Hello fellow Simmers!

So I have completed my first rotation for my sims 4 rotation save! I have already formed an attachment to some sims and others that I just haven’t. I am pleased with the way the story is progressing and I am excited for my next rotation! I should point out however that when I first started this I played in Willow Creek for a couple rotations before moving on to the other worlds and I have material written up that still needs shared. I am going to post those previously written chapters in the next few days but the other issue is I played them before I got season so unfortunately the season aren’t going to match up for the next little while. This bugs me but what’s done is done moving forward.

I may still be introducing new characters as random townies move in but I have only been keeping sims I like or that have made their way into other sims stories. I still haven’t decided if I am going to leave lifespan as long though, I guess it will depend if by the end of the 2nd rotation I am bored of them or not.

Thank you all for following and happy Simming!