Oh hey!

Don’t mind me just bonding with my new bees. They have been really helping with my garden! It’s like having a thousands of friends and you know me I am pretty much friend of the world!

08-02-18_8-48-37 PM.jpg

I’m so glad you could join us for Flower Bunny Holiday! I am so excited it’s going to be so much fun! I have been planning and setting up for this all week! This time I’m not going out partying the night before no matter who calls! Not like last time for the playoffs whoa that was rough!

08-02-18_9-33-33 PM.jpg

I made a grand breakfast for everyone. You could say that my cooking skill is improving quite nicely and I love using fresh food from my garden I still don’t have a job so it’s my way of helping out around the house.

08-02-18_9-37-04 PM.jpg

Mmm so yummy! Try some it’s delicious! There’s more where that came from!

08-02-18_9-38-30 PM.jpg

The Flower Bunny showed up right on time she is so cute! We searched for eggs and almost found the whole collection we are only missing one. Too bad we couldn’t complete it maybe better luck next time. Even though it’s only spring it was so hot so we cooled off with a water balloon war and even Flower bunny played too!

08-02-18_9-53-43 PM.jpg

I made some spritz for everyone to enjoy. It’s just so hot out today! I guess we can’t complain though it wouldn’t have been very nice if it rained or worse snowed at least we don’t have to worry about that one.

08-02-18_9-55-48 PM.jpg

So we did rent a hot tub and i’m glad we only rented. It’s just way to hot for a hot tub in here. It’s like we got in and then got right back out. Maybe a swimming pool is what we need? I can’t afford that though I’m literally broke.

08-02-18_9-57-54 PM.jpg

Someone must have got some enjoyment out of the tub though…

08-02-18_10-02-41 PM.jpg

… because the rental company charged extra for a cleaning service. Gavin picked up the bill so I am going to guess he had a little too much fun in there if you know what I mean.

08-02-18_10-03-13 PM.jpg

Oh and I also found another way to earn a simolean and it gives me something to do with all the flowers I have been gathering from the garden.

08-02-18_11-05-25 PM.jpg

I started flower arranging! I can’t help but keep a few but when I get better at this I am going to sell them maybe at the flee market or something? If I sell enough maybe I can ask the rest of the household about pitching in to build a pool? Then we can have pool parties like every single day!


Stay Tuned For Chapter 3