~Lot trait’s are great soil, natural well, and fast internet, and the lot challenge is spooky. All Sim’s in the household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

New and improved kitchen just adding some more character to this house.

Maybe not your typical family as they have what some may consider unorthodox or unusual but that’s mostly coming from those from a lack of misunderstanding. Really it’s about collecting esoteric information and learning how to use resources to their most beneficial way. just to sum it all up in a sentence like that would do the subject no justice.

Carly Lahela spends most of her time in her workshop crafting bouquets from her garden, making intention candles or any other concoction she may be brewing up somewhere.

The bouquets sell for a good price especially for special occasions. She also places them around the home too. as lovely as they are these blooms don’t last forever.

Carly appreciates in ways the simple living and though it may be hard work growing and preserving her garden it brings her joy to have a deep connection with where her food is coming from.

Carly also liked to brew up potions and elixirs in her large magickal cauldron.

Barabara Spends a lot of her free time studying. If it’s not one topic that has her mind doing a deep dive in another. This sim just really wants to know it all!

Also as mentally gifted as his sister however Rueben’s studies and interest may look a bit different as he tends to get caught up in long gaming sessions geeking out.

Barbara also spends a lot of her time with her good friend and neighbour Sienna.

While Rueban spent time playing chess with his friend Aaron.

Barbara felt focused and determined full of confidence. So she strut her way to the mailbox that day and sent off some scholarship requests out to some programs she’s been eyeing. Taking a deep breath in and letting it out slowly Barbara opened her eyes tossed the now signed letters into the mailbox with high hopes of receiving an acceptance letter, the next few days she would often find herself anxiously checking for the replies and feeling a heightened sense of stress.

Both Carly and Loario made gains in their professional careers!

Chapter 2 coming