The Scott’s

Hey it’s us again Liberty and Scott. Here we are browsing the internet for interior designs we wanted to turn Scott’s old bedroom into an actual office since no one uses it anymore and it is a pretty small bedroom to begin with. Thankfully we have some pretty high internet speeds. I was ready to buy stuff but Scott convinced me to wait as something might come up later. I didn’t know what that meant but okay sometimes he is strange even for me maybe I’ll just leave him to play his video games for a while.

06-06-18_10-28-59 PM

One night I woke up to find Scott sitting in bed eating fruit and browsing the web. I asked him what he has doing and he was being very secretive and wouldn’t show me. I actually got pretty grumpy as I was rudely awaken and now had an awkward encounter with my boyfriend. I stomped off to the washroom to bathe before rushing off to work in one of the worst moods I have ever had. It bugged me all day what was he hiding!?

06-06-18_9-53-57 PM

When I cam home from work that night he was already in bed. I ate a late night snack and tried to sneak onto his phone see if I could find what he was hiding. Dating a tech guru I learned how to get around his password to login but his search history was recently deleted. I was too tired to think about it further so I just went to sleep. The next morning came early thankfully it was my day off I was feeling sleepless and Pooch woke me up before I was ready. I checked my texts to find out that it was Pooch’s birthday coming and she was probably just excited to age up soon.

I slowly got ready for the day I could hear Scott banging around in the kitchen he wasn’t much of a cook but then again neither was I though I had learned a couple new recipes lately. something smelled cooking anyway. When I cam into the kitchen Scott had made breakfast for us and he had a huge smile on his face! I asked him what all this was for and to my surprise..

06-06-18_9-58-44 PM

..he proposed! So that’s what he’s been hiding and now I felt like such an idiot for doubting him! I leapt for joy and gave him a big hug he smiled slyly and asked,”so is that a yes?”

“yes! Yes of course I will.” I replied and we kissed passionately!

The moment couldn’t have been sweeter but that’s when Scruff aged up right there she was so excited and we were so excited!

06-07-18_12-04-13 AM

I pampered her on the couch! What a magical day!

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