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So, I finally met my neighbour you know the one that lives across the hall? I am pretty sure it was in my rant last episode that I was having a problem with noisy neighbours. Anyway I ran into him in the hall! At first our encounter was really awkward.


He’s been my neighbour for a little while but this was the first time I had ever seen him.

“Oh hello, uh I didn’t see you there.”

“Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s okay.”

I giggled, “My name is Penny I’m your next door neighbour. What’s your name?”

“Don, Don Lothario. ” he coughed.


“Well Don I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.” I reached out and shook his hand.

“Are you sure this is the first time we met, you look familiar?” he asked.

I just laughed,”Yeah I get that all the time. Maybe.. you seen me before on Simtube?” I shifted my weight and looked up at him.

He thought about it for a moment before answering, “Oh wow, I do know, you did that bit about vampires or something?”


“Yes! Oh Yay, you saw that too! It’s been trending I had no idea vampires would be such a trigger for sims!”

“Oh, it is! If I were you, I would be careful about with that subject.” He turned to leave.

I reached out and grabbed him, “Why? What do you mean? Wait, do you know something about Vampires? If you do you must tell me.”


His body language completely changed the poor guy just started sobbing in the hallway. I didn’t know what to do I still had a hold of him so I pulled him in for a hug and brought invited him in.


We talked for little while. I feel like he was holding back though, like there was something he wanted to tell me or say but just wouldn’t you know. I didn’t press him too much because we had just met and it was already awkward. He stayed until he settled down a bit and the sun had started to rise. Before he left though he said something puzzling to me.


He handed me a clove of garlic and insisted I plant it near my door, as a protection. A protection from what? I don’t know but I am telling you I planted it. That look in his eye when he spoke about it, scared me. I have never gardened before so lets see if I can keep it alive you know for protection.


Of course I couldn’t help myself and I creeped Don Lothario’s Socials. Seems like he’s been keeping to himself a lot. I also learned he is in the athletic career but he hasn’t been making any career gains lately. I wonder what happenned? Also his recent updates are a little dark and almost like a cry for help, very vague.

come here often.jpg

A couple of days passed before I saw Don again.

hello stranger.jpg

“Hello stranger.” He grinned he does have a cute smile under all that sadness.

“Why, hello there?” I replied. I can’t help but not flirt with him he’s gorgeous!

“So, you come here often?” He looked up at me from behind his mail with those eyes.

“Are you flirting with me Mr. Lothario.”

“Nah!” He blushed, I giggled. I was just happy to see that he was in a better mood today than he was the other night.

“Well look at that.” I motioned towards the bulletin board.


“You want to go?” I asked coyly.

wanna go

He smiled and gave me a look to make my knees weak.

“Is that a yes?” I finally asked.

“I’d love to go with you but Penny, you seem like such a nice girl.” He took a pause looking down at his shoes before meeting my eyes again ,”honestly, I’m just not in a good place to be dating.”

“Oh… hah! That’s okay.” I squeaked. I wasn’t expecting that answer but why wouldn’t I? I mean clearly this guy is damaged goods. ” I meant as friends of course.” I quickly recovered.

“Sure, why not.” He replied, “As friends.”

“Of course.” I smiled took him by the hand and led him to the elevator.

Humour and hijinks.jpg

We did have lots of fun at the Humour and Hijinks festival. Don was feeling uncomfortable about being out after dark that, man really has some issues. Someone or something really messed him up bad. Watcher I just feel so sorry for him. As the sun went down, so did his mood so we went home. I invited him in again hoping this time he would open up to me.

phone buzzing.jpg

It didn’t go so good as soon as we got back to my apartment my phone went off the hook! I mean, I’m not complaining I am thrilled that I’m trending on Simtube and Simpress right now that’s incredible! Just I think it freaked Don out a bit.

20 250 000.jpg

He glanced over and saw that I had over 20,000,000 subscribers and well he suddenly had to go. Frightens easily that one. I don’t know hardly anything about this sim, I do know that my heart aches for him. Whatever it is he is going through, it’s pretty intense.


I know it sounds insane to say but even though I have so many subscribers and fans I still feel lonely. I mean, come on I’m basically dating a billboard Sim a celebrity and someone I will probably never even meet. Also because I work from home most of the time I can go days without talking to another sim. I mean other than vlogging if I didn’t have that I’d go crazy. I have the new show but I don’t think that will gain me genuine friendships. So yeah I feel lonely and I know what lonely looks like. What I’m trying to say is that I can see that Don is lonely as well, but for some reason he is lonely on purpose? He doesn’t seem like the type to want to be lonely so it’s troublesome.

garlic protection.jpg

I read more of that Vampire book and it does say something in there about Garlic for Protection. How does Don know that? Has he also been researching Vampires? Why would he be researching vampires, why am I researching Vampires? It’s so silly it’s not like they’re actually real or anything. Oh I think I hear him in the hallway now! He is not alluding me this time, I am going to ask!

In the hallway.jpg

I marched right up to him and to my surprise he pulled me in for a tight squeeze. I hugged him back tightly.

tight hug.jpg

He thanked me before pushing past and disappearing into his apartment. Okay maybe I won’t ask him what his problem is today. That guy is so up and down I just can’t figure him out! I retreated back to my apartment.


The way the Garlic protection thing, still growing strong! So yeah, I managed to keep it alive so far. You can actually smell it in the hall I wonder if Don has Garlic in his place too. I wonder why he doesn’t invite me in is he hiding something in there?

baked a pie

Whatever I found myself obseessing over Don and I had to do something to get my mind of him. So, learned how to bake a pie it was my first pie and it was so freaking good! Okay there’s room for improvement.

dance workout.jpg

I ate way too much and was feeling guilty so I danced it away! I played all my favourite tracks and danced the night away! I didn’t even are if it bothered the neighbours!

new year.jpg

The next night was New Years and I got invited to a party. I basically forced Don to come out with me I know it breaks his  going out after dark rules but I managed to talk him into it. I thought it was strange though that he only agreed to go if we stuffed out pockets full of garlic. Does this guy actually believe in Vampires? Should I be worried? I did it though, enough hiding away in our apartments it’s time to get out there. If that means packing garlic in my pockets than that’s what I’m doing!

chilly night.jpg

It was actually a pretty chilly night. Don expressed to me that he didn’t feel like being in that crowd of people. Many of them drinking too much juice and dancing wildly. I kind of got the impression he was avoiding someone over there. Someone from his past maybe? Certainly not a Vampire. How do you just casually talk about vampires it’s hard to bring it up?

I made my new years goal to help my new friend Don. Whatever it is he is struggling with he shouldn’t be doing it alone.

Keep your friends close! Good ones are hard to come by!

Stay Tuned For Chapter 3 of Pizzazz