Esteban took the long journey to return to Selvadorada. Unsure as to what he would arrive to. He tried to contact his friends and family that he had left long ago but most were unreachable. He arrived to the jungle to discover he barely recognized his homeland. There on the shabby docks stood his brother. Blood between them had not always been good Juan resented Esteban for leaving in the first place.


When Esteban stood face to face with his younger brother that bad blood seemed to disappear and Juan reached out to embrace Esteban. It had been years since the brothers had been reunited. Esteban had left the jungle about 15 years ago and hadn’t done much to keep in contact with his family.

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“What happened here?” Esteban asked after they had finished greeting one another.

“It’s crazy here brother, the land beneath us moved! the landscape has changed! Many buildings have been destroyed. People are missing?” Juan explained. he lowered his head in sadness, “People died.”


“We haven’t found her yet or our sister yet.” A tear rolled down Juan’s cheek.

Esteban shifted, “We will, find her that is.”

“A lot has changed brother.”

“I know.”

“I want you to meet my son Ramin.” Juan motioned forward to someone standing near by.

“Y’ yo’ you have a son?” Esteban Stammered.

“There’s a lot you don’t know.. Esteban my brother meet Ramin my son.”


“Hi uncle nice to finally meet you dad has told me so much about you.” Ramin held out his hand to shake Esteban’s.

Esteban met his hand and with his and with a firm grip and a steady shake he was now acquainted. “Sadly I had not heard about you.”

“Yeah? I go to school with your daughter!” Ramin exclaimed. Juan shook his head back and forth but the words were already out

“Huh?” confusion washed over Esteban.

“Sorry Esteban I was getting to that, since it’s already out come on let’s go meet your daughter.”

To Be Continued…

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