“Uh hey Candy are you just getting in too?”

So late it's morning!

“I know what I was doing but what are you doing coming home so late it’s early?”


“Tell me about it inside. I’m hungry are you hungry?”



Candy Quickly whipped up some breakfast and I helped out by cleaning up a bit. She’s been out most of the weekend with her boyfriend Joaquin all weekend so it’s just been me around here.

Where's yous turntables.jpg

“Thanks for breakfast Candy.”

“No problem.”

“You are getting better at this whole cooking thing.”

“Oh thanks Yuki that’s so sweet!”

“It’s nothing. Hey why haven’t you put up those turntables yet?”

Candy sighed a long sigh, “I’m going to be real with you little sister. I had to see them to pay the bills. I’m not making enough Simoleans to cover it. I was hoping to earn a few bills busking but I still need to practice and build my skill.”

“Oh Candy I’m sorry. Geeze I didn’t know. Now I kind of feel bad for spending Simoleans today er well yesterday it’s still Saturday because I haven’t slept yet!”


“Ha ha it’s okay Yuki, what did you get up to anyways?”

“Yeah I went to the Humour and Hijinks festival a girl from school told me about it Celeste.


“We had a lot of fun there Candy next you should really come out it was so cool!”

“What do you do there?”

“It’s like a competition sort of Jokesters vs Pranksters! It was awesome! Penny Pizzaz was there she’s so hilarious!”


“Who’s Penny?”

“You don’t know?! Aw wow girl you need to get a simstagram account!”

“Yeah yeah. So who won?”


“Who won the competition?”


“Hah Jokesters obviously!”

“Nice, well let me know about the next one sounds like fun!”

“Yeah maybe your guy Joaquin and you well come out next time. I assume that’s where you’ve been all weekend?”

“Yeah what a party! But party’s over for a while now, I got to put in work now pay some of these bills. This place is falling apart too and we need repairs done. Times might be a little tough for awhile. So yeah you and me both better get to bed you have school tomorrow and we got a lot ahead of us!”

Go to bed.jpg

“Hey we’ve been through worse we can get through this too.” I picked up our plates and brought them to the sink, “Have a good sleep Candy we’ll talk later.”

“Good night little sis.”

The next few days were pretty uneventful I spent all my free time working on homework and school projects I picked up a couple of baby sitting gigs but it’s just not bringing in enough simoleans. My sister Candy has been either at work or practicing her music. I have to say I am a little tired of eating mac n cheese everyday.

new look.jpg

Candy chopped her hair that was a shock I came home from school one day and there was hair all over the bathroom! She did it herself since we can’t afford a salon hairstyle right now. I think she did a really good job actually I helped her straighten the back a bit and we had a good laugh over that.

gaming competition.jpg

I entered a gaming competition for a small entry fee. If I can beat these fools the jackpot well help us pay some of these bills and we can stop stressing.

plum it!.jpg

Nooo plum it this can’t be happening right now! Worst timing for the my computer to plum up! okay it’s okay If I quickly get to a comp I still have a chance!

tough break..jpg

I got to South Square Coffee house in time to join the competition it’s just down the street from my place so I ran there. It wasn’t good enough though I lost the competition and lost the simoleans. Candy is going to be pissed when she finds out what I spent on this with nothing to show for it.

I hear her making breakfast downstairs now I better go and talk to her.

pancakes again-001.jpg

“There she is! Hey Yuki I feel like I haven’t seen you all week! Grab some food we need to talk.”

“Pancakes again?”

“Yeah well, just add water.” Candy sighed.

I grabbed a plate and plopped down at the table.

“Yuki what’s going on with you?”

mad af.jpg

“I have something to confess… I spent some simoleans I shouldn’t have on this stupid game and I thought I was going to win I was so close but my comp broke down and well I lost it. I’m so sorry.”

“Aw Yuki it’s okay. I have something to tell you too.”


“Yeah, well Joaquin offered me a new gig the other day.”


New gig


“Yeah it’s not much but he worked something out with the owners of Discotheque Pan Europe to have a VIP Underground lounge set up there. He asked If I would help him run it! A full-time gig Yuki this could set us up!”

“Oh Girl that’s great news! You obviously accepted!”

” Yes.”



“When do you start?”

“We still have to work out the details and everything like that but yes it’s a great opportunity for us for all of us actually!”

“That’s so good! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.”


spinning again

“Thanks! Feels good to be spinning again!”

“Even better when it starts to generate a steady income.”

“Heh yeah. Now eat your pancakes and go to school.”

“Yeah yeah.”

Stay Tuned For Chapter 3