I’ll start this off with introducing myself. I am Maaike Haas and that over there is my new roommate Ulrike Faust. We live at Cottage Am See in Windenburg.

06-13-18_11-56-29 PM

I haven’t really taken any time to get to know my new roommate Ulrike. I am so focused on my writing. We do agree that we need to make some money to upgrade our living situation. This house it’s charm but it needs something. I haven’t figured out what yet I don’t think we need much but something is missing.

06-13-18_11-43-06 PM

Ulrike has been spending her free time working on her paintings. Between the two of us working so hard honing our skills we should be able to sell something soon worth enough to give this place a little TLC.

06-13-18_11-47-30 PM

Seriously we barely take any time away from our work to eat. Opps dropped some.

06-13-18_11-54-14 PM

Hey lady I made some dinner for us care to join me. That look though is she flirting with me?

06-13-18_11-54-55 PM

Yes, yes she is. Oh wow this is an unexpected benefit from a new room-mate! Okay I’m going for it.

06-13-18_11-55-21 PM

First Kiss successful yes! Wait, what we were just going to do? DOesn’t matter we both need this break from work.

06-28-18_10-49-16 PM.jpg

The next morning Ulrike woke up early and made us breakfast.

06-28-18_10-50-33 PM.jpg

I didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t a very good meal. Our relationship is still very new and I am not sure now where this goes. I mean I’ve never kissed a girl before but I do have to say, I like it. She hasn’t brought it up maybe she had too much juice and inspiration last night? Breakfast was silent until the doorbell rang. “Welcome Wagon!”

“I guess we better get dressed hey Ulrich?”

“Eh, If we must.” She smiled coyly

Oh my gosh she really is into me. okay be cool and just get the door.

Good thing Ulrike made lots of breakfast. Hopefully our new guests and neighbours don’t mediocre breakfast. They all seemed to finish it with out of starvation or just being polite I am not sure. Everyone seems to be really nice but first impressions can be misleading.

06-28-18_10-56-03 PM

Everyone seems to be really nice. Well I’d love to stay and chat but I’ve got to go to work now why don’t you come by again tomorrow we will do breakfast again?

06-28-18_10-35-04 PM

On my way home from work I discovered this little cutie had moved into the neighbour’s house. No one has lived there and the poor thing can’t live there all by himself so I brought him home. We named him Piccolo. He is playful, affectionate and skittish. He’s so cute though and maybe that’s just what we were missing. He was a little hesitant to be my friend you can just tell he hadn’t been around people before and was probably just eating scraps and other garbage.

06-28-18_11-04-17 PM.jpg

Looks like Piccolo enjoys the fine arts as well. He likes to watch Ulrike Paint he even listens to classical music.

06-28-18_11-53-30 PM.jpg

He even likes to watch me write.

06-28-18_11-54-54 PM

This little fuzzball really is growing on me. Now that he has accepted my friendship! Ulrike and myself have been a little distant these last couple days we barely talk only at meal times just like before. She has been napping on the couch a lot lately too.

06-28-18_11-05-40 PM

She has also been sleeping in her own room. I am not sure how to start a conversation with her. Honestly I have been so caught up in my writing!

06-29-18_6-00-17 PM

One night I was rudely awoken by Piccolo! He was running wildly through the house out the back door and in the front door. He did this several times before stopping to howl and scratch at the furniture. What the heck has gotten into him?

06-28-18_11-19-46 PM

It woke Ulrike up too. After lecturing the cat on good behaviour we sat down and had our first real conversations. We really got to know each other and stayed up way too late chatting.

06-28-18_10-43-00 PM

That night we all stayed in the same room.

06-29-18_6-49-18 PM

Even though we were both under slept for work we both got promotions at work Ulrike was promoted to water colour dabbler and I was promoted to freelance article writer! He went out to Old Quarter Inn and as it turns out it was the holiday Night On The Town so food and drink was complimentary as a customer appreciation day. We met lots of new people and had a great time. We did leave early though as we were both very tired.

06-29-18_7-02-37 PM

Both of us took Saturday to finish up any loose ends. I finished writing my novel and Piccolo suddenly decided he didn’t like the computer but he is a skittish creature so hopefully this will pass.

06-29-18_7-24-20 PM.jpg

I sent my books to the publisher I was pretty busy this week I wrote a motivational book called Mirror Schmirror, poetry book Love of a Woman, and a screen play Girl Power.

06-29-18_6-34-42 PM

Ulrike finished up some of her work too she created some masterpieces this week and the last piece she finished up was this gem. I think it’s one of my favourites!

That’s it from me for now. See you next time!

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