I’m Zoe Patel! Nice to meet you! Hey thanks for stopping by I can tell we are going to be great friends! You can never have too many friends!

So, I am new here and still getting to know everyone but it won’t be long until I am the friend of the world!

Meet my Roommates this is J Huntington III we just call him J. He’s so pretty maybe even prettier than me anyone with that much dedication to body image though!

06-25-18_9-08-16 PM

Then we have Gavin Richards he aspires to be a writer so he spends a lot of time reading and writing.

06-25-18_9-57-13 PM

I have another Roommate for you meet Mitchell Kelani He is a Bartender currently but is inspired to join the comedian career branch.

06-25-18_10-31-35 PM.jpg

The four of us live at Cacti Casa in Oasis Springs!

06-25-18_10-09-47 PM

I’ve already met a couple gal pals from the neighbourhood. My friend Tamara Shimizu to my left and to my right is Malena Miranda. I haven’t been over to see their houses but they both live in the neighbourhood nearby.

06-25-18_8-25-11 PM.jpg

Tamara introduced me to a couple of her friends Shriley Gherda in the pretty dress and Riya Kumar wearing I don’t even know, I don’t think she looked in the mirror before leaving. Someone please give this girl a makeover!

06-25-18_10-21-50 PM

This is the moment Gavin first met Shirley. The look on his face is everything!

06-25-18_10-25-43 PM

After a long day of hanging out with friends I’m famished and I think the boys are too.

06-25-18_10-27-58 PM.jpg

Shirley stayed for dinner I told her I wasn’t a very good cook but she didn’t seem to mind in fact I think she had her mind elsewhere.

06-25-18_10-28-48 PM

I guess she didn’t like my cooking after all because she sat down and got right back up and went home. J sat down and ate it as if it was placed there for him after all Shirley didn’t even touch it.

06-25-18_9-42-31 PM.jpg

After dinner I decided to start the garden. Unlike the boys I don’t have a job yet so I might as well contribute somehow!

06-25-18_10-54-57 PM.jpg

Apparently Gavin liked that idea because he has been helping to care for it.

06-25-18_11-13-47 PM.jpg

So we planted a few more and Gavin published his first book a children’s story.

06-25-18_11-27-04 PM

J started to encourage Mitchell to work out. They had a Bro to Bro heart to heart private conversation. Probably along the lines of why don’t girls notice me J. Well Bro maybe if you lose a couple of pounds getting a little soft then watch the hotties come banging down the door!

06-25-18_11-33-25 PM.jpg

But he hates working out and thinks if he studies the comedians on TV he can get a girl to fall for his funny and charming personality.

06-25-18_11-42-01 PM

Don’t listen to everything J tells you what does he actually know about getting girls ever seen him with a girl?

06-25-18_11-50-05 PM

Shirley stopped by again she sure has been “in the Neighbourhood” a lot lately. We talked about hunky dudes for a while.

06-26-18_12-07-50 AM.jpg

When Gavin came home she suddenly wasn’t into chatting with me much so I just left them to chat it up.

06-26-18_12-33-49 AM

Later that day Gavin asked me permission to date my friend. I told him she has been talking about him non stop since they met and that he should go for it.

06-26-18_12-55-00 AM.jpg

So he asked her she said yes and moved in that day! They are such a cute couple! I guess Gavin is now writing a romance Novel and he is going to dedicate it to Shirley. Shirley is a Romantic Bookworm so what better way to win her heart! You go bro!

06-26-18_12-49-23 AM

Looks like Tomorrow is a huge event it’s the Playoffs! Note is asking if I don’t mind whipping up some snacks sure I guess I can do that.* Phone Rings* There’s a party happening count me in!

06-26-18_1-02-46 AM

Centre of attention just how I like it! Meeting new friends is seriously my favourite thing to do oh by the way party at my place tomorrow it’s the play offs. Who’s playing I don’t know but it’s an excuse to party!

06-26-18_1-13-34 AM

Got to love when you are at a party but you get called by another friend to go to another party being everybody’s friend can have it’s challenges. I have met so many new people tonight! This is incredible!

06-26-18_1-23-28 AM

It’s Game day! I just need a power nap I’ll join you guys later!

06-26-18_1-25-57 AM.jpg

Intermission hey bro you seen Zoe yet around yet? Nope sorry Bro! Game day!

06-26-18_1-28-31 AM

He shoots he scores! The Crowd goes wild!

06-26-18_1-32-20 AM.jpg

Oh hey, I’m fine seriously let’s party!

06-26-18_1-36-34 AM

L’amore Shirley Came in the mail today perfect timing! It looks like a best seller!

06-26-18_1-39-46 AM

Oh Gavin that was the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done! I could just kiss you!

06-26-18_1-40-23 AM

In the bathroom?

06-26-18_1-53-08 AM

Game day was a success!! Everyone had a blast except maybe Zoe she didn’t seem to have enjoyed herself as much as the others and after attempting to drink about a half-dozen coffees she is past out somewhere.

06-26-18_1-56-53 AM

After cleaning up from the days activities Gavin whispered sweet nothings in Shirley’s ear and she listened!

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