy .jpg

Then tragedy struck. Our beloved butler Pari Chauhan met a grim fate. There was an accident with the laundry machines and the fire took her.

The first death.jpg

Poor Max he witnessed it. He came running and screaming terrified and shaking I’ve never seen him like that!

too late.jpg

By the time Papa got there and put out the blaze it was too late.

Celebration of life.jpg

We had a beautiful service for Pari I mean after all she was like family to us. I can’t believe how many people turned up for the Celebration Of life. How many people are still showing up, we have more casserole then we know what to do with.

Strange boy.jpg

I met the strangest boy. His name is Nicholas and that’s about all I know about him. That and he was like no one I ever met before there’s something about him. I can’t get it out of my mind. I miss Pari so much without her around who am I going to talk to about stuff. I feel even more alone here than usual. There’s too much sadness in this ol’ house.

RIP Pari Chauhan You will be missed greatly.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 3