“Liberty have you been out here all night?” Travis asked.

“Yeah It’s almost done just a few quick adjustments and it should be ready to go!” Liberty spoke distractedly as she tinkered away

“To go where exactly?” Travis looked up and down the structure was huge.

“Exploring of course!” Liberty laughed.


“Shouldn’t we be getting ready for our backyard wedding? Stuff is starting to arrive.” Travis asked.

“Oh there will be plenty of time for that later I just have to give this a go first. Stand back!” Liberty stepped away from the rocket ship and took several paces back. Travis followed.

beeb click boom.jpg

Liberty held a device in her hands with a bunch of buttons and she began clicking them. as she did the ships lights twinkled on and a quiet rumble could be heard as the ship activated.

“Please tell me your not going to take off in that thing.” Travis spoke staring in awe at the monstrosity.

“Sit down.” Liberty commanded.

sit down.jpg

“Travis, you must know, this is my life’s work I have been dreaming of this moment since I can remember dreaming! I need you to be supportive of me.” Liberty explained.

“I am supportive I’m just worried.” Travis replied.

“There’s nothing to worry about I mean well maybe a little but don’t. Today I will get in my rocket ship and do what no sim has ever done before! Not just little simulations like at Geek fest I will actually travel into space!”


“Travis no, I’ve made up my mind this is happening.”

“What if something goes wrong?”

“It won’t. Oh and I should mention Summer. She was supposed to be here to watch me take off but for some reason she hasn’t come yet and if I’m going to do this it’s going to be now. You should know I invited her to stay with us should she need so if you see her before I do it’s not a surprise.”

“Liberty please.”

“I love you Travis.” Liberty stood and continued preparing for takeoff.

Prepare for take off.jpg

Once she had finished prepping the ship she disappeared into the house and came back dressed in a space suit. She gave Travis a hug before proceeding to the ship.Travis followed her like a lost puppy.

goodbye liberty

Liberty tossed Travis a camera and took a pose for the camera. Travis smiled meekly snapped the photo and with that Liberty entered the ship.

rumbled to a start.jpg

The ground beneath his feet shook as the ship rumbled to a start. Travis turned to run away as the force from the ships takeoff was so strong it knocked him off his feet. He watched as the ship and liberty vanished from sight in the sky. He couldn’t move just laid there watching waiting unsure of what had just happened. He hoped for a moment it was just a bad dream. Maybe too many video games had clogged his mind and he was mistaken virtual reality for real life. The sun began to sink in the sky and Travis cold feel cold. He stood to his feet weak in the knees and walked over to where the rocket once stood.

hole in the ground hole in the heart.jpg

The ground was lower now where the rocket ship once stood bits of land and large rock had shifted and were now exposed. The hole in the ground scorched burnt. Liberty had not just left a burnt hole in the ground but in Travis’s heart. He shivered there still waiting, and waiting but nothing happened.

good dog.jpg

Travis heard a noise behind him it was Scruff. Travis knelt down and hugged his furry friend.

“Well it looks like it’s just me and you now Scruff.” Travis said.

“Mind if I join?” It was summer she peeked over the fence.

“Uh oh hiya Summer hold on I’ll come around and let you in.” Travis stood to his feet brushing himself off. before entering the house and inviting Summer in.

blah blah blah.jpg

Travis explained to Summer what happened with Liberty and Summer explained what happened with Esteban. The two consoled each others loss and talked the whole night. They talked about combining the households as Liberty had suggested. As they were both emotional, vulnerable and on their own now. They both agreed that they didn’t want to be alone during this difficult time and began discussing how they could change the space to fit Ameliyah and Nash.

days went on.jpg

The home was blanketed in sadness as the days went on and the time apart from their loved ones grew longer. Liberty was right they hadn’t even touched her room. Travis and Liberty had shared the bigger room and had converted Travis’s old room into an office. That office was now converted into a room for Ameliyah. For the time being Nash stayed in Summer’s room.

Nash's Birthday.jpg

Acouple of days later Nash celebrated his birthday and had grown so much in such a short time he had outgrown his bassinet and now would have to share a room with his sister Ameliyah. It worked for now as they were just young tots but they needed to find a solution so that everyone could have their own space.


Ameliyah was happier these days now that her brother was big enough to play with her and before long he was bigger and stronger than she was.

broken home.jpg

Summer had quit her job at the restaurant so she could stay home and take care of the children Scott mostly locked himself in his room and played his video games. He had designed a video game and sold it recently. The game quickly became a hit and was bringing in a lot of revenue and even fame for Travis but he just kept himself locked up either free-lance programming writing games or playing games. He came out of his shell once in a while to play with Ameliyah and Nash eat but that was it.


Sometimes Summer would find him outside staring at the pile of rubble that Liberty had left. Summer would stand with him for a while before coaxing him back into the house. They say time well heal but the more time that passed the sadder the two became. Missing their friend and loved ones.

This series will now be referred to as Jilted and Lost in space.

So Stay Tuned for Chapter 1 of Jilted and Chapter 1 of Lost in Space.

A/N – I haven’t chosen which sim to write POV for yet in this new household so here’s your chance to influence my decision!