It’s been great in the new apartment and living with Carrie. I mean for the most part.

Book Club

She runs a book club and they sometimes meet here which is nice. I’m not too interested in meeting everyone just yet that’s a lot of work to get to know that many sims.

I took the time to learn their names at least perhaps you may recognize a few. There’s Gunther Munch, Mortimer Goth, Shirley Gherda, and Maaike Haas.

new room mate

There’s been another major change. An old school pal of Carrie’s moved to San Myshuno and needed a place to stay. Carrie insisted she stay with us and before I could say anything she was here and unpacking. Everyone meet Alessandra Rodriquez.

settled in

It really didn’t take long for Alessandra to get settled in, I mean really settled she brought along a keyboard and we have already had a noise complaint from it. That sim needs more practice and to be doing that practicing during appropriate times.


I got into yoga but really it’s just an excuse for me to sneak in an uninterrupted nap. Also I’m just still getting used to the fact that I share my home with people. I have been on my own for so long and though I do like my life right now with Carrie there is a lot changing and quickly!


Great news.jpg

“Salim, I feel like I haven’t seen you much this week so far.”


“Is everything okay?”

“Yes Carrie, everything is fine.” I sighed she’s going to see right through that I might as well just come out and say it, “It’s just that I’m used to having my own space and don’t get me wrong Alessandra is great and living with you is amazing I am just not used to having so many people over all the time. It’s exhausting.”

She looked at me hard for what felt like an eternity. I probably just plummed this up with that.

“Okay, well… I’m glad that’s all it was. That’s an easy fix.”


“Yeah I can always have my book club meet at the library which brings me to what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What is it?”

“Well I don’t know if you heard but they are building a new school in Newcrest. There’s been a bit of a baby boom and the schools are getting pretty crowded.”


“Well the other day I went to a hiring fair and well that’s where I ran into Alessandra. I just found out today that I got the job! I will be the librarian at Newcrest Academy! Isn’t that great! Oh and Alessandra got a job there too!”

“Wow that’s great news! When do you start?”

“Well the school is still under construction, but hopefully soon. In the meantime I still have my advice column.”

“Good for you! That’s great! Oh and one more thing. Do you mind telling Alessandra to practice her music during the day and not in the middle of the night we got another complaint.”

“Another one? Ugh I love the city but sometimes this apartment life can get frustrating! I’m sorry Salim and yes, I’ll talk to her.”


*Knock Knock*

“Come in!”

“Hey Alessandra! Wow, your starting to sound pretty good!”

“Thanks Carrie!”

“You’re welcome.”

“I have to build this skill and fast if I’m going to be considered for Music teacher at Newcrest Academy.”

“I’m sure you’ll get it, your amazing.. but,”


“But… I’m going to have to ask you to limit the practicing to appropriate times of the day. We have had complaints from the neighbours and we just moved in so it doesn’t look good.” Carrie explained.

“Oh my watcher, seriously though!? I am so sorry Carrie, you have been so welcoming here and helping me settle into the city. I don’t want to do anything that may cause trouble.”

“Thank you, for understanding Alessandra.”

“I should be the one thanking you.. and well apologizing.. it won’t happen again.”

“No worries! Now, come on we have a faculty meeting to attend.”

“Oh right, that’s today!”

“Uh, yeah it is! Let’s go!”

not feeling so good.jpg

Just my luck I finally had the whole apartment to myself but I feel like absolute plum! I can’t even enjoy being lazy because I’m too busy, getting sick… plum my life!


So, my headache.. isn’t going anywhere apparently! After eating breakfast, I went back to bed until the girls came home. I had been in bed all day at this point, it was already dinner time when they came home. I usually do most of the cooking but Carrie cooked as I was still feeling poorly.

Thanks for dinner.jpg

She made pan-fried Tilapia it was actually really good!

“Thanks for making dinner Carrie!”

“You are welcome Salim. Ugh! You’re not looking so good.”

don't look good.jpg

“I’m not feeling too good either, don’t get too close I might be contagious.”

“Have you taken anything for it yet?” Alessandra asked.


“Well you should.” Carrie said firmly giving me a hard stare.

“Okay, fine, I’ll take something. So anyway, how was your meeting today?”

Faculty Meeting

“It went well! We got to meet a few other members of the faculty, there’s a lot of work still do to. The school is partially finished so we only got to see one classroom, the teacher’s lounge, and the boardroom.” Carrie explained

“Still no idea when they think it will be ready?”

“Nope nothing yet, for now we just wait.” Alessandra answered.


I reluctantly took my medicine and went to bed.

The next morning I was still feeling horrible. I could hear the girls already up and laughing in the other room. I looked at the time. I had been sleeping for so long. If I wasn’t having a bathroom emergency I would’ve stayed there all day.


I made my way past the girls and to the washroom as fast as my bathroom urgency waddle allowed. Once I was relieved I joined the ladies for breakfast.

good morning

“Good morning Salim, feeling any better?” Carrie closed her book looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and asked.

“No.” I wish I would’ve said yes and just grabbed her for a kiss, I just didn’t have the energy in me.

“I’m sorry, I ordered you more medicine last night just in case, it should be delivered by now, maybe you should check the mailbox?” Carrie said thoughtfully.

“Ugh.” I groaned remembering the horrible taste of medicine but also I just can’t help but appreciate her thoughtfulness.


“Hey do you hear that? I think it’s coming from the hallway?” Alessandra asked as she got up from her seat. Carrie had already grabbed the breakfast plates and was heading to the kitchen to wash up. I followed Alessandra to the hall, not because I cared what the sound was but because I needed that plumming medicine!

what's that sound.jpg

If you could believe it there was a man there playing the plumming violin. As if I didn’t have enough of a pounding headache. I think Alessandra really enjoyed it but to be honest it made my brain feel like it was trying to escape my ears. The sickness has a hold of me.


I overheard her introducing herself and meeting our newest neighbors. Terence Trivedi and Ronan McCurdy. That’s city living for you having so many plumming neighbours!

not interested.jpg

Thankfully the medicine had arrived I took it right away and quietly crept back to our apartment and back to bed meanwhile Alessandra stayed in the hall getting to know the new neighbours.

Hopefully the medicine this time works I can’t miss anymore work.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 3