The Holidays


I had my baby! You must come meet her!

06-14-18_11-41-34 PM

Parent hood has been a learning experience that’s for sure and I have so much to learn! I took some time away from work to stay home with baby and lately I have just been studying and trying to soak up any information about parenthood so I can be a good mom to my daughter.

06-14-18_11-38-49 PM

We are up with the baby all day..

06-14-18_11-20-19 PM

.. and all night.

06-15-18_6-36-31 PM

We barely have time to do anything for us anymore. My best friend Serenity threw me a baby shower and had a bunch of the ladies from around the neighbourhood all come over to clean and cook and just hang out with me. Everyone was so excited to meet baby Ameliyah!

06-15-18_6-37-27 PM

Plus I got to make some new friends too! Turns out there are lots of new mothers that live near me! Meaghan has her little baby Rylee and Stephanie just had twin babies Cory and Clair so there will be lots of little friends for Ameliyah. When our babies get a little bit older we can have play dates. That will be so much fun!

06-15-18_6-41-18 PM

I was kind of sad when everyone had to leave it was such a treat seeing my friends and making new friendships. Friendship are so important to me and I feel like I haven’t been a very good friend lately as I’m so busy with Ameliyah.

06-15-18_7-30-07 PM

Ugh I want a bigger TV I can’t even watch his campaign! This TV gets such bad reception and the colour is off so he looks like a cartoon!

06-15-18_8-35-33 PM

Esteban has also been very busy at work lately. Politics and everything so when he is at home we make the most of it!

06-15-18_8-37-28 PM

That is when baby Ameliyah will let us.

06-15-18_8-42-19 PM

I guess we have made more of it than we planned because I am eating for two!

06-15-18_8-43-01 PM

I shrieked a shrill of excitement and Esteban came running in to see if everything was okay!

06-15-18_8-43-24 PM

“More than okay love we are pregnant!”

“Oh Summer that’s great news! You know what that means though right?”


06-15-18_8-43-29 PM

“We will need to build another nursery add-on soon.  So that big screen TV you want will have to wait.”

“Ugh I don’t feel so good”

“Maybe you should go lay down.”

06-15-18_8-59-24 PM

With another baby on the way and me staying home from work I got creative in finding ways to make some extra simoleans. I started a small garden.

06-15-18_9-03-24 PM

And taught myself painting. I’m not very good at either but everyone has to start somewhere.

06-15-18_9-05-24 PM

It’s baby Ameliyah’s birthday!

06-15-18_9-06-22 PM

She grew up to be quite the little charmer!

06-15-18_9-07-06 PM

We have been having lots of fun learning please and thank you.

06-15-18_9-16-34 PM

Learning flashcards!

06-15-18_9-17-30 PM

And making toddler messes with food.

06-15-18_9-19-29 PM

Esteban is so good with her too. He wants to make sure she learns about his Selvadoradian culture and it’s cute watching them play together.

06-15-18_9-23-49 PM

I think once baby is born and they are a little older we should visit Selvadorada so they get to know where their daddy comes from.


Stay Tuned for Chapter 4