Hello! My Name is Alice Spencer-Kim and that’s my dad Dennis Kim. He recently adopted a couple of strays he found sniffing around our yard that in the blue shirt is Hazley and the other is Sumi. We live at Cypress Terrace in Willow Creek with my Mother in Law Vivian Lewis, my husband Eric Lewis and our Daughter Olivia Kim-Lewis.

06-10-18_9-24-36 PM

We have been trying to teach these cats not to eat human food and jump on the counters but they haven’t learnt it yet. So gross if you ask me, my dad doesn’t seem to mind though.

06-21-18_10-03-39 AM

That’s Vivian my Mother in Law. As you can imagine it’s a busy household with all of us living here but it has been nice for Olivia having her grandparents around. It’s been a lot easier for me I do have to say.

06-21-18_10-13-54 AM

Vivian has been helping out so much with child minding and even with dinners and cleaning. At first I didn’t think we were going to get along but I am beginning to love having her here.

06-21-18_10-04-35 AM.jpg

It means I get more time to focus on my art. My true passion seriously sometimes I just come up here and paint the whole day away. I sell most of what I make as a side hussle and maybe one day it will start to actually generate a decent income.

06-21-18_10-16-50 AM.jpg

I am also pleased to say my little girl takes after her mommy! She has been gaining so much of her creative skill! I couldn’t be more proud! She does so well at school an A Student. We do have such great schools here.

06-21-18_10-06-52 AM.jpg

My dad has been spending most of his time working on a garden. It’s pretty nice to have fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables and have someone else cook them up for us!

06-21-18_11-00-57 AM

It’s hard to get everyone around the dinner table at the same time but doesn’t mean we can’t try once in a while. My husband is a very busy man as an Athlete he trains all the time!

06-21-18_10-51-56 AM

When he’s not training you can probably catch him shooting hoops with his team The Raptors. He is the leader of the group and they usually meet at the court but sometimes end up back here for some of Vivian’s cooking and my dad’s fresh produce.

06-21-18_6-04-54 PM

To be honest I haven’t taken the time to meet all the guys yet on team I would much rather lock myself up stairs with my easel.

06-21-18_6-00-37 PM

Looks like I’m not the only one with that idea.

06-21-18_11-03-08 AM

Okay lights out girl you have school tomorrow! Time for bed!

06-21-18_5-55-41 PM

Dennis is usually the first one up. He sleeps on the main floor and he says the cats wake him up for food and affections.

06-21-18_10-24-45 AM

He took that horrible shirt off the cat thank goodness it was filthy to say the least. I guess I am starting to get used to having the cats around. I wasn’t thrilled at first but they seem okay they don’t really bother me and it gives my dad someone else to socialize with and care for.

06-21-18_11-11-19 AM

Even with all that being said I have still caught him out there talking to his plants or the gnomes I am not sure. Whatever makes him happy right!?

06-21-18_5-54-20 PM

Vivian also started her own club the Golden Girls! Just a bunch of ladies her age that get together play games and watch television. Again I don’t mind I just go upstairs to my paintings when everyone’s over I am not really interested in playing games.

06-21-18_6-49-13 PM

Looks like we couldn’t get everyone to dinner at the same time again. What can I say it’s a busy household! Sometimes I forget to get dressed!

06-21-18_6-50-23 PM.jpg

After this movie Olivia its bed time. If you don’t tell her she will stay up too late hanging out with Vivian and be late for school. Maybe she is getting too spoiled from having her grandmother doting on her all the time?

06-21-18_6-57-36 PM

Oh ew who made this big mess? Gross I am not cleaning that up Dennis your cat is disgusting! He can’t hear me he’s still not even home!

06-21-18_6-59-48 PM

Viavian scoops up Sumi and explains to me he just needs to be brushed once in a while. Well Vivian looks like you got a new chore to do for I am too inspired I must paint!

06-10-18_9-18-38 PM

Sometimes from this window I can see Eric off on his daily jog. Gotta keep in shape for the Team!

06-21-18_10-09-15 AM

Overall I do have to say this has been a great week. I have to be honest it went better than I thought it would. What can I say my family is pretty amazing!

06-21-18_11-19-16 AM

Thanks for stopping by see you next time!

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