“Do they know what happened to her yet?”

“No my boy Raj they don’t. Michelle Blanton’s Death is still ruled a mystery and they haven’t even found her household.” A tear rolled down my cheek thinking of a family missing their loved one.

When I saw Grim.jpg

“When I saw Grim my heart sank! I thought that he was…”

“Hush!” I interrupted I didn’t want to hear him say it. I know my time is coming soon. I’ve lived a very well and good life and I am so proud my boy has grown into such a handsome man. The girls death was startling, like a glitch, that wasn’t supposed to happen in the grand design. Somehow this poor sim slipped through the cracks. Somewhere only Grim could find her.

Life is short

“You know mother I was thinking, life is so short. I’ve been fighting you rushing me into marriage but really we have no idea how precious our time is.”

“Oh Raj..”

“I just don’t want to be that girl who died in her apartment all alone.”

“I know my dear, don’t you worry boy that’s not going to happen to you.”


“With all my love.”

“I love you.”

Over the next few days Raj spent his spare time socializing with the nieghbour girls. I do hope he finds a nice girl. I really like Kelsi Turpin!

Kelsi Turpin.jpg

She comes over all the time I guess the smell of our cooking always stinks up her apartment and she comes over. She frequently joins us for dinner!

Mila Cantu

The other young lady I have been seeing him out with is Mila Cantu. She comes over more flirty than Kelsi does though and watcher I’m telling you that boy is clueless he can’t flirt for the dear life of him and it just gets awkward. I wasn’t sure about her at first but maybe a more flirtatious sim is the only thing that will help my unflirty boy Raj feel romantic.

A couple of days had passed by and during that time I barely saw Raj I got a couple nice harvests from my herbs and enjoyed the solitude with some gentle yoga practice. My routine doesn’t change that much these days I’m usually in bed before Raj even gets home. If I’m lucky I can catch him for a meal or a coffee before one of us heads off to work.

Tell me everything!.jpg

“Oh mother, I’m so excited to tell you. I had such a good time with Mila Cantu I think she is the one!”

“Really Raj?! Oh I’m the happiest to hear that right now! Please do tell me everything!”



“I was trying out a new recipe to build my baking skill and Mila knocked on the door. You know these walls you can smell everything everyone is cooking. I was surprised to see it was Mila this time and not Kelsi.”

“I remember when you made those I had one they were really excellent!”

“Thanks, anyway she came in and we ate some of the fresh bread we really got to talking and getting to know each other.”

Get to know

“Oh that’s good!” This was the best news I had heard I have been waiting so long to see Raj find a wife.

First date

“We went out on our first date! I took her to Planet Honey Pop and we sang and had a couple of drinks it was a really nice evening.”


“That’s so good my boy I’m glad for you!”

“Me too, I really like her mother I think she is the one!”

“Oh You have made me the happiest tonight! Come here give me a hug!”

happy hug

I squeezed him so tightly, this was the happiest interaction I’d had all week and well worth the wait!

Words just can not express how much I am proud and love my boy!


Stay Tuned For Chapter 3