My name is Anaya McMullen. My husband Darion and I heard Willow Springs was a great neighbourhood for families.

06-16-18_11-11-05 AM

We wanted a nice place to live to raise our children Ruby and Rick. The neighbourhood we live in now isn’t exactly the greatest place to raise children. So, we have scrimped and saved for this move.

06-16-18_11-23-08 AM

It was right after we learned we were pregnant that we got the news.

06-16-18_11-24-51 AM

We were approved for a beautiful property the Bargain Bend in Willow Springs. Our dream house awaits!

06-16-18_11-27-22 AM

We are a little house poor now as it took all our savings to afford this place but I know with some love and care it will be the perfect place to raise our growing family!

06-16-18_12-16-43 PM

The first little while was tough but Darion is such a good provider. He found a community Garden and we ate fresh fruit and vegetables.

06-16-18_12-22-03 PM.jpg

The kids seem to be adjusting okay to their new school. Hopefully they make some nice new friends here.

06-16-18_12-25-02 PM

Darion Brought some of those fruit seeds home he got from the community garden and we have our own garden now so we don’t have to go far for fresh strawberries.

06-16-18_12-31-16 PM

Rick has been having a lot of nightmares lately he claims there are monsters under his bed but I am thinking it is just nerves from all the changes that are going on in our lives right now.

06-16-18_12-44-10 PM

He has been feeling very tense lately I feel bad for that but I know he will have a better chance here and I just want the best for my family.

06-16-18_12-48-34 PM

Ruby is going through a difficult age. Teenage girls can be very moody and she is all over the place some days. Over all she is a good girl but she is rebelling as well. She spends a lot of her time behind her phone. She is mad she had to leave all her old friends and her life is over!

06-16-18_1-31-57 PM

Of course on a day when everyone is at school or at work is the big day!

06-16-18_1-49-30 PM

We were blessed with Twins! The nurse was shocked she laughed and said there must be something in the water because a lot of mothers have been having twins lately! In fact it’s been a bit of a baby boom and there’s a lot of new mothers around. I hope I can meet some of them and make some mommy friends.

06-16-18_1-51-30 PM

Let me introduce you to our newest family members Rhonda and Rita!

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