Welcome to Pautihaus at Factory One in Windenburg. Drink, flirt, dance, repeat. Where the party never stops.

07-03-18_10-02-38 PM

I’m Marcus Flex! You might recognize me from Powerhouse a group dedicated to physical perfection. I’ll work you out! Oh there’s the door bell, “I got it!”

07-03-18_10-05-16 PM.jpg

“Well, well, well, Who do we have here? What’s your name girl?” Marcus flashes a smile

“Oh hello my name is Candy with uh y’know the welcoming committee?”

“Well come on in woman!” Marcus ushered her in.

07-03-18_10-10-43 PM

“Hey girl! You here to welcome too?”

“No actually I’m here to see Eva, is she in?” Nina asked.

“Right this way.”

“Hey Tamara this is the one here.” Nina called out.

Damn gotta go to work. I should almost skip out on work stay home and chat with all fine women! Can’t miss my first day at my new job in the Athletic career though, responsibilities.

07-03-18_10-18-03 PM

“Nice to meet you Candy! I’m Eva and this is Jade.”

“Hi.” Jade smiled and waved.”

“I’m Tamara. I think I have seen you around.”

“Yea you look familiar Tamara. Where do you live?” Candy asked as she tasted her grilled fruit.

“I just moved into a place in Oasis Springs, The Sand Trap Flat.”

“How are you liking it there so far?” Jade asked

“I am still new to the neighbourhood but one of my best friends live nearby. Zoe Patel, do you know her?”

“No” Eva shakes her head.

“I don’t either sorry.” Jade shrugged.

Candy shook her head.

“Well maybe one day I’ll introduce her she’s a great girl, really everyone’s friend.”

“We are going out to party tonight at The Narwahl Arms maybe you can bring her out?” Eva quickly checked her phone as she asked.

“I’ll be there!” Tamara exclaimed!

“Well I should be going now. I have a date tonight with my boyfriend Joaquin so I probably won’t make it to your party. Plus your room-mate creeps me out I didn’t get a good first impression.”

“Who Marcus ah he’s harmless! Enjoy your date Candy thanks for the warm welcome!” Eva hugged her new friend goodbye.

“I should be going to but I’ll see you girls tonight!” Tamara said as she followed Candy out the door.

“Bye Tamara! Bye Candy!” Jade waved

07-03-18_10-47-53 PM

After that long day at work I’m so hungry! I could eat all these burgers!

Oh no! Uh oh. Plum!

07-03-18_10-48-09 PM


Where is everybody. I’m gonna die

“Somebody please help!”

07-03-18_10-48-25 PM


07-03-18_10-48-42 PM

“Oh my watcher dude! What the plum!” Paulo shouted.

“Yeah, I had an accident.”

“I see that, bro are you all right?”

07-03-18_10-48-45 PM

“I’m just so hungry.” Marcus whined

“Do you really think you should be cooking?”

“What the grill isn’t phased seems just like new.”

“Go wash up let me finish this, the girls are almost ready to go dancing.” Paulo shoved his way past Marcus and continued to cook the hotdogs.

07-03-18_10-23-22 PM

Later that night I decided to live life like it was my last day. I mean I did almost meet my maker in a horrifying blaze!

07-03-18_10-27-35 PM

So I am flirting up all the ladies tonight! I even got a couple of numbers already! I can’t waste anytime, because you just don’t know how much time you got left.

07-03-18_10-39-25 PM

“Good morning Jade.”

“Good morning to you too.”

“Hey I had a question to ask you.”


“Well I couldn’t help but notice Marcus last night like flirting with like every girl at the party last night. I’m wondering am I in the friend zone with him or like, should I try to put the moves on. I really like him but it’s like doesn’t seem to notice me.”

“Yeah he was flirting a lot, and with everyone. You know him though, he’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the lamp. If you like him like that you have to obvious. Try doing stuff he loves to do, like working out?”

“Girl you are so right I’m going to try that!”

“Well we better get off to work want to catch a ride with me?” Jade asked.

“Yeah let’s get going I don’t want to be late.”

07-03-18_10-34-19 PM

“Oh hey girl! Yeah come on over I’ll be around for at least little while that’s enough time.”

One of those chicks I met last night she’s coming over! Guess she liked what she saw hah!

07-03-18_10-54-25 PM.jpg

We chatted for a bit I think her name was Diane or something I don’t know not important, her body is smoking! She left shortly after she came short and sweet how I like em!

07-03-18_10-57-32 PM

“Hey who was that girl Marcus?”

“I can’t remember her name, met her at the club last night.”

“She seems nice anyway.”

“Yeah why didn’t you come out last night?”

“Wasn’t feeling good I’ll catch the party next time.”

“You missed one hell of a night!”

07-03-18_10-57-52 PM

Jade got promoted to Assistant To The Manager! This calls for a celebration!

07-04-18_6-45-58 PM

Dance party at partihaus! Everybody is invited!

07-04-18_6-48-23 PM

“Congratulations on your promotion!” Tamara Smiled

“Thanks! The first of many I’m hoping!”

07-04-18_6-49-26 PM.jpg

“Yeah girl!” Tamara shouted and threw her hands up in the air.

Partihaus and friends stayed up late just dancing the night away! The next morning.

07-03-18_9-41-06 PM

“Oh hey Jade how long have you been up? I made some grilled fruit do you want some?”

“Thanks I’m okay I already ate.”

“I heard you got promoted yesterday congrats girl! You earned it!”

“Thanks Eva! Just means I have to learn new skills Going to work on them later. Hey did you ever talk to Marcus?”

“No not yet. It’s like he doesn’t see me.”

“Well Maybe it’s a sign he’s just not the one?”

“Don’t be silly Jade! Who else would he be meant for?!”

“I don’t know, anyway carpool’s leaving you working today?”

“Yeah I’ll catch a ride with you if you don’t mind.”

Eva quickly got dressed and followed Jade out the front door.

07-04-18_9-32-44 PM.jpg

“Oh hey Marcus what are ya watching?”

“Weather report. There’s a party tonight and it’s going to be freezing not sure if it’s worth it. I think I’m going to pass. There’s always next time.”

07-04-18_9-32-51 PM.jpg

“Have you seen it out there it’s a complete white out!”

07-04-18_8-59-07 PM

“Not yet. Hey are you hungry I’m going to make some Mac and cheese?”

“Famished! Thanks I’ll take one for sure! Just going to hop in the shower.”

07-04-18_9-33-55 PM

Oh plum not again!

“Paulo Help! Dude! I’m Burnin’!”

07-04-18_9-34-15 PM

Music is too loud he can’t hear me! I’m not ready to die!

07-04-18_9-35-18 PM

“Dude what happened?!”

“We are going out for lunch.”

“You are not allowed to cook anymore my friend.”

“Probably a good idea.”

“Come on shower quick we will have a little time to grab a burger before work.”

That evening…

07-04-18_9-36-53 PM

“Hey girl how was work today at the new job as Assistant to the Manager?”

“Was pretty good. Hey do you know what happened to the stove?”

07-04-18_9-37-03 PM

“Not a clue I came home from work and it was just like that.”

“Looks like someone tried to burn the house down hopefully everyone is alright!”

07-04-18_9-37-13 PM

“If I had to guess Marcus was probably cooking again?”

“Haha! Oh my, oh no! I hope he is okay? I was thinking of making my move tonight!”

07-04-18_9-38-18 PM

“Oh hey Paulo, Eva and me were just talking about the what happened with the stove do you know what happened.”

“Yeah, so.. Marcus tried to cook again.”

“Is he okay?” Eva gasped.

07-04-18_9-38-13 PM

“He’s fine. But just in case I’m going to grill up some hotdogs to go with your salad in case he comes home wanting more than greens for dinner. Nothing against your salad Jade but you know Marcus.”

“None taken, by all means, grill away don’t let him get near it.” Jade laughed it off nervously.

07-04-18_9-40-33 PM

“Oh hey Marcus? How are you feeling? Jade asked shouting over the music.

“Fine why do ask?”

“Well, I just noticed the stove and erm, well, everything okay?”

“Yeah, oh that it was nothing. I am okay a little shaken up that’s twice this week I almost died. I think I’m just going to give up cooking for awhile.”

“You could always watch the cooking channel or read a cook book until you improve your skills.”

“Psh I’m not interested in book learning.”

“Suit yourself. I am going to study for my job now. Have a good night.”

07-04-18_6-31-15 PM

Yeah she looks interested in that book but really that girl is so business and career driven. I just don’t have that kind of patience to read a book. Who actually reads these days, for fun! Hah! I’d rather be working out.

07-03-18_9-54-51 PM

I’ve got better things to do. I haven’t even had time for Powerhouse with this new job. But if it’s one thing this week has taught me is not to take anything for granted. I am going to accept everything life throws at me! Maybe I need to go on a cold foods only diet for awhile. It’s clearly a sign that I am just way too hot to be cooking with fire!

07-04-18_9-04-59 PM

“Hey Marcus are you awake?”

“Not any more, girl, what’s up?”

07-04-18_9-05-18 PM

“Well, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. The way you saved yourself from a fiery death twice this week. You are so brave!”

“Heh, yeah I am aren’t I?”

07-04-18_9-07-09 PM

“Tell me more about how great you think I am.”

“Oh Marcus, you are so funny and strong too, your bicep is like the same size as my head!”

“Yeah you like that?”

07-04-18_9-09-12 PM


“I can work you out!”

“I think I would like that very much.”

“Well alright then lets hit up the gym!”

07-04-18_9-09-48 PM.jpg

“The Gym?! Like on a date?!”

“Yeah like a date…”

07-04-18_9-11-39 PM.jpg

“Okay lets go but first! Kiss me you beast!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice woman!”

07-04-18_9-12-50 PM.jpg

“Now come on lets hit the gym!”

“Oh seriously? like right now?”

“Well why not?! What else are we gonna do?”

“Oh okay let’s go to the gym..”

07-04-18_9-17-19 PM

Oh yeah Eva is so digging me! I have been looking for chicks all week who knew I didn’t have to look that far.

07-04-18_9-17-28 PM

I feel like with a little more cardio Eva would be one hot sim! Well can’t push it too hard looks like she’s slowing down.

“Hey come on girl lets hit the shower and get wet!”

“Now you’re speaking my language!”

“Yeah girl! I never seen this side of you so glad to see you’re taking an interest in physical perfection! You know I think there is room in Powerhouse if you are interested?”

07-04-18_9-20-06 PM

“Sign me up for your powerhouse!”

“Plum girl! I am really enjoying this side of you!”

“That’s awesome? So are we gonna get wet?”

07-04-18_9-20-18 PM

“Great call, you brought your swim suit?”

07-04-18_9-20-20 PM

“Uh, no. Do we really need them for that?”

“I guess we don’t really need em come on pool’s this way.”


07-04-18_9-23-52 PM

“Well as much fun as skinny dipping is I feel like we are being watched. Why don’t you and me head back to our place.”

“Girl? you ready to go already I am just getting started!”

“Come on you big lug!”

07-04-18_9-27-48 PM

I did not see this one coming. That broad is so into me! Who was I to stop her like I said life is short and you just never know when your number is up! Like I going to stop her! What a fantastic date!

07-04-18_9-31-46 PM

“Hey Bro you’re never going to believe what happened to me last night?” Marcus smiled as they bro hugged.

“Well you’re obviously gong to tell me, so, what happened?”

07-04-18_9-32-23 PM

“Yeah man, I hooked up with Eva?”

“What our Eva that lives with us? Won’t that make things complicated?”

“Nah man why would that complicate things?”

07-04-18_9-32-30 PM

“Well, were you at least safe?”

“Safe hah wait what do you mean?”

“You know did you protect yourself?”

07-04-18_9-32-51 PM

“Of course I locked the door.”

“Oh man, you’re a plum sometimes! You better hope she isn’t knocked up or that could really complicate things!”

07-04-18_9-32-58 PM

“What?! Oh dude I didn’t even think of that. I just got so caught up in the moment.”

“You’re a plum. Come on lets go to work.”

07-04-18_6-54-10 PM

“Good morning Eva, how are you this morning?”

“You know what Jade, I should be thrilled but I am pissed off!”

07-04-18_6-54-12 PM.jpg

“Why what happened?”

“I did it Jade. I asked Marcus out!”

“Well that’s great news!” Jade clapped!

07-04-18_6-54-22 PM

“Save your cheers. It’s not a Cinderella story”

“Eva, talk to me, what happened?”

07-04-18_6-54-44 PM

“The whole time we were chatting and I was laying on the flirt he kept going on about working out! He thought I was only interested in being at the stupid gym all day. Then we came back here and finished the deal only for him to kick me out of the bed! To add to it his phone went off all night with what I can only assume is other women! I barely slept and I feel like plum!”

07-04-18_6-54-50 PM

“Girl slow down. Let me get this straight you and Marcus went on a date and the gym then you hooked up?”

“What aren’t you hearing!” Eva yelled!

“Okay, you’re a little hotheaded right now. I’m going to give you some space to cool off. I have to go to work now, come chat to me later when you feel better.”

07-04-18_6-56-28 PM


07-04-18_6-56-46 PM

Maybe I am over reacting. I can be hot headed. Jade didn’t deserve me yelling at her it’s not her fault, she is my best friend. Oh no I’m going to be sick!

07-04-18_11-29-30 PM

Maybe I under cooked breakfast I gotta go lay down.

Later that night…

07-04-18_9-42-34 PM.jpg

“Hey Jade you still awake?”

“Yeah just getting ready for bed? Feeling any calmer?”

“No! I am freaking out. But I just wanted to apologize for this morning.”

07-04-18_9-43-16 PM

“It’s okay I understand.”

“Well there’s more.”

“What is it Eva?”

“Well I’ve been sick, like all day. I didn’t even go to work.”

07-04-18_9-43-54 PM

“Did you take a test?”

“No, I don’t have one.”

07-04-18_9-43-50 PM

“Well, here I think I have one.”

07-04-18_9-45-27 PM

“Thanks you are such a good friend. I’m scared what happens if..”

07-04-18_9-46-00 PM

“Don’t get yourself all worked up until we know then we will figure it out together no matter what I am here for you. Here go take the test and we’ll talk about it later. Everything will be okay” Jade interrupted.

07-04-18_9-46-39 PM

“Thanks I love you! I’m going to go check now. Goodnight Jade.”

07-04-18_9-48-10 PM

Eating for two. I guess I better go tell baby daddy.

07-04-18_9-48-50 PM

“Hey Marcus you busy?”

“Back for more eh?”

07-04-18_9-48-56 PM.jpg

“No! I’m pregnant!”

07-04-18_9-49-04 PM.jpg

“Are you sure you didn’t just eat a big sandwich?”

“No you plum! I took a test we’re having a baby!”

07-04-18_9-49-09 PM

“Oh wow! I don’t know what to say! Cool?”

07-04-18_9-49-20 PM.jpg

“Not the response I was hoping for Marcus you’re a real plum you know that!” Eva hollered as she stormed out of his room stomped down the stairs and slammed the door to her room. Marcus sighed and headed downstairs to work out.

07-04-18_9-55-52 PM

“So I got some pretty big news to tell you Paulo.”

“Oh yeah, what’s up?”

“I’m going to be a dad!”

“What seriously! Eva?”


07-04-18_9-58-40 PM.jpg

“Wow congrats bro! We gotta go celebrate come on let’s go to Old Quarter Inn for a pint!”

“You buying?”

“Yeah man! Wow I can’t believe you’re going to be some bodies dad!”

07-04-18_10-02-13 PM

“Hey miss, rounds on me for the dad to be! We are celebrating tonight!”

07-04-18_10-03-00 PM

“Paulo shh, there’s no reason to make a big deal of it. I haven’t told anybody but you.”

“Well dude it’s not like you can keep that a secret. Sims are going to notice Eva’s swollen belly.”

07-04-18_10-04-00 PM

“It’s just, I’m not ready for this.”

“But who is?” Paulo joked, “Dude are you actually flirting with the bartender?”

07-04-18_10-04-07 PM

“So what’s it to ya.” Marcus smiled slyly.

“You got your girl back at home, with your baby to be. Why are you flirting with this blood sucking succubus.”

07-04-18_10-05-47 PM.jpg

“You’re just jealous of all the game I’m getting.”

“Marcus you are a plum! I can’t watch this I’m out of here.”

07-04-18_10-07-24 PM.jpg

“Go on, get! No one needs your nagging anyway.”

“Plum off Marcus.”

07-04-18_10-10-27 PM

“Hey Girl! Poor me another will ya?”

Sitting here at the bar has got me thinking. This week has been so eventful when is this going to end. I almost lost my life not once but twice. Met all kinds of mad hot sims. One of them is knocked up just had a fight with my bro. Could it get any worse. There’s no such thing as vampires… right? Why would Paulo even say that? Bartender is a hottie!

07-04-18_10-10-40 PM

She is digging me too! I should go for it?

07-04-18_10-12-08 PM.jpg

“Well it’s the end of my shift there big boy! Mind clearing your tab up and coming with me for a bite? Er..  uh, I mean we are closing for the night.”

“I heard you no need to be shy girl! Yeah I could grab some food, I vow to not cooking anymore.”

07-04-18_10-13-32 PM

“Be careful what you wish for.”

07-04-18_10-15-06 PM

Well one thing led to another.

07-04-18_10-15-36 PM

Wha what where the plum did she go! Wow I must have had too much juice! I better get home.

07-04-18_10-17-14 PM

“Well well well! Look who finally decided to come home! Where the plum have you been?” Eva Got up from her seat and waddle stomped towards the front door practically knocking Paulo over.

07-04-18_10-17-55 PM

“Whoa girl slow, hic, it down! Hold up.”

07-04-18_10-18-32 PM

“Let me see! What the plum, there’s lipstick on your face! You were with another woman!”

“No I wasn’t!”07-04-18_10-18-14 PM

“You are lying to me! What is wrong with you!”

07-04-18_10-18-55 PM

“Be quiet Eva! You clearly do not understand what I am going through right now!”

07-04-18_10-19-06 PM

“What you’re going through?! Are you kidding me? It’s you Mister Powerhouse that has no idea! You have absolutely no idea what I am going through right now! We are done! I will have this baby without you!”

07-04-18_10-25-28 PM

Jade came knocking on Eva’s door shortly after the shouting had ended to find her crying under the covers. “Oh Eva, I heard everything! I’m so sorry.”

“I can’t stay here Jade we gotta get out of here! Will you help me?”

“Of course you are my best friend.” Jade Gave her a hug.

07-04-18_10-26-13 PM

“..And that’s Marcus stomping up the stairs and slamming his door. The computer is upstairs by his room so you stay downstairs and I’ll see if there is something out there we can afford.”

“Thanks Jade.”

“I’ve got to go again I’m going to be sick and I haven’t eaten.”

“Okay I saw Paulo out there he is probably wondering if you are okay too.”

07-04-18_11-04-15 PM

Jade quietly went to the landing right outside Marcus’ room and began her search of new homes. The search, well, there’s not much out there in their price range.

07-04-18_10-56-58 PM

“So you girls are really moving out?” Paulo asked pouting.

“Yes there’s no way I can live here with Marcus after what he has done to me! How was your search Jade?”

“Not too good. I found the beautiful Springscape in Oasis Springs A 3 bedroom 2 bath and that would be perfect for us..”


“It’s way out of our budget. I did find something else even further away in Willow Creek, the Streamlet single. It’s a 2 bedroom 1 bath in a good school zone. It’s small but we should be able to afford it.”

07-04-18_10-57-12 PM

“I hate that you girls are leaving but I do understand why. I am sorry all this happened. I want you girls to know if there is anything and I mean anything you need please just ask.”

“Thanks Paulo. Hey why don’t you come with us?”

“Thanks for the offer Jade but I’m going to stay here Marcus is my bro and who knows he might light himself on fire or something so I should stay here. But I’ll be over like all the time to see the baby Eva!”

“Paulo you’re such a good guy seriously! Thank you!”

“So when are you guys leaving?” Paulo asked.

“Soon as I have the baby. Can’t travel when I am this pregnant, I could go into labour at any day now. I’m just going to pack all day while Jade is at work and sell what we can.”

“I’ll stay home from work today and help you if you want Eva.” Paulo suggested, “You really shouldn’t be going through this much stress so close to giving birth.”

07-04-18_10-28-52 PM

“That’s a great offer friend I’d take it if I were you, and speaking of work it’s time for me to go we are going to need ever penny we can get!” A blast of freezing air rushed in as Jade left for work.

07-04-18_11-02-44 PM

“Thanks for helping me today Paulo.”

“Absolutely! You rest I’ll take care of it. What do you need me to do?”

“Most of what I’m keeping is packed already so whatever is left just sell it and finish packing for me? Oh and Jade too?”

“You got it girl.”

07-04-18_11-34-24 PM

“I am just going to read some pregnancy books if you don’t mind.”

“Do what you gotta go but don’t lift a finger for the rest of the day!”

07-04-18_11-34-13 PM

Several hours later.

“Hey Eva I’m finished now. Or at least I think, let me know if there’s anything else I’m going hit the shower need the washroom?”

“No thanks, but good timing I am going to go to sleep. Thanks again Paulo for everything!”

“No problem Eva get some rest.”

07-04-18_11-54-48 PM.jpg

Eva waddled off to her room examined the remains of her stuff before falling asleep.

Later that night..

07-04-18_10-50-08 PM

“So the girls are moving out.”

“I figured as much.”

“You okay bro?”

“No, I really plummed this up didn’t I?”

“Yes, yes you sure did.”

“So, what do I do now?”

“I don’t know, apologize?”

“You think that would help.”

“Nothing is going to change what happened, from here just aim to be a better man and maybe when Eva has cooled off she will let you visit baby.”

“Well rents due today it’s expensive this time, must be the new heating/cooling controller. It has been a blizzard all week. Literally.”

“Forgot about rent. How are we going to afford this place on our own now?”

“Well, I’ll go put a posting for up on SimList for new roomies. Looks like I am the leader of the group Partihaus now.”

“Heh yeah woo Partihaus….” Paulo sarcastically fist pumped the air.

07-04-18_11-23-29 PM

“I’m going to set it up to meet new applicants tomorrow sooner the better or we’ll never make rent! for next time!” Marcus looked back at Paulo

“Okay dude, make sure to check references we don’t need any free loaders.”

“I got this leave it to me.”

“Okay well I’m pretty tired if you need me I’ll be in bed.”

Saturday morning.

07-04-18_11-48-26 PM

“Ugh I can’t believe he is already interviewing for new room mates and we haven’t even left yet.” complained Eva.

“I know, it’s despicable. Have the two of you even spoke since well the fight?”

“No and I don’t want to!”

07-04-18_11-51-06 PM

“Wow, I feel like I haven’t spoken to him all week. As it turns out I barely know the guy.”

“You are not missing much I thought I knew him but he is noncommittal he won’t hold onto anything for long.”

“I wonder if he will come visit his baby? Would you let him?”

“Yeah, if he actually comes around he hasn’t been taking this very seriously it’s like he’s relieved we are leaving look at him he is so interested in that girl there.”

07-04-18_11-41-37 PM

“Ugh what a plum! I feel like I’ve seen her before?”

“You probably have, she’s a trainer at the gym he’s always going to. She was hanging around while we were on our date even!”

“Oh Eva, that’s horrible.”

“Hold on I’ll be right back?”

“Everything okay?”

“I don’t know yet.”

07-04-18_11-56-58 PM.jpg

“Jade help me!” Eva called out.

“Eva why did you change? what’s this liquid on the floor?”

“Jade never mind all that it’s go time!”

“Baby coming?!”

“Nooboo lets go!”

07-04-18_11-57-42 PM

“Oh no Jade I’m scared I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can! You are a strong beautiful sim! You got this! Now let’s go have a baby!”

07-05-18_12-01-14 AM.jpg

“It’s A girl! Exclaimed the Doctor

“Oh Eva she’s beautiful! What’s her name?”

“Jade meet Jayla!”

“I have our ride ready to go to the new house our stuff should be right behind us.”

“Okay let’s go home now.”

07-05-18_12-09-06 AM

“So this is home.”

“Yeah! Eva you better get some sort of side hustle while you raise that baby or we are never going to be able to afford this place.”

“I’m sorry to put you through all this Jade.”

“Don’t even Eva I couldn’t just do nothing, everything will work out, it always does.”

“You’re such a good friend.”

“Takes one to know one.” Jade giggled. Now let’s get inside its freezing out here!

07-05-18_12-11-29 AM

 As this household has split up so will their stories.

Chapter 2 Partihaus


Chapter 1 Besties.