It’s take your kid to work day! I have been waiting for this day ever since I found out about what my mother actually does not that I am entirely sure what she does now but i think I am going to find out today! So this is her office!

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“Now son we offer a variety of services here. As you know we own a number of properties so this is where we will handle any real estate business.”

“Wow that sounds exciting.” I responded sarcastically.

“We always do money lending so a big part of the job is collections and making calls or sometimes visits to our debtors.”

“Okay it’s getting a bit more interesting.”

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“There are a few other services we offer but they are more hush hush under the table stuff I don’t think you are ready for that yet but when you graduate from high school I will be happy to teach you.”

“Ugh seriously why not now?”

“There is something you can help me with today but you must not tell anybody about it!”

“Yes! Yes of course what is it?”

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“This is our secret understand?”

“My lips are sealed mother.”

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She got up from her chair and opened a secret door behind the desk. My jaw dropped I had no idea that was there it just looked like a bookshelf.

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The room in the back was dark she and warmer than the rest of the office.

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“Help me plant this?”

“Seriously the secret to our family business is gardening?”

“My boy this is no ordinary plant. This is Wolfsbane and it wasn’t easy to get. It sells for a huge profit people will come flocking here for this premium Bane.”

“Wow okay.”

“We will need to visit often to take care of them if we hope to make a profit.”

“So who buys this stuff?” I asked.

“Leave that part to me my boy for now you can just help me establish a few plants if this kicks off we will make a lot of Simoleans!”

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Take your kid to work day psh. It’s no big deal or anything just a Real Estate Office nothing special.


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