Hey how’s everyone doing out there?


It’s great to see you all. What did your computer malfunction? Now you are forced to go out into the world? Well welcome to mine for a bit.

My name is Johnny Zest! Just your everyday funny man here!

Had a bit of a falling out with my family they couldn’t take a joke! Kicked me right out on my ass with not so much as a simolean to my name. I can’t complain though I am living the life I want to life and pursuing my dreams. I have fun!

06-12-18_9-28-56 PM-2

Oh that girl yeah she’s only the girl of my dreams! wait am I dreaming? *pinch* Nope that was real! Ouch. Everyone meet Melena Miranda! I met her after one of my shows she fan girl clapped and cheered for me all night I don’t know I guess she thinks I’m funny. Seriously though folks this girl is everything I don’t think I could have got through these hard ships without her.

06-24-18_10-27-37 PM

She moved in with me in my trailer at Slipshod Mesquite in Oasis Springs. This girl deserves the world though too bad she picked me hah!

06-24-18_10-44-17 PM

I have to give it away to her. She really has spruced this place up and we have found interesting ways to save money like gardening. Seriously we are gardening our next dinner we are as rich as the dirt that makes us.

06-24-18_10-45-38 PM

Oh this is rich. Mrs. Ritchie Rich come along to strut her stuff get out of here you plumb seriously how dare you come around here after what you did.

06-24-18_10-46-17 PM.jpg

You know what you did you monster and one day your entire world is going to come crashing down on you. Now go on get out of here you have no business around here. Leave me be your foul plumb.

06-24-18_10-46-53 PM

Yeah that’s right stomp away.

Sorry about that folks little trouble in paradise that’s all.

06-24-18_11-10-18 PM

Speaking of paradise. I found mine ah just look at her. Perfection. I guess everything works out the way it’s supposed to. I don’t think I ever would have met this beauty if my circumstances were any different. Again I don’t know what she see’s in me I guess she thinks I’m funny. I could listen to that laugh all day.

06-24-18_11-10-59 PM

Thanks for making dinner babe you’re the best!

06-24-18_11-30-19 PM

She truly does make me a better man. It sure does make a difference when you have someone in your life who supports your dreams and encourages you to be better. I hit the jackpot with this one and no amount of riches compares to the sweet life we have here.

06-24-18_11-31-55 PM.jpg

She’s got all the moves. I’ll let her do the dancing and I’ll do the talking you wouldn’t want to see me out on the dance floor I have two left feet! I look like a llama! A dancing llama!

06-24-18_11-40-08 PM.jpg

Still a fan girl she comes out to all my shows and those shows are starting to multiply! I may just have to hire her to take care of all my social media accounts because at this rate well lets not jinx anything.

06-25-18_12-10-03 AM

It’s a great day for a BBQ Party to celebrate Oasis Springs Day! We’ve been waiting for this calendar event all week and here it is! Let me just say it’s been a long summer so far but that doesn’t stop us from taking it all in!

06-25-18_12-12-43 AM

What did I tell you that girl is hot! Oh plumb she’s on fire!

06-25-18_12-13-03 AM.jpg

Don’t worry I’ll save you!

06-25-18_12-19-04 AM.jpg

She’s okay maybe feeling a little burnt out but okay. We ordered some medicine and despite being a world Holiday we got it delivered right away and we could continue on with the festivities.

06-25-18_12-27-07 AM.jpg

That a girl wait don’t light that! Why you ask well don’t you remember that time you caught on fire? Oh yeah because it literally just happened and we are about to pay with fire. What the plumb you only live once here goes nothing!

Oasis Springs day was a success! Barely made it out alive but that’s how you know it was a good party!

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