Hi there,

07-01-18_11-59-04 PM

Welcome to Von Windenburg Estate in Windenburg. My name is Luna Villareal and this is where I live with my family! Let me show you around. Come on now, its freezing out here!

07-02-18_12-05-02 AM

This is the living room and that’s my brother Hugo. He’s a bit of a loner.

07-02-18_12-05-39 AM

That’s my papa in his little man cave, literally a cave like place in our basement. I don’t like going down there, creeps me out I get shivers just thinking about it down there. My dad is kind of, well, losing it with his old age but he really is a smart genius. That is when he is not “talking with friends” or running around in his underwear.

07-02-18_12-06-17 AM

This is my brother Max, let’s be honest here he.. is.. such.. a brat! I actually think he might be pure evil! I’m serious, if you know what’s good for you than you’d stay away from him.

07-02-18_12-06-27 AM

I love my home and I love my life here but to be completely honest, I just feel like I don’t belong here. Ever since mom disappeared well, it just hasn’t been the same. She’s been gone so long now, I barely remember her. Sometimes I think I can smell or hear her and I think she might have come back until I realize this is reality and she’s probably never coming back.

07-02-18_12-09-20 AM.jpg

There is just so many sad memories here, I can’t wait to get out. That’s why I am trying to work so hard at school and even have a part-time job as a baby sitter. I am building up my resume so that when I am old enough I can leave. Maybe fall in love with a dashing man who sweeps me off my feet and takes me away from this place. So I am also trying to meet everyone so I can find Mr. Right! On the other hand this home has so much history. It’s been in my family for years! It’s actually built on the remains of the old structure where my ancestors lived. I’ll show you one day when it’s nice enough to head to the beach. Anyway Hugo is the heir as he is the oldest male to be born in our family. Max hates that he wants it all to himself. Me on the other hand just don’t need that kind of drama in my life, I have some cash stored away in a secret place, when I’m ready to leave and hopefully it will be enough.

07-02-18_1-19-44 AM

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to introduce you to the Butler! This is Pari Chauhan! She is pretty good I mean for the help. I do appreciate having another girl in the house to talk to about you know monthly’s and stuff. There’s no way I could bring that up with my papa. Pari is so good the first time it happened I was totally freaked and she really helped me out.

07-02-18_1-22-49 AM

My poor ol’ papa has lost all control over Max. He never disciplines him or anything, I’m being serious he basically could get away with murder and nobody would be the wiser. It’s like papa doesn’t care or maybe he is even encouraging it I don’t know my ol’ man is totally losing it.

07-02-18_10-53-35 AM

Woke up in the middle of the night to Max freaking out he is trying to tell me there is a creature living under his bed and it’s evil! Seriously?! Like as if there is anything more evil than him. After having a laugh I could tell he was really freaked out so I sprayed some essential oils in his room and called it creature be gone. That seemed to satisfy his fears and he was able to go back to bed. I told him next time he should try to make friends with it.

07-02-18_1-46-43 AM.jpg

The next morning on my way to school I saw papa in his underwear watching cartoons and yelling at.. well.. no one. I decided it’s best to just sneak past him and go to school. When he gets like that there’s no talking him down.

07-02-18_9-33-06 AM

When I got home from school The first thing I noticed was papa bought a Foosball table! Yeah that’s so fun, I have time for a quick game before starting my school work!

“Max you want to play with me?”

“Me play with you?! Blech!”


07-02-18_12-54-25 PM

“Oh hey papa! How long have you been sitting there?”

“Hello little girl.”

“What are you reading?”

“As the world turns white an old man sits reading a romantic yarn entitled Ultimate Treachery of the Heart.”

“What’s it about?”

“Silly girl you ask to many question! Get your own book! This ones mine!”

“No one wants your book papa, see I’ve got my own it’s called homework.”

What am I going to do with that old man? He is seriously getting worse everyday. Well I guess some days are better than others. Some days he’s just plain strange. Most days he doesn’t even have his clothes on. Seriously! Sometimes I see him wandering the street looking like a homeless person. I almost gave him a simolean in his hat when I saw him passed out on a bench only to discover it was my papa passed out after a night out with The Good Timers!

07-02-18_9-43-07 AM

Well now that my homework is done I better get started on my school project on Electricity Experiments.

07-02-18_9-46-31 AM

Max got a Medieval Castle.

07-02-18_9-46-58 AM.jpg

Hugo got Air Pressure Rocketry. We all stayed up pretty later trying to get it done but none of us were able I guess there’s always tomorrow!

07-02-18_1-57-32 PM

“Papa is that you? What are you doing rummaging through my clothes in the middle of the night?”

“Shush little girl. You don’t see me. I’m just a figment of you imagination shush shush mumble.”

“Go to bed papa. I’m trying to sleep.”

“I was never here.”

07-02-18_1-48-46 PM

“Good morning Miss! Did you sleep well.”

“No papa woke me up in the middle of the night with his nonsense again.”

“I’m sorry Miss. I too heard him yelling loudly in his bathroom during the night.”

“Wow! Think you can keep a close eye on him. I’m worried he is going to hurt himself or goodness forbid somebody else.”

“I will do my very best Miss Luna.”

07-02-18_1-49-04 PM

“Good morning ladies.”

“Good day sir.”

“Hey Hugo did papa wake you up last night too?”

“Nope I slept like the dead didn’t hear a thing! Why?”

“Oh it’s nothing.”

“Whatever you say sis come on we’ll be late for school. Hey Pari mind getting Max I don’t know that he’s up yet.”

“Very well sir.”

07-02-18_9-22-17 AM

It was quiet at the Van Windenburg Estate that day while we were at school. Papa read a romance novel called Reel it in and Pari read her book How to serve without being served.

07-02-18_10-11-29 AM

After school I brought home a friend and so did Hugo. That’s my best friend Celeste Garrison. Hugo brought home Karim I forget his last name sorry, I didn’t spend a lot of time chatting him up.

07-02-18_10-13-15 AM

I didn’t even spend much time with Celeste either. She got to meet my brother Hugo. Seriously I am surprised Hugo is even socializing he usually prefers his alone time. It’s a bit out of character for him.

07-02-18_10-14-06 AM

I took this time to get caught up in my homework. No matter how hard I seem to work at this stuff I can’t seem to raise my grade higher than a C. Hugo has a B letter grade and well Max has a D. He is going to fail Landgraab Elementary if he doesn’t get his act together.

07-02-18_10-29-53 AM

“Good morning Pari.”

“Good morning Miss Luna.”

07-02-18_10-33-29 AM

“Hey Hugo! Whatcha doing?”

“Just catching up on my homework. Hey did you finish your project yet?”

“Yeah I finished this morning.”

“Chips and salsa for breakfast?”

“Yeah want some.”

“I guess it’s better than what papa had, and have you ever known me to turn down food?”

07-02-18_10-34-43 AM.jpg

“Haha! So what was papa’s breakfast then?”

“Well you know that globe in the foyer?”


“Well lets just say he has a secret stash in there.”

“That’s pretty brilliant I never would have thought to look there.”

07-02-18_11-30-54 AM

I really wish he’d wear his clothes. It seems like my ol’ man is always walking around in his underwear. It’s embarrassing. I see Max well play with papa that little brat. Anyway it’s time for school.

07-02-18_10-38-49 AM

While we were at school papa called a gathering for the Knights Of The Hedge to meet at the Von Haunt Estate. I don’t know what his obsession is with that place but it’s where he always wants to go.

07-02-18_10-40-30 AM

They say that place is haunted by a ghost named Bernard and probably others too who knows?

07-02-18_10-44-08 AM

I don’t think papa is there for ghost hunting? He mostly goes to play chess with his buddies and wonder the maze. Today he recruited a new member to the Knights of the Hedge, Andre Pace.

07-02-18_11-03-44 AM

Today Max got a C Letter grade. So good for him we wouldn’t want him to get taken away by social services or anything like that.

07-02-18_9-36-48 AM

“I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong Pari! Like I finish my homework everyday and am on time to school in a good mood why aren’t my grades improving? Max barely does anything and his grade goes up?”

“Well Miss, from what you have told me in the past making friends is very important to you are you spending too much time socializing and making friends instead of working hard?”

“Maybe, a little.”

“Well Miss If you don’t mind me saying so maybe you should pay more attention in class and you will get a better grade. You can always call your friends after school.”

“I know, you are right. Anyway I’m pooped time for bed.”

“Goodnight Miss Luna do sleep well.”

07-02-18_11-07-13 AM

“Good Morning Miss Luna! You’re up early did you sleep well?”

“I did how about you?”

“Sadly I did not.” Pari sighed

“Really what happened?

“It was Sir Max!”

Oh goodness no, please don’t tell me he is chasing away another butler I actually like this one!

07-02-18_11-04-46 AM.jpg

“Sir Jacques was yelling in the night again so I got up in the night to switch over the laundry when he came running into the kitchen, he was begging me to help him with something in his room.”

“Oh no! Pari did you go help him?”

07-02-18_11-05-07 AM

“Yes Miss! He told me there was a creature living under his bed and that he tried to talk to it but it didn’t want to be friends right now.”

“Oh yeah he does that. I’m sorry usually I just spray the room with essential oils.”

“I didn’t have the oils Miss so I just used some cleaner and it seemed to do the trick, but that’s not all that happened!”


07-02-18_11-05-28 AM

“Yes miss he thanked me and gave me a hug.”

“Aw maybe that little guy isn’t so evil after all?”

“Miss! I do not think he is evil just misunderstood. I think he is just missing Mrs. Villareal.”

“We all are Pari, we all are.”

07-02-18_11-08-33 AM

“I can cook that for you Miss Luna.”

07-02-18_11-10-05 AM

“That’s okay Pari I want to. I’m going to have to learn how to cook for myself eventually so I better start now. By the sounds of it you had a long night why don’t you get some sleep.”

“Very well Miss Luna.”

07-02-18_11-11-11 AM.jpg

“Oh Hey Hugo! Do you mind if I watch TV here?”

“Psh, Go ahead it’s your house too.”

07-02-18_11-11-32 AM

“Season premier of Last Sim on Earth is tonight are you excited?”

“Eh, I could go either way. Actually, maybe you should invite your friend Celeste over I wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.”

07-02-18_11-16-09 AM

“Oooo! Have a bit of a crush do you?”

“We have a lot in common and you know maybe she’d actually be interested in a guy like me, we could probably hit it off.”

“Oh brother. Yeah okay I’ll try to remember to ask her over. You got any cute friends to introduce me to?”

“You’re funny!”

07-02-18_11-16-34 AM.jpg

“Oh good morning papa do you mind if we have some friends over tonight for the season premier of The Last Sim on Earth

“Invite the whole neighbourhood, I know I just might!”

07-02-18_11-18-49 AM

“Do you think he’ll actually invite the whole neighbourhood?”

“Who knows with him brother, who knows!”

“I hope not..”

07-02-18_1-22-38 PM

“Geeze papa don’t you think it’s a little early?”

“Never! I’m retired old man in a huge house wearing my underwear with lots of money and no wife little girl. I can do whatever I want now! No one can stop me. Plus it’s a party today so I must get ready!”

“Okay well we are having guests over so you think you can get ready with your clothes on?”

“Little girls do not tell old men what to do. Maybe an old man runs naked through little girls school Buckingham High for all to see on this cold day!

“Oh please no!”

“Be careful one just might!”

“Goodby papa I’m going to school.”

“Go on get out of here!”


07-02-18_1-11-13 PM.jpg

Popcorn is made friends are invited lets gather around the TV for the season premier!

07-02-18_1-11-57 PM

Season premier day was a success other than the fact no one did any homework.

07-02-18_2-38-23 PM

“Hey what’s your name?”

07-02-18_1-42-15 AM

It’s back the creature please come quick!

07-02-18_9-54-27 AM

“There there go back to sleep my sweet angel my baby boy papa loves you.”

07-02-18_9-52-14 AM

Everything’s going to be just fine! The nightmare is over!

07-02-18_9-56-41 AM

Saturday already! Seriously, I can’t believe it! Today we are all planning on having our groups come over because why not it’s the weekend yea! Such a beautiful day too!

07-02-18_2-09-42 PM

Hugo Invited his buddies from Upper Crust over and they cooked and baked all day.

07-02-18_2-12-13 PM

I dragged out the coffee pot and invited over Paragons!

07-02-18_2-18-19 PM

Papa called over The Good Timers and they headed down to the basement to play darts all day.

07-02-18_2-25-35 PM

Max even had a few of his friends over said he was going to look for fresh meat whatever that means?

07-02-18_12-52-03 PM

It was probably the nicest day all week at least as nice as weather as you get being the first week of winter and all.

07-02-18_2-17-38 PM

I think the only one not having fun was Pari. She had lots to clean up with that many people over. Which reminds me I’m going to have to make sure she gets praised for all that work.

07-02-18_1-27-19 AM

I had to cut my visit short as it was time to go to my babysitting job. Good thing I learned all that cooking this week maybe I’ll get a promotion!

07-02-18_2-37-01 PM

“Oh Hello Celeste did you forget something? Luna isn’t here she’s at work.”

“Yeah uh can I come in?”

07-02-18_2-43-29 PM.jpg

“Of course come sit by the fire where it’s warm. Luna just left so she might be gone for a few hours.”

“Well What if I told you I wasn’t here to see Luna.”

“Wait what? Who did you come here to see then?”

“Oh Hugo I came to see you!”

07-02-18_2-46-16 PM.jpg

“Well what are you waiting for I’m right here!”

“Hugo aren’t you going to ask me something?”

“I am? Uh I mean Yes I am. Celeste will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes! Yes a million times!”

07-02-18_2-47-25 PM


07-02-18_2-45-09 PM

“Lets update our socials to tell everyone we are in a relationship now!”

07-02-18_2-51-36 PM

Well no promotion but the good news is I am in range to receive the responsible trait! That could have gone worse! Take care see you next time!

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