It’s been a bit gloomy around here the last little while. With Toonces still missing we were both just worried sick. Also we have both been pretty tired with caring for the small kitten Toonces abandoned. Mochi has been getting on very well and has turned out to be a healthy little kitty!

It’s also been raining for days here. We are used to a lot of rain being right on the coast but this year it seems like a much wetter season. This has halted progress on the deck build.

Brant has been working on it as much as he can when it’s not raining so if it stops in the middle of the night he gets up and goes. What a beautiful strong ambitious man oh I adore him.

He said to me one morning he thought he actually saw Toonces outside looking for scraps but when he turned around Toonces was gone. So we started leaving a dish and some toys outside in case Toonces was there and did ever decide to come by for a visit again.

There hasn’t been any activity on our post either for missing animals. It’s sad really it is and while we were browsing we noticed a lot of ads of missing pets. I just an’t stand thinking of all those lost pets hungry and tired wet because it’s been raining and probably scared all alone out there. It was heartbreaking. I Brindleton Bay there has always been a lot of stray animals and it’s kind of wild to think that those numbers were increasing. Like the land of lost pets!

This all got me thinking. As I was training with Rosie I thought of a brilliant idea! Of pet play dates and amateur dog show. There is nothing really like it yet and it would be so awesome to see other pet lovers coming together so I made a group for pet play dates we’ll see if it gets any new members. I also made two other groups one for the LGBTQ community I am thinking a parade is in our future? Hopefully I can help bring these two communities together in the hopes of finding the lost and strays out there.

I have been working on my photography skill a little more. I took a venture to a nearby nature trail and just started snapping away. I was hoping with my distraction out of the way and the weather finally letting up Brant would be able to finish up the deck. While I was on the nature trail I thought as much as I loved taking nature pictures I wanted to expand my talents even more so I made yet another group calling out amateur models. This should help to build my portfolio and it can only progress my career as an artist. Everyone has got to start somewhere. I like to busy why stand still while the world keeps on turning I love the challenge and hopefully these side hustles will bring new adventure to our lives.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home. First Mochi came running out of the house to greet me so cute. Brant was just finishing up grilling some Burgers in the backyard. He raked two cold brews and we enjoyed some burgers brews and watched a bromance comedy on Simflix. It was such a great evening.

The next morning surprise surprise it was raining again. Brant went off to work and spend some time at the gym. I stayed home and worked on my art. It was too wet to take Rosie out. I could see from my study window that the deck was almost finished. I can’t lie I’m getting a little impatient with this build.

It was only a couple of days later when Brant brought me outside into the backyard and gave me the grand tour of our new patio.

“Oh Brant I love it!”


“You did such a good job!” I looked around admiring his handiwork.

“I think the space still needs a bit of work.” Brant shrugged

“Are you kidding it’s fantastic!”

“Thanks Brent.”

We held each other in a tight embrace as the sun began to rise!

“Oh Brant we must invite all our friends over and share this beautiful space with all of them!”

“Yeah! That’s a great idea!”

I began making treats for the party and Brant started calling his gym buddies over. I also posted in all my newly made groups calling them out for a meet and greet. I haven’t had any confirmed members yet it’s too soon but they have been seen so I am interested to see who comes out and if we can have some members join!

We had a great turnout! So many friends new and old came and enjoyed our new backyard space! We were very lucky to finally have good weather for the occasion.

I took the opportunity to practice my photography. I especially enjoy this one of Brant and his boys! They all look gorgeous! I’d be intimidated by Brant always being around these beautiful creatures but they are all straight so really I don’t see the harm in looking it’s not like anything would ever come of it.

I especially love this one! What a hottie!

The party was a huge success! We set off some fireworks to wrap up the day.

I can’t express enough how important firework safety is. We may have got a little carried away! A lovely young lady Ulrike saved the day as many ran away to safety. I wonder what group call out she’s here because.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 3