The mansion is drafty and damp, years of cobwebs and dust littered everything in sight and even what was not. Anyone in their right mind would look at this place and run. I on the other hand, for the first time since.. well.. It gets harder to remember my life from before. I guess what I feel is that I am safe. If safe is anything I even am anymore.

Okay there’s the odd time the old man will appear out of no where like the mist before me. That still throws me off.

I asked him again to teach me that move but he declined. Again, seriously! I’ll wear him down eventually. He’s just a little plumhurt because I woke him up. He’s just not seeing the bigger picture yet his mind is dusty from who knows how long he’s been in hibernation!

His biggest rule is to leave him alone when he is in his dungeon so I abide and don’t go down there. Sure I’m curious about what he’s hiding down there but at the same time I have free reign of the rest of the mansion so let the dude have his space if that’s what he wants! I’m not messing with a good thing, it’s difficult to be a homeless vampire I should know! Here I got the good life really.

I mean sure it sucks there’s no computer, television or.. you know, working electricity! The place is lit by candle light and oil lamps, strangely enough there is a lamp in the main room so maybe at some point there was electricity here?

Really I have been spending all my time studying. It’s not like I can leave during the day but this book is difficult to read. So not just anyone can pick up this book and understand the meanings maybe? I am bored of rereading the same crap and still not understand it. I can’t talk to the old man… I gotta get outta here! Looking at my phone if I travel now I can get to Newcrest and still have a few hours of night. I couldn’t help but notice a bunch of construction on my way by to Forgotton hollow.

Not too much to see here yet except there was a cemetery. I cringed I basically live in a cemetery why would I want to visit another. That’s when I saw her, she looked so pretty standing there. I met her briefly, it was a huge house party so many sims were there. Those are the best times to arrive at a sims house by the way because with so many sims coming and going they will invite a guy like me in without hesitation. It was an odd party it would make sense someone died. What the plum was her name now. Maybe if I walk away she won’t notice me.


Oh plum she knows my name, “Er Hi! I waved awkwardly.”

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

I panicked at first I didn’t know what to say, “I could ask you the same. I know what I’m doing here but a pretty girl like you, shouldn’t be out alone after dark. It’s dangerous.”

She hid her face behind her hair and said nothing just turned to look at a tombstone nearby. I struggled there, part of me wanted to compel her for a drink and another wanted to console her. I guess I’m not that hungry yet I can wait a bit.

“You two must have been close.”

She turned to face me, “Have you ever lost a parent?”

Why did she have to ask that question of all questions she could have asked. I resisted the urge to say what I actually wanted to say and instead looked down at my shoes. I could think of nothing else to say. I forced the memories out of my mind and met her gaze again.

“Well I have,” she continued. “My friend here was the mother I never wanted and now she has left me too.” He face hiding behind her hair but I could smell the tears. She sobbed and I stood there awkward, helpless, and famished. I took a deep breath and brought her in for a hug. She hugged me tightly and sobbed into my jacket. I buried my face into her hair and inhaled her deeply, the smell of her invaded my nostrils. It took everything in me to suppress my dark side. When her trembles eased she motioned towards the bench, “Well you stay with me awhile?”

“Of course.” I gestured towards the bench to encourage her to take the first seat before I sat down beside her.

She told me what must have been her life story that night. It was hard to stay focused the smell of her is intoxicating there’s a hunger I can’t control. If she doesn’t stop talking soon I might just go for a bite, a small one wouldn’t hurt and she won’t even remember. No! I won’t! I must be losing it here. Finally she stopped talking at looked at me. She smiled and her eyes danced with life. I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Thanks for listening to me it means a lot.”

“Heh, no problem.” I lied I’d barely heard a thing she said and it was a problem because all I could think of was what she would taste like. Heck I can’t even remember her name.

“I think I better go now it’s getting late.”

“Oh girl, it was late when we got here! Let me walk you home?”

“Thanks, but my driver is just waiting for me over there.” She pointed to a vehicle parked nearby.

I thought about that… if I had succumb to my weakness I could’ve exposed myself and what I truly was.

“Would you like a ride?” She asked.

I shook my head “no you go on.” I replied. She looked at me skeptically then grabbed for my hand.

She pulled a pen out and wrote down her number on my hand. She smiled looked up to meet my eyes and said, “Call me!” She turned and rushed of to the parked car.

I barely got home before the sun came up and I still hadn’t fed. I remembered the Plasma fruit trees on the grounds and harvested some of them. I do recall there being a recipe in one of those books for Plasma Fruit Salad.

First time I had ever cooked anything and by the looks of this kitchen first time anyone’s cooked here in a really long time.

It wasn’t the most satisfying thing to eat ever but at least it filled the void.

I found Count Vlad in the main room playing. I must say I do enjoy his music. I listened to him play and watched as his slender grey fingers danced as he swayed eyes closed to the sound of his own music.

He stopped playing abruptly and stared a cold had stare at me.

“I see once again you have not brought me back anything to eat.” He finally said.

I rolled my eyes, “There’s Fruit Plasma Salad in the kitchen.”

He slammed he his fist into the keys letting out a huge blast of noise from the organ, “I can’t eat that!”

“What? I just did I’m fine.”

“Boy, I know you don’t understand because you’re a baby a fledgling you have no idea but I am not, my stomach has withered I do not possess the capability to digest your ‘fruit salad.” He said mockingly.

“Ah, so I do have a power that you don’t have!”

“That’s not power boy that’s humanity and you reak of it.”

“Well I want power!”

“Do you want humanity or do you want power because you can’t have both.”

“I want to be able to walk in the day you told me about it yourself.”

“Yes! There is a way for our kind to become what we call a day walker. You will be able to move among the living in the sunlight and not burn to a crisp.”

“Yes that I want to do that.”

“No! You’re not ready.” he hissed and disappeared like the mist before I could get in another word.

I found myself drained from the days events and made my way upstairs to the master bedroom. I caught a glance of my hand and saw the number scrawled out on it. I thought of calling her but what if she didn’t answer who would I ask for? What if she did answer? I saved her number in my phone and decided to wait on it until I could figure it out.

The next day was like any other. Actually it is really hard to tell what time of day it is in Forgotten Hollow. That makes it the perfect haven for my kind. There isn’t much to do around the mansion or Forgotten Hollow to be honest. Don’t get me wrong I am glad to have a place to lay my head but I am bored! I did find another one of those cryptic encyclopedias around and I’ve been reading about that. There’s nothing in here telling me how to learn these skills just that they are known vampire skills. The old man doesn’t want to co-operate with teaching. I am just going to have to figure out a way to get him too. I put the book away and went to wander Forgotten Hollow.

I found myself in the town square. I was starting to feel watched and so I spun around to see what shocked me at first. I saw another Vampire!

“Who are you? What are you doing here? This is my hunting grounds back off!” She threatened.

I smirked this was going to be fun, “Your hunting grounds? Last I checked this is the counts hunting grounds.”

“You know the count?”

“Yeah, obviously don’t you know who I am?”

“Uh, are you that lost boy?” she asked.

“Do I look lost to you?”

“Well no, I mean it’s just we haven’t seen any others in a really long time.”

I’ll forgive you this time. Names Nick.” I reached out my hand to shake hers.

She smiled a sly smile put her hand into mine,”Lilith.”

I kissed her hand gently before giving it back. That impressed her. This is clearly a very lusty sim. I think she will be best to deal with in a charming way. Then I thought if the Count wasn’t going to teach me skills maybe she will be easier to persuade. “You look like a gal of many talents.”

“Why yes I have a few tricks up my sleeve,” She giggled.

Good it’s working, “Well don’t just tease me tell me show me.”

She looked me up and down and then transformed into a bat and flew around me in a gust I laughed loudly as the wings batted past my face as it swirled circles around me. She appeared again before me smiled and asked, “Was it good for you?”

I swept my now tousled hair back and met her eyes, “I’ve had better.”

“Oh you are bad! What do you have then?”

“Actually I am working on day walking but it’s still a work in progress.”

“You are just a fledgling aren’t ya?” She teased. I sighed okay she figured me out. “Let me show you something but you have to trust me.”

“Yes show me!”

She closed her eyes spread her arms and floated up hovering there for a minute before grabbing the darkness and bringing in it, as if she were absorbing the darkness. She instructed me how to do that on my own and to focus on what I wanted which in this case to walk in the sun. If I do this enough I should gain the strength to achieve my goal. I practiced for a bit and the feeling is incredible. I feel so much more powerful after absorbing the darkness. I even got the courage to call my little lady friend. Then I panicked and hung up right away.

I made my way to the bar to try a Plasma fruit drink recipe I learned in my readings. I’m curious how well it staves off the hunger.

It’s called the Plasma Jane. Not too bad for a cocktail. Maybe it’s something the Count will be able to enjoy. I think he misses having cocktails.

Speaking of the devil. It’s unsettling that he does that but I have noticed that since I started consuming the darkness around me I can sense that he is coming before he appears like the mist before me.

“You should be careful about the recipes you find in here boy. Not all of them are plasma cocktails.”

“Hm, If I didn’t know better count I’d say you are starting to care.”

“Pft.” He slammed the book shut. “You don’t get it do you. These books were not written by Vampires for Vampires. These books were written by Hunters for Hunters. I was there when our kind was slaughtered mercilessly. So consumed by fear, and the unknown they acted with hate. Okay maybe some of it well deserved on our part but everyone ignored why. I’ll tell you why there is a primal instinct it’s ancient even. There is much to understand but I can’t have you going around trying cocktails and salad recipes you find in there and whatever else you don’t understand. I am not interested in cleaning that mess up again.”

I thought about his words about Hunters, about instincts only to have more questions. I thought about my words carefully, “I didn’t realize, I am just a fledgling and there is a lot I don’t know about a lot of things I’ve told you that before. What I do know is I need you to teach me. I’m freaked I don’t know who I am anymore or what to do with myself.” I admitted.

The old man started to laugh maniacally. I sighed and finished my drink. He got up still laughing and went to his Organ. Well I’m glad that was amusing for him. I stood to walk away, I barely left the room when my phone I got a text.

School.. I don’t go to school anymore. I lied I didn’t know what else to say. At least I know her name now. Luna it’s beautiful, she’s beautiful. What is wrong with me? Though, she did just give me a good idea.

I walked right up to the count who was still playing his Organ. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want to go to school!”

He looked up at me confused.

“Yeah, School. Hear me out it’s a great idea!”

The Count said nothing so I continued on, “Right now we are at risk of a social worker coming to get me because I am an underage sim not going to school there will be a huge investigation into me and you and we can’t have that. If I go to school it will be a great cover for us we won’t have to hide in the shadows. We will be able to find new hunting grounds, fresh meat!”

“Go on.” He stopped playing and looked at me with his cold grey eyes.

“I mean we would need a cover you would have to be my legal guardian and I may have to change my name.”

“That’s preposterous you are not my heir you are just after my fortune.” he hissed.

“No you’re paranoid. I would have to change my name because if we tell them I am Nicolas Hough they are going to figure out that there was a strange animal attack and it slaughtered my whole family including me and that I rose from the dead and am a young adult nearing adulthood? If it makes you feel more comfortable, I’m not after your fortune we can say I’m your nephew and it’s not like your going anywhere anytime soon.”

“I still don’t like the sounds of it, too risky.”

“There will be student teacher interviews.” I teased.

“That’s your case, that sounds dreadful.”

“There’s snacks there, you know the teachers.”

He smiles hungrily and licked his lips, “Hm we are on to something here now aren’t we.”

“Hah so your on board! Thanks uncle.”

The count grumbled and curled his lip. I smirked it’ll grow on him and now in for the kill, “I’ll be taking that Day Walker training now.”I said feeling confident. I heard The Count grumbling some more.

He walked over to the bar and mixed a drink I watched as he worked trying to memorize the recipe. He placed the glass in front of me and finally spoke. “If you drink this you can focus any power you have onto learning the skill you wish to gain. In this case Day walking. It isn’t instant so don’t go running off to be a crisp. I suggest you meditate on it first and you should start to feel a change. I am going to warn you boy, the more power and skills you gain the more you will also succumb to weaknesses so you better be sure this is the skill you want and it’s worth it.”

I nodded and he disappeared like the mist before me. I sat there thinking about his words and the plan. I thought about my family. I thought about School, do I really want to do all that again? Then I thought about Luna.

“Bottoms up!”

I lifted the glass to my lips and drank the mysterious liquid. It was the strangest sensation that came over me. My mind raced it was as if I had downloaded memories of the past. I had visions of other vampires feeding and walking in the sun. I collapsed to the floor feeling dizzy and nauseated I started to heave but nothing came out. I felt a painful sting all over my body, my skin crawled and was hot to the touch. I felt like I was burning right there, right then. I laid there helpless on the floor for who knows how long before I got the strength again to stand up. I felt drained and weak so I dragged myself up the stairs to my room and slumped into my bed. I closed my eyes only to see my nightmares.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 3