This post marks the end of my 2nd rotation for this save where I am playing mostly premade townies and a few random generated sims have made their way into rotation. I have also personally created a couple sims myself. Rotation 1 really was just an introduction into who all these sims are for the most part but Rotation 2 really is where the stories start to get interesting. There is a lot of drama happening, it just writes itself seriously the drama is killing me! I just wanted to take this time and recap what’s going on here!

At the end of Rotation 2 and after adding Get Famous my sim count is 151! There are some sims appearing in the stories that are not active households but am keeping around for story line purposes and play a minimal role. I have culled many a random sim and will continue to do so as I deem necessary. Please if you like a random or “extra” sims I have not focused on that you want to see more of let me know. I want to keep my sim count number below 150 but I have no problem popping in and playing around for awhile if your interested in a particular sims perspective.

I thought it would be neat to look at the numbers more closely though just to see what’s going on.

There are 40 active households, though I have only rotated though 37 of them At the end of rotation 2. Don Lothario has not had his own chapter and I have added in the new households from Get Famous. I will attempt to keep the page Neighbourhood rotations page current as order of rotation is subject to change say if sims households separates or move. Dealing with this many stories gets complicated I think sims forget their relationships. Have you noticed this? So having previous chapters to help remind me who knows who has been really helpful! I have also been using the group system heavily to try to sort out story lines and social groups.

Quick Story line stats! Please tell me if there is a stat you want to see here and I’ll be sure to add it to the next rotation recap post!

  • There have been 2 sim deaths and 1 pet death so far
  • There have been 2 weddings
  • There are only 2 engagements
  • There is only 1 teen promise to be together
  • You could say there was a bit of a baby boom since I have started playing at 20 babies!
  • 15 cats live in households active or not
  • 13 dogs live in households active or not
  • 4 vampires

A lot of drama is starting to stir up as the stories start to develop and I am so excited to start rotation 3 and see how things are going to go.

I still feel indifferent about life stages and time spans and still haven’t figured out the right setting for my style of game play I currently have the sims lifespan to long.

I have only been telling the story of this rotation for 9 months here and I am excited to see what round three has to offer I hope you are too.

I am hoping to introduce Events. These will not play on any one particular family. They may perhaps even be neighbourhood and or may include a great many.

I have been working on some builds for the rotation and it’s maybe why my story content has decreased. As my focus may have stretched. I am so excited for these locations to be featured in upcoming story lines!

Unrelated to Neighbourhood Rotations I have decided on a Legacy Challenge for the first time in my sim playing life as I have always played rotation style this is a new thing to me as a long time player. I have chosen Building Newcrest I am excited to share with you that challenge look for it coming soon!

Also I have recently made my sim self for the first time! To be honest this may not be an active thread but it exists so there it is.

Currently watch for my Rotation Story on Saturdays and I apologize in advance if I miss one or two sometimes and as much as I love sims real life happens and that’s priority!

I want to take this opportunity to talk about any story lines you may have really enjoyed or maybe didn’t and why. I welcome you to offer constructive criticism. Please feel welcome to tell me if there is anything you want to see more of or if you have thoughts on any current story lines or even blog layout. I am open and eager to hear your thoughts, thank you so much for all the love!

Sou sou