I hate to admit it but Momma Mila was right. Remember Aurora?


Yeah her. Well it turns out she ran off with some rich sim no one has seen either of them since. She didn’t even say goodbye or get her shift covered at the bar. I went to go pick her up one night after work to surprise her and she was gone. I hate that Momma Mila was right but I guess I dodged a bullet there.

08-09-18_10-16-54 AM

I haven’t really been doing much of anything since Aurora took off just mostly working on my writing. I am an advice columnist now. Kind of ironic since I feel like I’m the one who needs advice. I was just thinking about my old man the other day. I don’t think anyone has really dealt with it.

08-09-18_10-16-40 AM.jpg

Momma Mila takes to the bottle a lot lately. She never did let love in again. Lucas is back in the dang bear suit and wolf is still wearing his tags. I don’t really know what’s going on with Wolf he is so moody most of the time. His pranks are getting more intense. I think he is trolling my advice column too that mischief-maker.

08-09-18_10-12-19 AM.jpg

Love day is coming up and since neither Mila or me have dates we agreed to go to the pub that day. Wasn’t hard to get Mila out to the pub I think she might have a drinking problem?

08-09-18_10-08-23 AM.jpg

Ever since she installed that new bar in the dinning room it has been much worse. I’ll have to keep an eye on her make sure she is okay.

08-09-18_11-03-30 AM.jpg

“Well Mother it’s Love day ready to get out of this old house for a bit?”

“I still don’t know why we can’t just stay in.”

“Mom it’s not healthy to hide away come on let’s go.”

“If you insist.”

“Maybe call your friends out too you know The Good Timers?”


“Why not?”

“Okay alright already let’s do this.”


08-09-18_10-48-19 AM.jpg

The Good Timers are always eager to get out and well have a good time. I knew if she called them up they would be happy to join us. She spent most of the night playing games with them. It was a strange night at the pub it being Knight night and some sporting event blaring on the TV but at least it wasn’t bears.

08-09-18_10-49-50 AM

Looks like they already hired Aurora’s replacement. She’s actually pretty cute? Dare I try my luck with another bartender it didn’t really work out for me last time?

08-09-18_10-52-26 AM.jpg

“Hey! you new here?” I asked like a dummy obviously she is new here?

“Yeah actually it’s my first day! Is it that obvious?”

“No, you’re doing great!”


“Names Gunther.”


“Nice to meet you Amelia.”


08-09-18_10-52-34 AM

“So Amelia how are you liking it here so far?”

“Honestly? I don’t know yet I haven’t had the chance to explore yet.”

“Well I can give you a tour sometime, that is if you’d like?”

“I’d love a tour!”



08-09-18_10-53-10 AM.jpg

“Hey son almost ready to leave?” Mila took a seat at the bar.

“Uh yeah uh I guess so.”

“And who’s this?” Amelia asked.

“Oh forgive me this is my mother Mila. Mom this is Amelia.”

08-09-18_10-54-06 AM.jpg

“Nice to meet you Mila.”

“Nice to meet you too.  Hey I am cooking a dinner tomorrow why don’t you join us?” Mila asked.

“I’d love to!” Amelia exclaimed.

“Then it’s a date.” Mila laughed.


“It’s okay I haven’t really met any of my neighbours I look forward to it!”

08-09-18_10-54-07 AM

“Well we better get going now. Come on mom.”

“Good bye Amelia it was nice meeting you.”

“Nice to meet you too see you tomorrow!”

08-09-18_10-55-49 AM.jpg

I have to be honest I was a bit embarrassed momma Mila was so brash about inviting this beautiful stranger over but at the same time excited she seems like a great girl maybe the second time around will be a better experience.

08-09-18_11-30-30 AM

The next morning I woke up grilled some fruit and found Wolf in the dinning room writing in a journal. This is a good thing if Wolf enjoys writing too then maybe I can find some common ground to bond with him over.

“Good morning Wolf what are you writing?”

“Oh this it’s just nothing.”

“Doesn’t look like nothing what’s with that grin?”

08-09-18_11-30-32 AM.jpg

“Grin am I grinning?”

“Aaand now you’re blushing!”

“No I’m not shut up!”

“Okay you’re not grinning or blushing. There’s some more grilled fruit if you’re hungry”

“Cool.” Wolf got up and grabbed a plate.

08-09-18_11-31-09 AM.jpg

“So What’s new? Did you do anything special for Love day?”

“What you going to write a novel about it?”

“You got a story do ya?”

08-09-18_11-31-55 AM.jpg

“I guess you could say that.”

“Well tell me brother.”

“Okay well you remember Cass right?”

“Ah yes just a friend of yours right?”

“Yeah whatever. Anyway we hung out.”

08-09-18_11-16-18 AM.jpg


“Well we have been working together on this project for school. So, after school we went down to the Ancient Ruins you know for research.”

“Did you get much research done?”

“Oh yeah we did!”

“There! You’re blushing again!”

“Ugh stop it!”

“What kind of research you doing?”

08-09-18_11-23-10 AM

“So anyway’s it was getting dark and getting kind of chilly so we got cozy front of the bonfire there.”

“Cozy huh.”

“It get’s better. Cass asked me to be her boyfriend!”


“Well I said yes.”

“Wow! Congrats bro.”

“Save it, it gets better!”


08-09-18_11-25-01 AM.jpg

“Yeah I kissed her! We had our first kiss!”

“Good for you!”

“Oh there’s more!”

“This is turning out to be a great story Wolf.”

“You know that old ring of dad’s?”


“Well I gave it to Cass as a promise.”

“What did she say?”

08-09-18_11-25-33 AM.jpg

“Dude she said yes!”

“That’s wonderful! I didn’t know you still had that old thing.”

“Well I don’t anymore.”

“Well I guess not.”

08-09-18_11-33-12 AM.jpg

“Yeah so it turned out to be a fantastic date!”

“I’m so happy for you! I met someone too but my story is not nearly as juicy as yours. Actually she’s coming over later Mom said she is going to cook a nice meal. You should invite your girlfriend over too.”

“Yeah maybe. We’ll see.” Wolf finished his meal and excused himself from the table.

It’s about time Wolf had something or rather someone to around to make him so happy the kid was nearly hysterical I’ve never seen him like that before. We usually don’t talk like that but I am sure happy we did. He might be a little young to be making such promises to young girls but I wasn’t about to say anything. The kid is happy just leave it alone.

08-09-18_11-42-18 AM.jpg

Dinner turned out to be a success as well Wolf did end up inviting his girlfriend over. Momma Mila didn’t go near the bar and thank goodness Lucas dropped the horrible bear suit. Amelia looked beautiful and got along really well with the family. I think I should take a page from Wolf’s book and ask this girl out on a real date!


Stay Tuned For Chapter 3