Good evening,

Welcome to my home Coorinberg Cottage in Windenburg. I live here with my family my mother Mila an amazing chef, and my two younger brothers Wolfgang and Lucas. I just absolutely love this house but Mila insists that it needs some renovations so you might see some changes. It’s going to be a long week.

06-26-18_2-24-34 PM.jpg

For the time being my room is the library and I have protested that this room be unchanged by the renovations. Mother just smiled at me and walked away I am taking it as a small victory even if it is only for the time being. That’s Mila and my baby brother Lucas by the way. in the reading nook of my bedroom.

06-27-18_1-25-07 AM

Wolfgang must be home you can usually tell it’s him as he has a heavy walk unless he is moping around. He gets in these mood swings and can be mean one moment than sad the next it’s rare to catch him in a good mood. If you do catch him in a good mood he can be a decent sim but the rest of the time steer clear.

06-27-18_1-33-15 AM

Though I came home one night from work and caught him greeting this young lady in a very friendly way. They didn’t hang out long enough for introductions though.

06-27-18_1-38-43 AM

They ran off into the game room too quickly and when I went to call him for dinner I caught one of those rare good mood moments maybe he will be interested in a chat later? His little friend hadn’t realized the time and quickly rushed home. She’s a strange one but I think she will be good for Wolfgang as long as he doesn’t chase her away.

06-27-18_1-43-20 AM

“So, who’s the girl?”

“who Cass? She’s just a friend.”

“A girlfriend?”

“Yeah right. I can’t ask her out! Her family is strange and her house is haunted!”

“Miner details Wolf I think you should go for it.”

“I have tried flirting with her but she turned me down. She’s not interested so why bother?”

“When have you been known to give up a fight so easy just ask her out.”

“No! I’m done with this conversation it’s probably a good idea if you walk away not as I am getting grumpy with you.”

You don’t have to tell me twice I quickly finished my meal and went off to start working on my novel A children’s book named “Are you my Daddy?”

06-28-18_6-59-35 PM

It was good timing too because my mother had over one of her groups. The Good Timers! They didn’t seem to mind that there was construction going on but then again they just hung out in the game room all night.

06-27-18_10-03-48 AM.jpg

Judging by the amount of drink glasses I found the next morning I’d say they had a good time! I guess that’s what they do best!

06-27-18_10-09-09 AM.jpg

Oh I guess I should mention Mila bought a bar. Right now it’s kind of in the way but she promises that with the new renovations the bar will fit right in.

06-27-18_10-34-12 AM

The new addition to the house is built and we will soon be relocating the dinning room to be closer to the kitchen. I am not convinced it’s going to work as the new add on is a smaller space than the current dining hall and all the memories of eating in this room I just don’t see how it will work. Oh and Lucas is going through a phase right now maybe it’s all the changes going on in the home and he is just as upset as me. Wolf has been gloomy as ever I haven’t spoken to him since the other night but Mila told me that both boys got a B report card. Nothing to celebrate or put on the fridge but still a good grade.

06-27-18_10-44-47 AM

I was feeling sort of lonely and frustrated with the construction. Feeling sad about my conversation with Wolf and alloyed with Lucas and his bear costume so I went down the street to the Shrieking Llama. It was bear night at the bar, of course it was why would it be any other day? Looks like I’m not going to find a meaningful conversation tonight here with these animals!

06-27-18_10-50-29 AM

I spent most of the night by myself at the bar. I did strike up a conversation with the bartender. Her name is Aroura Gillian. I guess she took this bartender job until she got into her dream job. She wasn’t specific as to what her dream job was but it must be a good one that earns lots of money. We exchanged phone numbers before I left and I invited her over for National Cookie Day the next day. I walked all the home it’s really not a far walk but I was tired and it took me longer than normal. It wasn’t until I got home and saw the construction that I realized we would have no dinning room for Cookie Day and Aroura was going to see the mess of my beautiful home.

06-27-18_11-00-54 AM

Mila and me spent the morning baking together she loves any excuse to cook bake or eat so we really enjoyed baking sugar cookies together, and eating them too.

06-27-18_11-13-45 AM

This was not exactly the best first date moment looking back maybe I should have offered up my seat? What was I thinking? Yup Lucas is still a bear.

06-27-18_10-45-51 PM

I think Wolf is crying in bed not sure what his problem is hopefully he grows out of this but it’s not looking good for him.

06-27-18_11-11-53 AM

I got to know Aroura better she sims like a pretty cool Sim. She was totally understanding about the house being under construction. She thinks it will improve the layout and flow. She explained to me that it will add value to the home and I can tell things like that matter to her. Overall cookie day was a success!

06-27-18_11-50-09 AM

The next morning I apologised to Mila about being difficult with her about the renovations. I know she is doing her best as a single parent and we haven’t exactly been the easiest children to deal with. She was over joyed and on my way out she brought up Aroura.

“I like her just fine my boy but don’t think you have to settle on the first sim you meet. She only see’s dollar signs my love and you may end up with your heart-broken and your pocket empty if it didn’t work out.”

I smiled and thanked her. Her words seem harsh but I can’t blame her she hasn’t had the best love life to say the least so when it comes to matters of the heart she is a bit jaded. She’s not wrong Aroura does seem to really care about Simoleans and the value of things.

06-27-18_10-14-19 PM.jpg

The next day I got a promotion to freelance writer! Yes! Mila was there to greet me she was thrilled and said she had a surprise of her own to show me! She had the contractors install a bathroom. at the end of the hall between my room and the boys it’s just a half bath but it will certainly help our mornings run smoother we are always fighting for that one washroom. Too bad we didn’t have enough space to put a bath tub in there too.

As for the dinning room? Well it was finally complete! We spent the rest of the night unpacking and setting up the new furniture.

06-27-18_11-56-56 AM

I must admit I do like the new room it makes much more sense to have a dinner room next to the kitchen we do lose some of our backyard patio space but I guess we weren’t really using it.

So what are we planning to do with the old dinning hall? Well this is the part of the whole thing I protested I wanted it to be more of a study a library an office even but Mila wants to be able to entertain of course as she finds herself lonely often and emotionally eating. I let her win and we are getting a TV room. It should be finished just in time for The Season Premier of Peach is The New Orange.

06-27-18_11-23-59 PM

The boys came home to announce they got an A report card Lucas was so please with himself and finally ditched the horrible bear but now Wolf was in one of his gloomy moods.

06-27-18_11-24-37 PM.jpg

They both went right to their room Wolf cried it out and Lucas practiced his logic.

06-27-18_11-28-39 PM

Finally it is Friday night it is season premier night so Mila finished setting up the TV room and dug up the popcorn machine from storage.

06-27-18_11-32-38 PM

It’s not too often that we are all in the same place at the same time so I do have to say I really do like the changes Mila has made to the home this last week. I can’t believe she got it all done in one week. It has felt like a really long week though almost unbearable! The TV Season Premier of Peach is the Orange was a success!

We all did our own things Saturday I guess we had a bit much of each other as we all had to pitch in and help out with the renovations, cleaning and setting up. A lot of the work was done by a contractor and I would recommend them to anyone they really have an eye for this kind of thing.

06-28-18_6-23-28 PM

I went out with my group of friends Avant Garde and we met at our typical place South Square Coffee to enjoy some warm drinks each others company and a good read.

06-28-18_6-33-38 PM

Wolf went out with his buddies The Renegades to Bathe De Rill to enjoy a swim and do whatever it is those crazy kids do.

06-28-18_6-53-56 PM

Because it was thunder storming that day Lucas couldn’t play outside at the park with his friends so he invited them over to play at his house.

06-28-18_6-49-07 PM

Ran into this little fella and I still have the creeps I swear that kid is pure evil. I know you shouldn’t say that about kids but yikes that Sim is bad news I think his name is Max?

06-28-18_7-03-11 PM

how dare this storm leave a puddle at  my house. Oh you’re still here? Nothing more to tell for now. See you next time?

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