So I was able to earn enough money to put a down payment on a much bigger home to accommodate my ever-growing family. I had a little help from a friend and I am going to have to pay them back at some point. We moved into the Brook Bungaloo. This should be our permanent residence now hopefully we got it right the second time around.

06-07-18_9-57-27 AM

We stayed in willow creek as I didn’t want to much more change for my family as it’s a delicate time after a babies born. I know I briefly mentioned last time that we were able to adopt out some of those puppies it was just too much to handle all the puppies with a new-born. One of the puppies went to a lovely young lady Serenity Muniz an artsy fartsy type of lady. The other went to an odd kinda nerdy couple Liberty Lee and Travis Scott. I am happy we were able to find homes for them nearby where if we wanted to we could visit them. We kept one and I named him Lucky because we are lucky Meaghan let us keep him!

06-07-18_10-12-07 AM

Buster and Kelly have been so good around the baby them being new puppy parents themselves seem to be really protective over Rylee. Rylee has been such an angelic baby. We aren’t getting as much sleep as we’d like but that’s to be expected.

06-07-18_10-29-20 AM

The dogs seem to really like this new home too they have much more room to run around and when they aren’t close by us those loyal dogs than they can be found playing in the front yard. Poor Lucky can’t make it up and down those stairs though so going outside has been a bit of a chore not as bad as having all three puppies though that was a near death experience!

06-07-18_10-43-14 AM

Like I said those dogs are so loyal all of them and they are always nearby. The puppy parents Serenity and Liberty said their puppies were also very loyal It’s a stong trait as both Buster and Kelly have it. My beautiful wife Meaghan I don’t know how she does it. She manages to have the house clean the baby fed and dinner ready for me when I get home from work. So I can focus on climbing the ladder in the Athletic career.

06-07-18_11-11-22 AM

She even helps me study the other opponent. I haven’t had much time for anything else these days though what with dog walking baby minding and working we have had zero social life. I think Meaghan might have met some other stay at home mom friends but that’s about it.

06-07-18_1-58-11 PM

One day I came home from a hard days work and lucky was there to greet me he had aged up and was excited to go for his first jog! I was feeling a bit too tired for that though so I took him for a short walk gave him a treat and went inside.

06-07-18_1-55-42 PM

I went to check on Rylee and she also aged up and what a little cutie too!

06-07-18_2-00-36 PM

We were a little worried about how everyone would get along but Rylee seemed to love the dogs and we already know the dogs loved her.

06-07-18_2-02-12 PM.jpg

Meaghan really fell into the mother role again I don’t know how she does it I am tired all the time and she seems to just keep on going!

06-07-18_2-08-34 PM

Rylee has quite the imagination she can babble on all day about it too and lucky loves to watch her play and listen to her babble she is his favourite sim.

06-07-18_2-32-25 PM

Seriously the dogs do have their own pet beds they just don’t use them kind of a waste of space as we are constantly moving them around and they are never even being used.

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