Welcome to Medina Studio Apartments in San Myshuno. My name is Salim Benali an aspiring writer. Right now I am just working on a Fantasy called The Last Llama.

07-09-18_6-43-00 PM

Oh Welcome wagon is knocking at my door. I guess I can take a break and meet the neighbours.

07-09-18_6-46-20 PM

Fruitcake!? Why do sims always bring fruitcake to these things, it is gross what did I just eat? I feel so uncomfortable right now. I can tell so does my guest.

07-09-18_6-47-19 PM.jpg

She seems like a great sim, we have lots in common! I could talk to her for hours and so we did!

07-09-18_6-56-38 PM.jpg

I must have made a good impression because the very next day she came knocking on my door. Said she was bored and wanted to hang out that we could do whatever.

07-09-18_6-57-46 PM

“Well I was just heading out to the library want to make it a date?”

“Are you asking me out Salim?”

“Yes, Yes I am! So, what’s it gonna be?”

“Yes! I’d love to!”

07-09-18_7-00-18 PM

This date is going so well. I just met this girl and already we are such good friends! She is so easy to talk to and all my jokes are landing this is amazing!

07-09-18_7-03-56 PM.jpg

First Kiss! This date is Legendary!

07-09-18_7-05-57 PM.jpg

Meet my new girlfriend Carrie Dunham!

07-09-18_7-53-16 PM.jpg

Publishing my first novel, The Last Llama what a great feeling! I can now say I am a published author! Let the royalties flow in!

07-09-18_7-38-49 PM.jpg

“Oh hey Carrie want to come in?”

“No not today I was just on my way out. Want to meet up later for drinks? It’s Night out on the town today, Sim appreciation all day.”

“Yeah sounds good meet up later?”

“Yeah I’ll call you, bye!”

07-09-18_7-50-35 PM.jpg

I’ll just work on my next piece of writing A poetry book entitled Love Song. Wait what’s that sound?

07-09-18_7-32-55 PM

Leaky pipes! What’s next seems like there is always a problem in this place. I can’t shower up until it’s fixed. Looks like I’m going to be late for my date tonight. I guess no better time to learn handiness skill than the present am I right?

07-09-18_7-16-17 PM.jpg

“Hey Carrie, sorry I’m late.”

“It’s okay this time, just don’t make a habit of it.”

07-09-18_7-16-36 PM

“Wow what was that for?”

“I’m just happy to see you. come on lets grab a drink.” Carrie took Salim by the hand and led him to the bar.

07-09-18_7-20-19 PM.jpg

We ended up staying until closing time we just got so caught up in the moment neither of us realized the time. I wasn’t too worried I didn’t have to work the next day and I really enjoy her company we just hit it off perfectly.

07-09-18_8-32-03 PM

It had been a couple of days before I saw Carrie again and I was just blowing bubbles when she came over Saturday Morning.

07-09-18_8-32-01 PM

“Can I be honest with you Salim.”

“I’d hope that you always are.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that.. well.. Salim, I hate your apartment. I was thinking maybe, since we are a couple now, you would consider moving to a nicer apartment maybe with me?”

“Seriously? You don’t think its a little soon in our relationship?”

“Maybe it is, but the cost of living is so high and the apartment across the hall is bigger, more affordable, and way nicer. What do you say?”

“I guess, eh why not let’s do it!” Maybe it was the bubbles talking but I agreed to move in with this sim.

07-09-18_8-31-41 PM.jpg

“Yay I’m so happy you said yes Salim!”

07-09-18_9-03-12 PM.jpg

So now, here we are in our new apartment just across the hall. It is nice not to have to deal with the leaky pipes and buzzing electrical box. No mice in this apartment so that’s a bonus. Somehow Carrie managed to convince me to leave the bubble blower behind I guess that’s the end of an era for me. I do have to say, I like my new life here and this is a way nicer apartment I can’t believe the price seriously! It’s hard to imagine it’s even the same building. Wow my life sure has changed this week. The future looks so bright!

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