I love our new home!

I think I love it more than the Old Salt House that I adored because Arun was able to make this happen for us. I must be the luckiest sim in all the simverse to have such a loving and hard-working husband!

Fussy Baby.jpg

Baby Hesh sure has our hands full. Arun has been so good with him. He comes home from work and immediately goes to check in on him and allows me to have a break.


It’s during these times that I started getting into yoga. It’s been so good for me, I heard there might be a yoga class starting up if enough sims were interested and now that I am well I guess I better check it out. For now at home well just have to do.

house poor

As you can imagine we are a little house poor. I picked up a few really great things at the fly market though, such a good deal! I can’t express how happy I am to have the home I wanted and still live in the Spice Market! It seemed like no time at all had passed before Hesh was crawling around. He is so big now! With all the fuss with moving and trying to make simoleans for the necessary items we forgot to have a birthday event So we had to quickly buy him some toys and plan and really celebrate his growth. We had a good day!


Oh he’s so smart! We are blessed! Hesh is a very inquisitive baby and wants to learn all sorts of things and he learns so fast! We are so proud!


I love living here but sometimes people still show up thinking there is a karaoke bar here. Sheru doesn’t mind he loves meeting all kinds of sims. It’s a good thing he takes himself for walks Arun has been so busy at work picking up overtime and I have just been home with Hesh! I haven’t even left the house so, at least someone in this house is out having fun on the town!

Story time.jpg

When Arun finally got a day off from work we had a nice family day in no painting, no working, no phones just us and I loved it! Sometimes life can be so hectic with bills, work, chores and responsibilities it’s easy to get caught up in it.

I think we all need more days like this, where we just enjoy each other’s company!