This is Landgraab Apartments in San Myshuno! I am Lilly Feng. This is my husband Victor Feng. What more do you need to know?

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“Lily we must talk about something.”

“What is it now Victor?”

“You keep dodging this conversation but we cannot wait much longer. We must carry on our legacy.”

“A baby? You want me to have a baby?”

“It would look good for my campaign and a child will be able to carry on our legacy, all that we have worked for.”

“We can talk about this later.”

“No we can’t! We have put this off for far too long.”

*ding dong*

“Ah that is the door I will get it. We will talk about this later Victor.”

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Saved by the bell.. the doorbell, it’s the welcome wagon we don’t have many neighbours in this area. I like it that way I am busy business woman I have no time for these social calls with bad dressed man. Today I would rather bad dressed man over baby talk.

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Career is very important to me. I have spent my life building this business not to have any interruptions. A baby would take me away from my work and I can’t have that.

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“Lily you look radiant tonight.”

“Oh Victor stop. Don’t stop.”

“About what we were discussing the other day. Tonight is the night.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes my flower we must try tonight.”

“Why do you persist this?”

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“What will happen to our money our home your business when we pass. Having a child will secure that we carry on our legacy. A family man will look good for me give me more votes for my campaign, people love babies!”

“I don’t! I have a very important position as CEO of my company how do you propose we have a baby?”

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“You can work from home while you are with child and when baby is born we can hire a nanny!”

“A live in nanny?”

“If that will make you agree then yes a live in nanny.”

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“So Lily, did it work are we pregnant?”

“The test results are in we are eating for two.”

“How efficient!”

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“I feel like plum. Now to discuss where we are going to put it.”

“The baby Lily not it please. I have arranged the contractors to come in and add the nursery and the nanny’s room above us. We will lose the vaulted ceiling though.”

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“Make the wall sound proof but not to the nanny room she can hear it cry I am not interested.”

“As you wish my flower.”

07-13-18_9-28-18 PM

I am wasting no time this nanny must be available immediately after its birth. There, ad is up on Sim list.

Wanted for immediate position as a live in nanny. Must cook, clean and care for all of the childs needs until they reach Teenager or even young adulthood. Have police checks, first aid and references. Only serious applicants need apply.

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Over the next few days I spent my time arranging interviews and meeting potential nannies. If this sim has to live with me then they must adhere to our strict rules. I will not have no lowlife sim getting a free ride here.

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There was only one applicant that met my standard.

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“Can you start right away?”

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“I would be honored to serve your household and your baby. Do you know the gender yet?”

“No! Of course it can only be a male sim.”

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“Lily my love a child of any gender is a blessing.”

“Yeah yeah Victor. What do you think we should hire this sim as our nanny?”

“Ms Shu Yang you have the job!” Victor reached out his hand to shake Shu’s.

She smiled and accepted the position.

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“You are a lucky man I am doing this for you and don’t ever ask me to do it again!”

“I am a happy man!”

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“At least one of us is I am miserable my business needs me back to work this is not working out good for me.”

“Soon my love when the baby is born give it a few days then return to work.”

“Easy for you to say.”

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“I thought I heard you down here what are you doing Victor it is the middle of the night.”

“I just am finishing up. You should see the nursery it is all ready for baby!”


“You look tense my love can I do anything to help.”

“Yeah you can get this baby out of me.”


“Just make me some breakfast I am hungry.”

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“Coming right up! how do you want your eggs?”

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“No time for eggs! It’s coming!”

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We rushed to the hospital. We got there before the doctor and had to wait! Unacceptable if that was my employee they would be kicked to the curb!

07-13-18_10-53-38 PM.jpg

She finally arrived to deliver it lucky for her. If I would have had it in the waiting room she would’ve been sorry.

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“Victor stop freaking out and call Shu she is moving in today we will pick her up on our way home.”

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Shu barely had time to get dressed and pack her things before the Feng’s picked her up early that morning before the sun had even begun to rise. She immediately scooped Chaun Feng up and gave him his first feeding. Poor thing was so hungry he drank the whole bottle.

“Don’t worry baby Chaun I will take such good care of you.” Shu hushed his sobs and rocked him to sleep before retiring to her new room beside Chaun’s. It was cold empty and still smelled of fresh paint. She took a deep sigh before slumping into her new hard bed.

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