~Lot trait’s are great soil, child’s play, and sunny aspect, and the lot challenge is filthy. All Sim’s in the household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

There was only minor changes that were able to be done on the kitchen. As the family is quite house poor after moving onto this lot. Though not many lots at the time were accommodating for this large of a family, and even still we have the children doubling up on rooms.

Because I have been forgetting to include the family trees I’m just throwing this one in right here.

In the early morning before anyone else wakes up Aria is up harvesting and tending to the garden. It is one of the only times Aria has on her own however it is a big job and sometimes she gets the overwhelming feeling of being able to keep up with a household this size.

She’s found that help in an interesting way! What she thought was just a fun lawn decor came to life! It didn’t take long for Aria to build a solid relationship with Patchy!

Aria continues her morning routine by tending to the chickens and collecting the eggs. The household is about to wake up.

Meal times are busy, Aria is typically the last to eat. This is a time when Aria has the potential to go into Full Parent Mode.

After the commotion of getting the children off to school, Aria is able to sit down and with her husband and discuss their days and the tasks that need to be completed.

Landyn is the kind of sim that’s fairly good at doing a bit of everything. This gives him a wide range of different skills. is day starts off by repairing one of his daughters laptops. There’s always something on the do list.

That moment when Landyn finishes fixing the laptop!

It’s about this time that Aria heads back outside now to do floral arrangements from the beautiful plants she grows.

Meanwhile Landyn can be found nearby Always tinkering and doing something.

And when he is not tinkering around the home he is working as a Construction Technician.

When everyone returns from school and work, the hardworking ambitious family continues to work together to get the projects and homework done. The Blankenship girls keep Landyn on his toes that’s for sure!

The eldest teenagers often playing with socials and sharing tea. Both girls have recently entered into their first romantic relationships and they have been spending a lot of time exchanging experiences with each other and gushing over socials and messages.

Virginia at times prefers her alone time and it’s during this time that she is usually found fishing nearby. She’s gotten quite good at it and brings her catches home to have friend fish!

Cynthia interests these days is experimenting and making potions with her chemistry set.

Josephine Loves the outdoors basically lives out there and her favourite time is the night time.

While Quinn is off training her void critters or gaming or geeking out!

Chapter 2 coming!