Welcome to Zenview Apartments in San Myshuno! My name is Miko Ojo. I live here with dreamboat Akira Kibo and my best friend Darling Walsh. It’s frustrating for me because I literally prance around in my underwear around Akira and it’s like he’s blind or something. Or maybe he is batting for the other team I don’t know but it can’t just be me, can it?

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Darling is convinced he’s straight but then why isn’t he picking up on any of my flirts? Darling also think I don’t have a chance with Akira what does she know?

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My head hurts I can’t think of it anymore. Social Media always cheers me up. I like to make political memes. I want to eventually pursue a political career but I am building up a solid social media platform first.

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Welcome wagon! Wow I got to meet Penny Pizzazz I can’t believe she’s my neighbour seriously! What?! You don’t know who she is? She is literally the most internet famous sim. She’s so pretty, funny and cool!

07-11-18_12-02-51 AM.jpg

There were a few other guests from the welcome wagon but I didn’t catch their names.

07-11-18_12-04-07 AM.jpg

Darling and Akiro enjoyed some fruit cake I was not really interested that stuff smells like old socks ew, no, just no.

07-11-18_12-04-48 AM.jpg

Now that everyone has left I’ll turn on my charm and try to entice Akira. He’s so dreamy.

“Hey Akira!”

“Oh hey Miko.”

“Whatcha doin'”

“Actually I was just thinking about that sim I met today Tamara! Wow she seems so cool.”


“Yeah we just got to talking and I think I’m going to ask her out on a date.”

“Wow, I’m so thrilled for you. That reminds me I’m hungry. Later.”

“I think there’s some leftover fruitcake!”

07-11-18_12-17-28 AM.jpg

You have got to be kidding me? Fruitcake? Leftovers? Asking Tamara on a date? Ugh well this day just turned to plum.

“Are you expecting anyone Miko there’s someone at the door.”

“No, isn’t it a little late for guests?”

“You want me to get it?”

“Yeah whatever.”

07-11-18_12-20-09 AM.jpg

“Uh oh hey there. My name is Don. I found this fruitcake in the hall in front of your door I thought you might want it.”

“Hi Don I’m Miko and no I was trying to get rid it I guess I missed the trash chute.”

07-11-18_12-25-09 AM

“Does anyone actually eat this stuff heh.”

“I know right?!”

07-11-18_12-25-22 AM.jpg

Well I guess my charming personality is appreciated by some sims. I spent the night laughing and chatting with Don he is so dreamy and we have a lot in common I mean we have our differences too but at least he can tell a flirt from a farce unlike Akira.

07-11-18_12-30-32 AM.jpg

I guess the next day Akira did go on that date with Tamara.

07-11-18_12-38-50 AM.jpg

Must have been pretty good because he came home really late.

07-11-18_12-40-55 AM.jpg

Oh and now she has the spare key to our apartment so I guess I better get used to seeing her around. Joy!

07-11-18_12-39-25 AM.jpg

I guess I should be happy for him but I am still counting this as a loss for team Miko here.

07-11-18_10-18-20 AM.jpg

I still think he’s the most dreamiest sim though, I mean just look how attentive he is. I swear every time Darling cracks a school book he is there helping her. Maybe if I had homework…

07-11-18_10-22-12 AM.jpg

Oh guess who I saw letting herself in with the spare key to my home.

07-11-18_10-31-20 AM.jpg

Akira is surprised and so happy to see her. I guess they really do like each other.

07-11-18_10-31-31 AM.jpg

Somehow he convinced her to sing and I think it was probably her first time! She doesn’t even know the words! At least I got that going for me. Maybe I can sing my way into his heart?

07-11-18_10-32-55 AM.jpg

Earthquake! Her singing made the earth angry enough to rumble oh my watcher! At least it shut her up.

07-11-18_10-33-02 AM.jpg

Darling got a B grade mostly because Akira practically does her homework and he is amazing in every way. Oh my phone! It’s Don! I almost forgot about him. He wants to go out on a date, should I go?

07-11-18_10-38-10 AM.jpg

Silly question of course I went out with him. Maybe if Akira see’s me interested in another guy he will get jealous and realize what he’s missing? Don can be my little toy for a while, why not?

07-11-18_10-40-53 AM.jpg

“Oh hey there stud!”

07-11-18_10-41-14 AM

Okay I didn’t think this date was going to be that much fun! I actually had one of the best dates ever!

07-11-18_10-42-46 AM.jpg

Aw! Don’t we look so cute together! I’m going to share this all over social media. #bestdateever #cutecouple

07-11-18_10-45-01 AM

The next day was Garden Party Day and well we don’t have much of a yard but in the spirit of it Akira bought some pots and seeds.

07-11-18_10-57-02 AM

We all planted a seed on the balcony.

07-11-18_10-58-03 AM.jpg

Darling got a kick out of it the most I think.

07-11-18_10-58-16 AM

I forgot to water mine. To be honest I’m not that interested in the garden.

07-11-18_10-59-20 AM

Since we can’t really do a lot of the activities most sims do at a garden party we decided to just have a house party instead. The holiday was okay we didn’t get everything done we wanted to do maybe next year.

07-11-18_11-44-40 AM

We did get to meet some new friends though. Tamara brought over a couple of her friends too. I think she just wanted to show off her new boyfriend to her them.

07-11-18_10-43-46 PM.jpg

Yes they made it official they are boyfriend and girlfriend now.

07-11-18_10-46-04 PM.jpg

In the spirit of Garden Party he gave her a rose he’s so romantic.

07-11-18_11-48-00 AM.jpg

I talked to her a bit. I guess she is a nice enough sim. I hope she makes Akira as happy as he deserves to be…

07-11-18_10-47-53 PM

I spent the rest of the evening making new friends. It was lots of fun actually!

07-11-18_11-18-15 PM.jpg

“Hey Miko! How are you feeling this morning?”

“I feel like plum I barely got any sleep.”

“Was a great party though.”

“We do throw some great parties here don’t we Darling”

“Yes we do.”

07-11-18_11-18-31 PM

“Hey I was meaning to ask you Darling what do you think of Akira’s new girlfriend.”

“I like that she comes over and cleans up.”

“She does?”

“Yeah! What you think I cleaned up after that party?”


“What about you, I saw your simstagram. Who’s the guy?”

“Oh That’s just Don.”

07-11-18_11-18-39 PM

“So Don gives me a creepy vibe Miko are you sure about him.”

“It’s nothing serious, I was just using him to make Akira jealous but he doesn’t even notice.”

“Well Don has noticed you and I think you should be careful around him. I just got a bad feeling there’s something going on with him and I don’t trust him.”

“Thanks for your concern Darling but I got this.”

07-11-18_11-18-42 PM

I was annoyed Darling didn’t like Don but I do trust her instincts she’s been right before. She was right about Akira too she laughed and said it’s not going to happen with you two. She was right at least so far. I’m not ready to give up yet, on either of them. Yes Akira is the dreamiest sim but I had such a great date with Don. Even if I never had a chance with Akira I have a chance with this other guy. Just because I’m seeing Don doesn’t mean he is my forever sim, and Tamara might not be Akira’s forever sim. It’s not like Akira lives with Tamara so I have that going for me and maybe I do still have a chance. Ugh what do I do?

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