I’m Malcolm but come on, if you didn’t know that already than you must be alien or a complete plum!

Anyway if you must know we live at Affluista Mansion in Oasis Springs. I live here with my mother Nancy and mt Father Geoffrey.

06-23-18_10-59-01 PM

That’s Geoffrey there behind me. he is the biggest plumb of all time. Man I hate that guy. What a joke, too bad he wouldn’t understand a joke even if the funniest man told it to him! He works as a detective and a lousy one at that.

06-23-18_11-00-25 PM

If he was actually a good detective he would have found out by now that Nancy is only the hottest crime boss to ever walk. My mom is amazing. She says if I do well at school she will welcome me to the family. The crime family that is and that is honestly my life goal!

06-23-18_11-10-28 PM

We have a lot of fun I don’t like to many people in this pluming world but this woman is someone everyone should respect! At least until the new crime boss grows into his position if you get my drift.

06-23-18_11-22-56 PM

For now I am in charge of keeping this plum off the scent you know what they say keep your enemies close and all. He’ll never catch onto us and if he does well lets just say we have a special place for plums like him!

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