~Lot trait is great soil, child’s play, and peace and quiet, and the lot challenge is filthy. All Sim’s in house household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

Turned this dreary dull kitchen into something light and bright it really appears to have opened the kitchen up more by these few changes!

Aurora working on new material for her career of a comedian. The pressure is rising as she feels the need to put out show stopping material night after night.

Feeling a lack of inspiration it was that luck of the moment realizing it was lottery day. Aurora bought a ticket sat down to write it and and with a bit of practice should become the next most hilarious act!

Even with the updated kitchen which everyone agreed improved the space there still was a bit of a traffic jam gathering at the front door.

Trey in full costume warming up for his next scene, the season season premiere is going to turn heads! Trey really feeling himself, on top of his game. This role was going to be game changer!

A melodrama staring Trey Low and Rocio Mena. A will they won’t they love tension.

Suspenseful and with fantastical super villains, Trey’s character comes in to save the day!

Then the typical celebratory we got the bad guy after work drink. Trey pulled out all the risky interactions and put everything he had into being the baddest criminal catcher around. Maybe losing himself in his role much?

So many gains made! Really this calls for a celebration!

Aurora made Gummy Bear Pancakes! How absolutely hilarious! What a fun way to honour her new unlocked trait.

The family loved it and put everyone in a good mood just laughing, making jokes and having fun.

Aurora had also planned on having a girls night out to celebrate, to her surprise she saw that it was the season premiere of her husbands new show he signed with. How did she not realize that was tonight!? Trey only told her that he had plans that day and since the children were away at a sleepover with their auntie and uncles. Aurora pointed it out to her group and the bartender turned the music down to hear the season premiere preview.

The preview that flashed on the screen and though Aurora could see it she couldn’t believe it. There was some pretty risky scenes in that preview leaving no imagine left to piece together the plot line. Those few moments felt like an eternity the playful mood that Aurora usually had became more embarrassed. She sloughed it off with a joke but deep down she was mortified. The media was all over it and Trey and his new co start Rocio already had a ‘ship’ name “Trecio”. Aurora wasn’t known to be a jealous sim but all this going on made her feel uncomfortable emotions.

Aurora ended up staying out pretty late that night with her friends. Marielle such a good friend staying with her the whole time talking, bonding and just being there to listen and be the support that Aurora needed there in that moment.

The next day Aurora had arranged to just meet Trey at his sisters place to pick up the kids.

“Oh, I have that awards ceremony tonight Aurora I have a plus one if you don’t mind keeping the kids here on more night.” As Trey look at his Sister in law Kiana Aurora could see her eyes drop looking around at this house with four toddlers plus her three kids it was chaos! Kiana opened her mouth to speak and answer Trey’s question when Aurora spoke up, “Actually, I’m not feeling well really. You go on ahead it looks like you can use a hand here Kiana I don’t mind helping out.” Aurora could see Kiana’s relief and they exchanged a glance Trey just look confused. “Are you sure he asked?”

“Yes I’m sure.” Aurora responded.

“Okay well, tune it at least if you can and still see the accolades are live.” Trey suggested. “And with that then I’ll be headed out I should go get ready for this evening. Uh I guess, see me later?!” Trey said with a finger guns.

“Hah right see you later because you’ll be on Accolades I get it. So funny!” Aurora pushed out an anxious laugh and watched as Trey got his things said bye to the kids and left. as he left Aurora let out a huge sigh looked to meet Kiana’s gaze who looked in that moment confused and overwhelmed.

Trey receives his accolade!

Chapter 2 coming!