Hi! Oops I guess I kind of went awol there! Forgive me it’s been a time. To be honest I sort of abandoned the save I was sharing here. I think I still have it but I have no idea whats going on. See I played along ahead of writing the blog and I have some pictures but I don’t remember the story or where i was going with it. I suppose I always could go back and play it some more and share but, I did start playing again just for fun and I am on the Generation 5! I am still rotational playing so I’ll go around and give you a brief introduction of each of the Households. It may take me a minute to do some housekeeping around the site hang in there!

This generation didn’t have many rules. Male sims tend to pass down the family names, whilst Female Sims often Inherit the legacy home estate and wealth. Situation dependent. I rotate along as I feel in somewhat of an order with aging off. When I finish rotating I turn aging on for one University Term and than off to start a new Rotation. This allows everyone to age at the same rate. Names and traits aspirations etc are often random unless I happen to be “present” for an age up animation. The first rotation I will give you an Introduction of each household and a brief history.

I do not feel confident to announce a posting schedule as I only allow myself Sims Playing on Weekends I will aim to share once a week but for now I’m just going to ease into sim stories again. I am calling this Save “Just For Fun”.