Hello everybody!

I’m Penny Pizzazz here from Chic Street Apartments in San Myshuno! You may recognize me for my Simtube channel! I spend most of my time on socials and creating content for my subs. For you guys! I just love my fans so much thanks for taking the time out of your day and checking me out you are amazing!

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Seriously can anyone tell me who that sim on the billboard is because he is a hottie! I wouldn’t mind liking and subscribing to that! I guess I can feel a little lonely which sounds crazy because I literally have hundreds and thousands of followers. I just haven’t been able to find Mr. Right but a girl can dream can’t she?

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I also watch a lot of romance! I got to stay up to date with my pop culture, for the fans of course. Doesn’t that actor look a lot like my billboard sim? Who is this mystery billboard sim? If you know please do tell me!

07-12-18_6-19-20 PM

So I couldn’t help but notice the geek fest in town was a bust it poured and all the electronics were affected the worst attendance in the history of geek fest. Something to rant about tonight!

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Looks like the Romance fest came early for my neighbours my goodness they are loud! Looks like I have another rant update for the subs.

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There was an absurd comment regarding vampires is that seriously a thing?! After some research I was able to obtain a Vampire tome and have started to read up on it. This has got to be some kind of prank. Oh man I just thought of the prank of the century! This will get me so many more followers!

07-12-18_7-58-30 PM.jpg

Don’t forget to like and subscribe leave your comments below if you know who that billboard sim is until next time

Bye Muah!

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