Hah I knew you couldn’t stay away! Back for some more Marcus Flex are ya well Flex goin give it to ya!

flex goin give it to ya

You know who else can’t get enough of the Flex? Elisha Ghomari my new beau!

new beau

I heard this girl freestyle and she has a way with those words I’m tellin’ ya this chick got game!

Some personal training

Today she here for some personal training! Nothing gets me hotter than that! Yeah girl work your thang for me!

can't resist .jpg

It wasn’t long after training that things got real personal with us! Life’s no joke one minute you are hungry next you are on actual fire! I’m not ready for this party to end grim you are just going to have to wait a lot longer!

different teams.jpg

“Paulo good game, tough break for you guys!”

“Yeah okay how about we save heckling and antics for the field I just want to chill when at the home front, okay?”

“Yeah okay I can get with that, you sure it’s just not cause you too butt hurt from getting stomped on the field by a champ?”

“I’m serious Marcus shut the plum up.” Paulo pushed past and marched into the house he quickly occupied the bathroom for a hot shower.

It does drag my best bud working for the opposition but damn man that dude has got it bad ever since the girls left we barely talk anymore. Oh plum it I better head out to the gym I have a couple of clients to workout!

new client.jpg

First Brent Hecking I’ve been working with him and his SO Brant Hecking for a while now. Those boys are beasts!


Next I had the lovely Mrs. Stephanie Hawthorn. Now that’s a chick with fire in her heart! She trains hard and has got it goin’ on! Recently had twins but you’d never know it from looking. Girl does the yoga thing, I don’t know about that but it’s working for her.


“Oh hey Paulo, feeling better this morning?”

“Yeah dude I had a great night.”

“Oh yeah? Whatchu get up to?”


“Actually I went out on a date with Jade.”

“Our Jade?”

“Yeah you know the woman who used to live here, ex members of Partihaus group, best friends to your baby momma, you remember that right?”

“Psh whatever..”

“Have you even reached out and talked to them yet or even seen your daughter?”

“You know what, lets add that to the list of things we aren’t talking about.”

“Fine, whatever Marcus.”

“So Jade huh, didn’t know you two were into each other.”


“We weren’t, this has started since she moved out. You know I have been going over there and helping with the move right?”

“I been kinda busy with my own hustle bro.”

“Yeah, right.”

tell me more.jpg

“Well, Paulo are you a finisher er what?”

“Not that it’s any of your business but we kissed!”

kiss me.jpg

“Good boy. So, what does this mean your moving out to go be with her to now?”

“You know it’s something I thought of but I’m not sure I think I just want to take it slow with her and just see where this goes.”

you'r a plum

“Okay whatever big shot! We better get off to practice now some of us need it more than others hah.”

“You are a plum Marcus.”