The Scott’s


I had some of the girls over to help me celebrate my engagement. I put on my favourite movie it might be a little on the scary side as poor Serenity ended up in tears watching it and Meaghan had to leave the room but it was still fun! Summer couldn’t make it unfortunately she is busy with baby Ameliyah and wasn’t feeling so good from her current pregnancy. She promised to go out with me to geek fest though.

06-15-18_10-02-51 PM

Geek fest is tomorrow I’m so excited! I have been working on building my own rocket too. It’s a requirement as part of my space training. It’s going to be so cool to go on space missions that will be amazing!

06-15-18_10-25-44 PM

Scruff is helping too she is always nearby me what a good pooch I just love her so much!

06-15-18_10-50-29 PM

Eeep! Geek con is here! Poor Summer is due any day now with baby number two but she is a trooper and came out with me anyway!

06-15-18_10-52-32 PM

I love this event and all the cosplay! It’s my favourite!

06-15-18_10-52-44 PM

He he he I like that one!

06-15-18_10-58-30 PM

So I am going on my very first launch! Yes I am so excited I could pee!

06-15-18_10-53-04 PM

Blast off! Here we go!

06-15-18_10-54-36 PM

Okay that was the coolest thing ever!

06-15-18_10-54-54 PM

Oh maybe I should find summer.

06-15-18_10-56-00 PM

“Summer! There you are!”

“Sorry, I had to sit down my feet are killing me.”

“Aw, now I feel bad bringing you all the way out here you should be at home resting!”

“No Liberty I wanted to come it’s nice to get out of the house.”

06-15-18_10-56-33 PM

“Can I feel?”

“Of course! I think I have a little football player in there I think.”

“When are you due?”

“Any day now.”

06-15-18_10-56-45 PM

We cut the rest of the day short I felt I needed to get summer back home and off her feet poor thing.

06-15-18_10-56-59 PM

When we got back Travis had managed to peel himself away from his video game to take Scruff for a jog.

06-15-18_11-08-41 PM

When they got back scruff found me right away in the backyard with my rocket. After seeing the one at geek con I am inspired to finish mine.

06-15-18_11-12-08 PM

We are almost done re doing the office too still needs a bit of work but Travis just uses it so I guess it is fine. I should mention we have been planning our wedding too. Right now he is ordering the stuff we need to have a backyard wedding.

06-15-18_11-52-57 PM

Scruff seems to like the new office furniture and she prefers it over her dog bed. Why do we even have a dog bed she never uses it.

06-15-18_11-50-01 PM

So we actually are going to have workers here this week moving the fence line and creating a bigger back yard space and this where I am standing is where I am going to marry my best friend! I am so excited right now!

06-15-18_11-53-24 PM

The next time you see this yard it is going to look so different!

06-15-18_11-54-14 PM

I hope you can make it to my wedding!


Stay Tuned For Chapter 4