Hello my name Is Luke Good and this is my dog Buster I live here in Streamlet Single with my wife Meaghan Good. We just recently got married and moved in here it was a private wedding since we haven’t met too many folks in the neighborhood yet.

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But Buster has been making friends he brought home this stray one day we have been calling her Kelly and those two dogs are inseparable so we adopted her felt bad for the homeless stray dog. Well we just found out that she is pregnant and about to have puppies. It’s the beginnings of our happy family growing because Meaghan told me she is also pregnant. Looks like our little family is already outgrowing our starter home.

So lately I have been burying myself into work so we can afford to move into a larger home. I got a job in the athletic career and spend a lot of my free time working out and preparing for games. I love my dogs and you can often find me taking them for a jog. As A man that is family orientated I am thrilled that my family is growing. I came home from work late one day just exhausted and sweaty to discover that we had 3 puppies born!

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I noticed something though Meaghan was not home and I got really sad and was missing my family. Where was she, not at work she has no job due to her swollen belly. I decided to bathe those dirty dogs and just at that moment she came home from the hospital holding our beautiful baby girl Rylee.

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That’s Meaghan by the way. Aren’t my girls beautiful!

I got a couple good promotions at work and soon I will have enough simoleans to purchase a larger home. It got a little bit much to deal with having all those puppies so we adopted them out to a couple of our neighbors Serenity Muniz and Liberty Lee. We kept one of the puppies for ourselves though it took some convincing but finally Meaghan said yes so I have another jogging pal!

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