What can I say life’s been good! I am having a great season with the team we are on the ball literally! We have Settled into the new home quite nicely! The neighbourhood is a great place for young families and since we moved in we have met many new other new families.

06-17-18_5-13-11 PM

Meaghan has even started a group for mom’s. They gather at group members house to chat cook and clean to give a respite for each other. She’s an amazing woman I am so lucky. I don’t know how she does it all.

06-17-18_6-53-22 PM

Rylee is growing up so quickly right before our eyes. She is learning so many new things right now it’s amazing what a good time it is.

06-17-18_5-31-46 PM

What more could go right?

06-17-18_7-20-18 PM.jpg

Another baby on the way brings more good news!

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Never for a moment do I take for granted how wonderful a woman, wife and Mother Meaghan is. I know it’s not easy for her taking care of three large dogs and a toddler with a newborn on the way. All I can do is make sure I’m doing my part by winning games and bringing home the simoleans!

06-17-18_10-08-39 PM

Our pack is growing.

06-17-18_10-42-54 PM.jpg

Everyone meet the newest addition to the good family. This is Chelsea Good!

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Stay Tuned For Chapter 4