~Lot trait’s are child’s play, and fast internet, and the lot challenge is reduce and recycle. All Sim’s in the household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

The kitchen only got minor changes as this household was on more of a tight budget this go around.

Right away twins London and Tre grew up from being toddlers to being children!

All aged up into children with a new trait and childhood aspiration to work towards.

For their birthday they got their room updated to suit a child’s needs and no longer a toddlers room. They love the bunk beds and how it gives them more space in the room to play with toys.

Of course as any larger family should know meals get hectic and its a challenge just to get everyone sat and eating at the table at the same time so it’s a blessing anytime that moment can be captured!

Tre and his twin brother London becoming BFF’s! One of the most amazing bonds one can have is that of having a twin.

Kiana did make it a point to go out of her way and build a good rapport with her sibling in laws and she actually ended becoming quite close to Aria. They lived so near to each other as well as it’s nice to have a member of the family close by.

Having so many children born so close to the same age is definitely a handful but somehow Kiana has made it look easy with her excellent parenting skills.

At least the children had each other to interact with and keep each other entertained and engaged.

Ibraham just blowing through his career and making major gains! It’s a good thing he has an office to just hide. Him and Kiana take turns locking themselves up in their home office and taking shifts minding the children’s needs though to be completely honest Kiana does take on most of the parental responsibilities.

Because I think I have been forgetting to add in these family trees.

Chapter 2 coming!