“Uhm I need some help in here! Mom! Dad! Somebody!” I called.

“I’m here baby it’s okay. They are just hungry my child.” Anaya cooed as she fed Ayo. Just as Ayo finally stopped crying and started to eat Jumo had started to cry. I grabbed the second bottle mom had brought and started to feed my baby brother.

fussy babies.jpg

It’s been pretty crazy around here since my baby brothers came home. They cry a lot! Ayo cries the most. Once Ayo cries then he gets so loud and he makes Jumo grumpy and then Jumo starts to cry and then no one is sleeping anymore!

babies are hard.jpg

My mom and dad spend a lot of time with the babies and I sometimes am feeling left out. I know they need a lot of attention because babies are hard work and now we have a double trouble babies. I have more chores to do like take out the garbage and help with my brothers.

working from home.jpg

My mom has been working from home lately and spends a lot of time in her studio. The studio is where Ayo and Jumo are sleeping right now when they aren’t crying or eating they are sleeping or stinking.


My favourite time of the day is when my brothers are sleeping because then it’s finally quiet. It’s hard to get a good sleep around here and everyone is always so tired. Like who knew that when you get babies then you get no sleep!? I know I wanted more kids to play with in San Myshuno because I think I am like the only one! I also just want to sleep through a whole night without interruptions!

naps lots of naps

Mom says to sleep when the babies are sleeping so we take naps. Lots and lots of really short naps. They are short naps because of course there are two babies and they don’t always sleep at the same time. Ayo hates sleep, I think he is afraid of sleeping and so he stays awake in case of he might miss out on getting all the attention or something like that.

Mr. Robotnik.jpg

I don’t know why he is worried about getting so much attention, doesn’t he know he is already getting all the attention! At least I have Mr. Robotnik. Mr Robotnik is a good robot he sleeps a lot and doesn’t cry or smell bad!


Okay well he kind of smells like cold metal, and it hurts if you get a Mr. Robotnik to the head! I think that’s enough Mr Robotnik for a while. Oh and there’s the babies crying again! I guess I better go see.

another midnight feeding!

That’s okay daddy got it this time.

“Hey dad?”

“Yes Princess?”

“Is it okay if I bring a friend home from school tomorrow?”

“I don’t know honey, why don’t you wait for the weekend.”


sad and lonely

Of course he said no. The babies have taken the funny fun right out of dad, now all he does is work.

we have to talk.jpg

The next morning before school I had breakfast with mom, well I had breakfast she had her dinner from the night before.

“Good morning baby! I’m glad we get to eat together before school today.”


“Me too!”

“How are you doing in school my child?”

“It’s okay.”

“There’s something else I have to talk to you about.”

“It’s not more babies is it?”

“No!” Anaya laughed.

“Well what is it mom?”

“I was talking with your dad and well this apartment is just too small for all of us. So we are going to have to move.”


“Yes baby, we are going to have to find a new home. We can talk about it more later you better go get ready for school your bus will be here soon!”

i gotta go.jpg

All day at school I couldn’t focus I just kept thinking about moving. I didn’t realize that everything was going to change so much when mom and dad brought home the babies. The rest of the week was pretty much the same babies cry and we take naps everyone’s tired all the time and it smells like old milk and poo.

new hair.jpg

The weekend is finally here and I got to have a new hair style! I love my new look! I’m so excited for today because I get to have a friend over!

gummy bear pancakes.jpg

Also today is a really good day because my dad made gummy bear pancakes! I love when he cooks because he’s so silly he puts candy in the food! I’m glad he got his funny back!


My friend Olivia came over and we played all day! We just had so much fun playing! I’m glad I got to have a friend to come over because I was getting grumpy and was needing some good fun time with friends! I hope we don’t move so far that I won’t get to see my friends, or maybe we can move somewhere closer to my friends! That would be best I think.

Stay Tuned for Chapter 3