“Mmm I’m so happy to see you tonight. Might I just say that you are looking rather… mm delicious! Come in of course.”

“Ms. Vatore. You have something you want to show me?”

“Oh, I have something you are going to want to see?”

A smile crossed the Counts lips. I gazed into his eyes as I rested a hand across his shoulders. Sliding my hands along his back as I made my way to the stairs. I stopped a couple stairs up looked back at him and with one finger I motioned for him to follow. Of course my charms are irresistible even for the Count. He never took his eyes off me I swung my hips as I climbed the stairs. He never made a sound as he walked but I could feel that he there.

I stopped at the top of the stairs and turned to face him. I put my hands on his chest and smiled as I looked up into his eyes playfully, “Are you ready?” He never broke his gaze as he tilted his head and spoke.

“Lead the way.”

His power is so great! I love the challenge and I relished in the weakness that he had to be invited to see her. See because there was a much stronger power than even his.

“Count, I welcome you to meet Miss. Drucilla Vatore.”

“Oh Lilith, she is beautiful! I am to believe that you are both in good health hm?”

“A force to reckoned with.”

“We’ll see about that. Do you know yet?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Of course I know, just look at her!” I looked down at her as a drool pooled on her lower lip. I wiped it off gently.

“You have no idea do you.”

“You’re wrong!” I snarled.

“Oh, but I’m not. You forget my dear of just how long I’ve been around. I have seen things.”

“But.. you said before.. we looked in the books ..”

“Hah! I say a lot of things.” He laughed interrupting he waved it off and continued, “At the time I didn’t want to worry your pretty little head with such matters. You needed to have a focused mind. The mind is a powerful thing you know.”

“What aren’t you telling me? You gave me the idea that I might be carrying the first hybrid this has happened before?! Tell me what you know!” I could barely hide my emotions my lower lip trembled to a pout. He didn’t say anything just watched me. I hate that he can intimidate me, but a part of me likes it too. There is no mistaken he dominates me and no one else can even come close. As I laid Dru down she instantly drifted to a sleep.

I sat down in the chair and watched as the Count kissed his fingers and placed them on her head. He whispered something I couldn’t make out before looking back at me. He smiled charmingly and spoke softly, “In time baby Drucilla’s fate will become clear. For now it is too soon to know what will become of her. You have made it farther than I thought you could. I may have underestimated you. I find your strength very appealing, I do hope it works out for the sake of us all.”

“What are you saying?”

“Lilith my dear, are your senses clouded? This baby has no power of its own. It’s helpless harmless it’s your new weakness.”

“How dare you.” I scowled.

“Surely you knew that it would be. I bet you would do anything to protect this baby?” The count began to slowly rock the cradle. Hushing her little sleeping sobs.

I felt a rush come over me. I parted my lips as if to speak but nothing came out. The Count was clearly amused by this he took a long pause before he spoke again.

“What do you think started the Hunt?”

“I don’t know fear, hate?”

“No! No, of course it was love. Love for a child… love for a mortal. Love for a lust.” The count closed his hands behind his back and slowly paced the room as he spoke, looking at nothing as he told the story his eyes danced almost as if he was reliving the horror. “And that is why my dear if this baby is still a mortal you may not keep her.”

“What?! And just who is going to stop me?” I felt my fists ball up as I spat the words.

“I am.” The count growled and it echoed into the distance. He took a deep breath in and out. “Don’t forget who made you I can take that away too.” The count hissed and laughed maniacally. Once he had settled he looked at me with an intimidating sneer.  He took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. “We have a pact with a very influential and trustworthy mortal dynasty. They go by the name of Goth. I want you to arrange a meeting with them. I trust you can handle this task? Perhaps I should I take matters into my own hands?”

“No! I will do it!” I slammed my fists down on my thighs.

“So be it, I will be waiting anxiously to see how this turns.” The count threw his arms up into the air and whirled himself into a dark mist as he vanished.

I sat there after he left for a long time. thinking about him. His charms still fogging my mind. The fact he can have that effect to leave me hungry wanting more aroused and so angry all at the same time. I’ve never hated yet loved someone so much at the same time. I am weaker now. Exposed I can be hurt. I glared over at the cradle but my stare was broken as Dru whimpered and I smiled. A single tear rolled down my face. I thought of Don, what If Drusilla takes after him and truly is a mortal. I couldn’t imagine a life without my baby but the consequences of breaking the pact I don’t think we would survive another war. What me and the count against it all. Caleb isn’t a fighter and the fledgling? I shook my head as if the thoughts would shake away with them but they didn’t. On the other hand, Dru could hold possess a power greater than us all! The Count wasn’t wrong my senses are clouded, and our interactions have only intensified those emotions. I laid down in the single bed nearby. Sleeping with one eye open, watching for Dru.

I must have drifted off at some point because I didn’t even hear Caleb come in. I listened as he read Grims Tales to her. Grims Tales was such a huge part of our childhood an eternity ago. Thoughts entered my mind I had nearly forgotten were there. It made me think differently about Drucilla’s fate maybe I owed that much to her. I guess as the Count had said in time it will be made clear and with so too my senses. I waited until Caleb left the room. I listened as he prepared for bed and when I could hear him no longer awake I got up.

I stepped outside to clear my thoughts. I was unable to fully let go and connect. My call went unanswered and my hunger grew. I closed my eyes and pushed harder. Right as I felt close to reaching a connection a cry broke the stillness. It was a hunger cry.

This part of motherhood made me feel useless. I am unable to produce milk a side effect of my lifestyle I guess. Caleb has been bringing home a special baby formula. It smells and looks like death but isn’t strong enough to do the trick if you want it too. It’s so unsatisfying but it’s the only thing Drucilla will eat. I hope that’s not a sign.

After she was fed I played with her until she drifted to sleep. I quietly left the room and proceeded to the drawing table.

I wouldn’t dare betray The Count so I did as he asked and drafted a letter requesting the honour of the Goth’s presence in Forgotten Hollow.

I have met members of the Goth Dynasty before in the past. I had no idea their significance until recently. I now found myself more curious of them. I remembered In the past the Goths had very handsome children. I found myself wondering just how close our connections with the Goth’s actually are.

I personally saw to it that the letter made its way directly to the Goth Manor. I noticed a party and couldn’t resist myself! I was even more delighted to see my next meal, the daily special my favourite.

“Yoo hoo.” I sang. Don Whirled around obviously surprised to see me. I saw the fear in his eyes and I smiled, I wiggling my fingers in the air. “My my aren’t we looking good tonight.” I blew him a kiss and he was entranced by my charms. It was just too easy. I willed him to come my way and offer me his neck.

I drank deeply, I drank until I could no longer feel my weakness. That’s when it occurred to me. Don’s weakness, his love for lust. I was started to understand what The Count meant. A love for lust. Was Don’s weakness my weakness. I won’t let Dru be the cause of another hunt the war we can’t have that happen again.

I thought more about weakness and as I glanced around at the party goers, my last victim, and I decided to count. That’s when I realized we need numbers, it looked like the mortals are overpopulating. A plan came to my mind. With my hunger satisfied and my victim oblivious to the event. I made my exit as discreetly as I came.

My wings carried me home. I made it to the hollow exhausted from the power drain of the flight. A price to pay for indulgence.

Upon arrival I was immediately greeted with a tight squeeze from Caleb.

“You worried me sis! Where did you go? I came home from work and you were gone! What’s wrong with you? Dru, she was by herself!”

“She wasn’t alone, I assure you that. Look, something has come up lets go inside and talk, just the two of us now.”

I brushed past him eager to get inside. I rushed upstairs to tend to Dru. I could still smell him on her. After she had settled I found Caleb waiting in the hall.

“Lilith what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry my brother, things have gotten complicated. The count visited me today and met Drucilla first the first time.”

Caleb cringed, “Is he..”

“No, he’s left now.”

“How are you sure?”

“Trust me Caleb, I know. Any way, there’s more. I need you to help me with something. I have invited mortals over and I need you to help me entertain them.”

“No! I don’t want to be a part of it whatever it is!”

“I don’t have much choice! The count says a ritual with a certain mortal family and it has to happen. I need you to help me find an additional willing mortal to witness. Don’t you have an alien loving friend you can bring?”

“Lilith no! You can’t just invite mortals to the hollow!”

“Well, you know I have certain taste, that’s why you are going to entertain who you must so I can host this event.”

“When is it?”

The moon will be full in a couple days.”

“You’ve got to be plumming with me.”

“Thanks Caleb you’re the best!” I kissed his creek and pranced away. I slept in the nursery beside Dru again. For the next few days what she did I did. I heard Caleb come and go and trusted he would do as I bid him.

A familiar scent filled Caleb’s senses. He normally would be excited to greet his friend but today he dreaded it.

“Good Morning Eva.”


“It’s good to see you back at work.”

“Yes, thanks! It’s been a bit hectic what with a new baby.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Wait, what?”

“Well, No not me. My sister has recently had a baby.”

“Your sister is she uh like you?”


“I didn’t know that was possible.”

“We didn’t either. I could use your help with it.”


“Please, I think it could help with our research.”


“Yes but I need you to keep up a pretense. My sister thinks I am studying aliens. You can’t tell her what we are actually doing.”


“I’m serious.”

“I can’t!”


“Is that even safe.”

“No. Not at all but you’ll be fine. Lets just say you’re not Lilith’s type.”

“Will you be there?”


“Excuse me?”

“I can’t. I have other business to attend to. Trust me I you don’t want to see me and who I will be with that night. Please Eva I need you to do this for me.”

“Fine, You owe my big time for this.”

“Whatever you want.”

“You bet whatever I want. Start with you picking up my shift I’m out.” Eva left work for the day and Caleb ended up working a double shift.

Later that evening.

“Please Eva tell me again what we are doing here?” Jade shivered.

“I promised my work mate I would help him with this project. I can’t explain right now but just go with it okay.” Eva pleaded.

“This place gives me the creeps.”

“Me too Jade. Are you sure Paulo is okay at home with Jayla.”

“Eva you’re worrying too much Paulo is great with Jayla.” Jade insisted.

“Good evening ladies.” A beautiful woman in a red dress spoke.

“Good evening and you must be..” Eva trailed off an encouraging tone in her voice for the stranger to continue.

“Bella. Bella Goth and who might you be?”

“Oh, uh hello Bella my name is Eva and this is Jade.”

Another woman appeared from nowhere, “And I am Lilith, I’m so glad you all made it. Please, do come in.” Truly pleased to see that my guests had arrived I turned on my heel and made my way inside. My guests following behind.

“I would like to thank you all for being here tonight it is a very special evening for me.”

“You have a very nice home here Lilith.” Bella said glancing around the room.”

“Yes, it’s so charming.” Jade added.

“Flattery will get you everywhere with me.” Lilith grinned there was an uncomfortable laugh shared among the women.

“Why don’t we open the gifts now!” Bella suggested as she led the way to the main room.

A pile of gifts had been stacked in the centre of the room. This is has got to be the best part of the tradition. There was paper and bows strewn about as I ripped into the gifts. Everything a young child could possible need and more. When the last present was opened as if on cue Drucilla’s cry could be heard.

“Shall we meet the star of the show?” I stood up and proceeded upstairs motioning the my guests to follow.

Bella was the first to make it up the stairs. We were able to have a brief private word before the other girls entered the room about Drucilla and what may or may not happen. Neither of us sure with ourselves. One thing is for sure though.

My baby Drucilla aged up and she is beautiful. I looked at her examining her features I even looked in her mouth. There was still no sign. I caught a glimpse of Bella watching as I did. I shrugged my shoulders and she nodded. It must still be too soon to tell.

“I brought a cake! Why don’t we go enjoy some!” Bella clapped. The girls nodded in unison. I couldn’t help but snarl.

We sat down in the kitchen and Bella cut and handed out cake to everyone. The general consensus was that it tasted delicious. I dissected the chocolate treat but  could not find anything appetizing about it.

Dru seemed to be enjoying it! Though I can’t tell how much made it into her mouth, she had it everywhere. What a mess! I could see that my guests were starting to get tired. It was time to end the event.

I pulled Bella to the side and spoke in the foyer.

“I would like to personally thank you for being here.” I reached out and shook her arm.

“The Pleasure is mine. Your daughter is quite lovely isn’t she.”

“She is.” We both looked over to her now checking out all her gifts.

“Do keep in touch Lilith. If you need anything at all I encourage you to get in contact with me.”

“Yes Bella we will be in touch either way. I realize it is still too soon to know for sure.”

“Let me assure you we are prepared for the outcome either way.”

After my guests had all left I began cleaning up the mess. Dru needed to be doused with water to cleanse the dark chocolatey mess. I brought up her gifts and set up the room. It was now more appropriate for a young sim.

I could hear clanging from downstairs.

“Caleb is that you?”

“Yeah in here”, he called back.

I found him in the kitchen making cocktails he had the bar filled with his creations.

“Are you seriously just getting home? What did you and the boys get up to?” I started gathering the dishes and cleaning up.

“Actually I had a great night! Oh I should tell you. We are buying a bar!”


“Isn’t that great!” Caleb but his hands on his hips looking too impressed with himself.

“You and who?” I asked.

“The guys and me. Mortimer Goth, Count Vlad, and the Fledgling.”

“You seriously think this is a good idea?”

“No! It’s a great idea Lil you’ll see.”

“And what does the count think about this great idea?” I mocked.

Caleb laughed, “Actually Lil, it was all his idea.” He turned and retreated to his room.

I continued to clean up after the nights events. My thoughts felt clouded again. What could The Count possible want with a bar? My mind raced, I felt restless and uneasy. What is he up to? Caleb must be under a charm I just can’t see him actually wanting to go into business with him.

Things are just becoming more complicated.

Stay Tuned for Chapter 3