The twins Rhonda and Rita sure have been a Handful. Now I understand why people say not to move or make major life changes when there’s a baby on the way, I just simply can’t. I haven’t left the house since the babies were born. I don’t get any sleep. We still haven’t had a chance to unpack or anything.


I found an unexpected helper in Rick. He loves doting on his baby sisters. I mean he can only do so much to help but the beautiful sentiment is there.


My wonderful husband got a job as well. To be honest I am a little jealous. He gets to actually leave the house all day and when he comes home dinner is ready. Or at least I try to have it ready.


I think Ruby is starting to settle in she has been coming home late from school and going out on weekends so I’m hoping that means she made some nice friends. She hasn’t really talked to me much since the move I’m usually in bed before she comes home and the other times her nose is far into her studies. I’ll give the girl that she brings home the A’s!

Itialian meatballs.jpg

It’s hard to get everyone seated for dinner at the same time which is why I have made Sunday dinners mandatory It’s still catching on.

So tell me about your day.jpg

“Well lets not all talk to once. Tell me about your day we will go around the table!” I suggested. It met a few grumbles from Ruby and Rick’s eyes just went big. “Okay I’ll start so I was feeding Rita and one of the buttons on my shirt just popped off and she giggled! Rhoda started giggling because Rita was and before you know it we were all giggling!”

“I wish I was there to see that.” Darion squeezed my thigh under the table. I met his loving gaze and smiled.

“They’ll be lots of giggles and laughs in our future.”

“Cringe.” Ruby spouted and Rick just laughed.

“I liked you story mom.” Rick said.

“Thank you.” I replied smiling at back at him.

“I have a story, I got my own case today. I got enough clues gathered to put out an APB tomorrow!” Darion Smiled.

“Oh, that’s great honey!”

“Yeah dad good for you.” Ruby gave Darion an approving nod.

“Rick do you have a story?”

“Uh”, he shifted in his seat trying to think of something. “Can I have friends over tomorrow?” he asked finally.

blah blah blah

I smiled, “Of course Rick just make sure it’s okay with their parents first.”

“Yay!” He threw his hands up in celebration.

“Ruby?” I gestured towards her.

“Yeah, so.. I have homework to, do may I be excused?” She asked.

I sighed and waved her off. I don’t know what to do to get through to her. Ever since she has become a teenager she has been difficult. We used to have such good times together and now I can hardly get her to talk to me.

dance party

After dinner Darion cleaned the kitchen and checked in on the twins giving me the chance to have some me time. I still can’t really wear any of my clothes since before the pregnancy so I put on my dance workout video I had from after my previously pregnancies and just went for it. I am not going to lie I had to force myself as I was already really tired from the day and an early bed time should be the answer but I felt motivated and went for it! A long hot bath after was needed. I really have to do some more unpacking and shopping though this house is so much bigger than our previous ones and it is so bare. I’ll wait maybe a flee market will come to town and I can find deals. That was the end of my break, I heard the cries from the twins as they hollered out in unison

ricks friends

The next day Rick did bring home a couple friends from school. I was pleasantly surprised that he brought home two little girly friends Arianna Carillo and Billy Jang. I talked to their parents briefly on the phone and they seem really nice. I think I should try to meet the folks maybe I can make some new friends in them. I have started to realize it’s easier to make new friends when you are young as you get older it’s harder to maintain and find new friendships.


Speaking of friendships my friend Cheyenne came over the other day to visit and check out the new house. I have been so busy with the babies I feel like I haven’t seen her for ages!

talk about teens.jpg

“Cheyenne, you have two teenagers at home how do you deal with the mood swings? Lately my daughter Ruby wants nothing to do with me!”

“Girl, when I find out how to deal with teenagers I’ll be sure to let you know. Yvonne has been so moody too it’s just a part of aging I guess.” She said with a sympathetic smile

“And Karim?” I asked.

“Yeah he’s not so bad I mean he’s hardly home busy with all his friends all the time.”

“So it’s like a teenage girl thing to be miserable?”


“Looks like it. I got her a guitar the other day and she has been really focused on learning it. Maybe if Ruby found a hobby or passion she’s into it will help her?”

“It’s worth a try, I honestly think she’s still pissed we moved away from all her old friends.”

“Give her some time maybe she just needs some space. It’s hard to be a teenager gosh don’t you remember what we were like.

“Yeah and that’s what scares me.”

We both laughed. Cheyenne stayed for only a couple of hours. I’m so glad we were able to catch up even if it was just for a short while. I love that I have such a good friend that no matter how much time passes between us I can call her up and get on like we haven’t missed a day!

welcome home.jpg

“Honey I’m Home.” Darion called out. I rushed over to him and give him a hug and kiss.

“How was your day?” I asked.

“My day was great actually.”

“Come sit tell me all about it.” I insisted.

We went into the kitchen and were greeted by Ruby who was doing her homework.

lets talk.jpg

Darion told us about his day he could only tell so much about the case as it’s confidential but he made an arrest and was really excited about his first arrest. I’m so proud of him.

family is great.jpg

It was nice to have us all as a family talking again even Ruby was being more pleasant than she has been and helped Rick with his homework. I thought about what Cheyenne had said about hobbies and stuff and offered to talk Ruby shopping. She was really receptive to the idea and I am excited to see what she ends up getting. Rick asked to join scouts and I think that’s the perfect little hobby for him. I am so happy, it was a very good evening family is great.

Twin birthday.jpg

The next morning after everyone went to work or school it was time for the twins to age up!

building a doll house.jpg

I spent the whole day setting up the nursery for twins putting together their big girl beds and unpacking their toys. building the doll house.

best big brother.jpg

When Rick came home from school he came straight in to play with his sisters, I took that opportunity to take a nap. Caring for twin toddlers is exhausting!  Rick’s such a good big brother I am so proud of him. How did I get so luck to have such a beautiful family?!

Stay Tuned for Chapter 3